New Fireplace & Winter holiday items now available!



New this week is a four piece fireplace set called The Falls! It includes a poker set, chestnuts with a roasting pan, fireplace, as well as original artwork called ‘The Falls’, by me (Aki Shichiroji / Florence Chan). Pick it up for only L$200 via The Neighbourhood promotion this weekend!

Winter holiday items are also back!

Check everything out at this SLURL:

New Releases today at Home & Garden Expo!

Organica is participating in this years Home and Garden Expo, which runs Sept 16 thru 28!

For the duration of the event, the following new releases will be exclusive to the Expo!


This one roomed structure is the latest in a set of builds which intend to make use of small spaces, both on the ground and in the air. Included is a version with and without the patio. Without, this structure will fit comfortably on most standard shaped 512sqm parcels. With the patio, it will fit on a 1024sqm parcel. This build features a comfortable reading area along with a flexible open-concept area for many uses, including use as a residence, cafe, or more. The patio includes a trellis for shade, as well as planter area ideal for any plant arrangement. With all optional items removed, this build can be as low as 29 LI (no patio, no books linked) – with books linked, the build is 77-82 LI, depending on whether the patio is linked. The build is mod/copy with some copy-only animations and some no-mod scripts. See it in person at my build at Home & Garden Expo here.

Snapshot_006 Snapshot_009 Snapshot_011



Additionally, a new couch and armchair set is now available in purple, brown, black, green and red, with all original animations and carefully detailed and realistic textures! This is a great addition to any cafe, lounge or home! Mod/copy, with copy-only animations and scripting.
Belvedere-black-vendor Belvedere-brown-vendor Belvedere-green-vendorBelvedere-red-vendor

100% of the proceeds from the Eggplant Purple Belvedere set,as well as the Varsity Reading Room will be donated to the American Cancer Society for the duration of the Expo.

Visit Organica’s spot at HGE here!

New Pergola now available!

Pergola-vendorDrop by Organica this weekend and check out this new Pergola set! It includes two sets of hand-drawn textures and is optimized for materials capable viewers, although it is of course also enjoyable with any normal mesh viewer. 5 LI each, mod, copy, no transfer! Introductory L$200 via The Neighbourhood – this pack can be found here:

New Releases for The Arcade and The Neighbourhood!

Yes, it’s that time again!

The Arcade starts again in less than one day, and I’ve put together a collection of my wildlife sketches for you to pick/choose from or to collect! The series features two groups; the ‘Big Five’ African animals, and some well known majestic animals from the Rocky Mountains!


Each piece is 1 LI each and suitable for hanging in any home or office. They are offered transfer-only, but as usual, I recommend that you exchange your transfer-only item for a mod/copy edition. The usual exchanger instructions also apply to these items; please exchange them in the same area as the avatars. These items are L$50 per play and you’ll have an equal chance at winning any one of them. Visit The Arcade starting June 1 here!

Additionally, a new item is now available for The Neighbourhood at the introductory price of L$200 for the duration of this weekend:


This furniture set features three items; a sideboard, mirror and Asian-style dragon sculpture. All are original mesh & textures, optimized for use with Materials-capable viewers, but of course also usable with any viewer which is mesh-capable. Items range from 1-3LI each, for a total of 7LI altogether.  This item is mod/copy/no transfer, and can be picked up now at the Organica Main Store.

Organica at The Home Show



Hi Folks!

I’m a bit late sending a notice about this, but Organica is participating in The Home Show, on right now through the end of the month!  I hope to update with more items, but so far there are two new items which will be exclusive to the event location for the duration of this month:


This set is offered as both a full set, but if you prefer you could also buy individual portions of this set; table and chairs, place settings and tulip vases are available as separate packages. Everything is mod/copy, with some copy only scripts in the chairs, and all items range between 1-2 LI.

PastryDisplay-vendorAs a follow-up to last year’s espresso machine, I figured I’d make more along the lines of cafe items, so here’s a set of pastry displays which would be great for any restaurant or cafe setting. 1 LI each, unscripted prop. Mod/copy, no transfer.

Check these and many other things out at my booth at The Home Show!

Two sets of glass lamps now available for The Neighbourhood!

Two new releases this month for Organica’s part of The Neighbourhood!


Fused Glass-BellShaped-Vendor

Each of these packs features eight beautifully textured hanging lamps that are perfect for any home or garden. Use a single one or several together to create an interesting atmosphere. Please note: While these lamps do include individual candles, they are otherwise unscripted and do not have light prim properties, although being mod/copy, you could certainly edit them to do so. Each candle does include a no-mod script, so please be aware that while in inventory these objects may show as no-mod/no-transfer, the actual objects can be modified.  These are mesh items. Viewing with Materials enabled is recommended, but not necessary. Available this weekend for the introductory price of L$200. Pick them up here!

This weekend for Neighbourhood + New Tree release

BoatBed-vendorNew this weekend for The Neighbourhood is this new rowboat bed. Featuring both single and couples animations, it also comes with some accessories for the headboard shelf. At 2LI plus accessories at 1LI each, this is a fantastic low LI addition to anyone’s bedroom! Pick this up starting Saturday, Jan 18 in-store only for L$200.


Also, the Japanese Maple is making a return to Organica, this time as a 5LI mesh tree measuring 12x9x9m in size. It comes with four foliage options (green, bright red, deep red, snowy) plus one scripted version which allows quick switching between all four. As usual, these are available mod/trans and mod/copy in-store and mod/copy on Marketplace.


Winter Fair package now available as part of The Neighborhood event!

WinterFairPack-vendorHi Folks, It’s been a while since I updated, as I’ve been super busy working on a few client projects over the past couple of months. I took last month off for The Neighborhood, but good news! Available today (although really more like the full weekend, since this blog post is a little late and I want to give everyone a fair shake at picking this item up) is the above winter fair pack, which is a great kit for anyone seeking to add to their outdoor winter display! The pack comes with three booths (one with a counter, one with seating (up to three people) and one empty (ready for displaying your creations)), a wooden bench, ice rink and snow shovel. Everything is mod/copy, although there are some copy-only scripts in the furniture and there is a copy/trans only coffee mug for one of the poses.

This pack is now available at the main store for only $200L for this weekend only, after which the price will return to normal. Please drop by and pick it up if you can!

Free chairs from Organica this week at The Nest!

Caress-fatpack-vendorThis week at The Nest, you have a chance to pick up these four hand chairs for free! Just explore The Nest sim and click on the orange sign just outside Organica’s door, here, for information!

They’re 2LI at packaged size. Each chair is mod/copy and contains ten original sits.

The hunt runs from Oct 6 to 15 2013, after which these chairs will be available at both the main store and location at The Nest, as well as on the Marketplace, as a pack of four.

Organica re-opens officially tomorrow! New items, new store-wide hunt!

Re-opening day is almost here – just a few hours away!

As I mentioned in a previous post, I’m very pleased to announce that Winston Ackland will be performing at the Organica open air stage at 12PM SLT.

In addition to this, quite a number of new items have been added to the store as part of the opening, along with a store-wide hunt, which gives you the chance of procuring your very own copy of the following item! To grab this item for free, visit the Organica store and seek out a possible six clue-givers (you can see what they look like in-store) which will each give you a single word, which is a part of a sentence. Piece together the sentence and put it in the right order, then click on the Hunt kiosk to input your answer! If you’re correct, you’ll be given a copy of the Country Bed (black and white edition). This hunt will run for one week (until MIDNIGHT, Sept 21 2013), after which the black & white bed won’t be available any more.


This is a classic, country-styled king sized cuddle bed, containing various single and couples poses. The bed features all original animations, AvSitter compatability, detailed textures and Materials optimization.  Beds available for purchase are available in two treatments – Gingham and Antique White wood. Four bed-spreads are available for each wood style, including white, green, blue and quilt. Beds are offered seperately or as fatpacks. Available mod/copy. *Black & White edition is a hunt-only item!*




It’s been more than a year since a new item was added to this species line and given developments in mesh and viewers in general, an update has been well overdue. This moderately large tree features large, wide maple leaves, four different foliage options, scripted and unscripted versions, and as usual, efficiently modelled mesh.  The tree is 18LI at packaged size (19x16x19m) but can be easily resized to suit size and prim needs. Offered both mod/copy and mod/transfer.

Oak9-vendorI’m always after a suitably old-growth tree ‘look’ and the oaks are often my outlet for this expression. In this case, this large tree (packaged at 21x23x29m) comes in at 23LI and includes three foliage options, again available scripted & unscripted. Offered both mod/copy and mod/transfer.


Newest in the line of streetlamps produced by Organica, these lamps can be viewed throughout the exterior of the new shop. 2LI as packaged, with some flexibility for further prim reduction. Each lamp is scripted to check for region time of day and turns on at night. Five colours are offered in the set and they are mod/copy.

To promote the new shop design after a month of downtime, these items will only be available in-store for the following week, after which they will be posted to Marketplace. In the mean time, you are invited to participate in the festivities on Saturday (live music at 12PM) as well as this week (the store-wide hunt)!