2 New Prefab builds!

Two new builds are now available at Organica – but before I get to that let me take care of a few housekeeping items.


A limited number of prefab buildings have also been put back out on display. Following the initial store rebuild at ground level, some prefabs were moved to a rezzer, while others were not put back out on display for various reasons (mostly because the rezzer vendor does not handle multiple-part builds very  well. While not all previous builds are on display quite yet, those of you who are looking for modern style builds suitable for both skybox and ground use can view them once again in-store.

I’m still considering a setup that would allow all of the bigger builds to also be shown, but there are considerations to be made on my part with respect to visibility at ground level.

New Stuff

With that said, I’m pleased to announce this new two-story craftsman-style home! Features 2 bedrooms,  2 bath, kitchen & laundry area, front/living room, dining room and Includes extra room in the basement that would make for an excellent family room. Best viewed with advanced lighting model enabled. 58LI at packaged size, which is 15x20m. 3.5m ceilings. Mod, copy, no transfer.

Built to fit a common 512sqm alottment, this is a detailed house waiting for you to make it a home. Comes unfurnished, all room walls can be individually edited and will take any texture that is horizontally seamless by default.


Additionally, this next release was originally built to house items at Home & Garden Expo, but I wasn’t prepared to offer it for sale at the time as it was undergoing some final refinements. Today I’m pleased to say it’s available!

This shop space stands 12m wide by 18m deep by 13m tall and includes a detailed facade & back roof area. It’s great for smaller shops seeking a look that’s got character. Also best viewed using the Advanced Lighting Model.

Come see both of these in-store (180 Hamilton here and Kensington here) or check them out on the Marketplace (180 Hamilton here and Kensington here)!

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New Juniper and Elven Bridge now available + Blogger applications open

There are a couple new releases this week at Organica!

JuniperBush1-vendorFirst is a brand new juniper bush that comes in at 2LI and comes with four foliage options! These are great ground-cover/mid-sized bushes that are great for filling in gaps between flowers & trees or just on their own! Mod, copy, no transfer. Check them out here!

ElvenBridge-Silver-Vendor ElvenBridge-Alpine-vendor ElvenBridge-Black-Vendor

Secondly, check out this beautiful fantasy-inspired Elven Bridge! Available separately in three colours! These large bridges are packaged at 34 by 20 by 8m in size and are 82LI. They fit in well on medium or large parcels that need a connecting structure of some kind. Materials optimized, mod, copy, no transfer. Check them out here!

Now Open for Blogger Applications

Finally, Organica Specialty Landscaping and Home Decor is seeking to establish a small group of established bloggers for all new landscaping and home decor products. Accepted applicants will be sent new releases periodically and expected to blog at least one item per month. Please drop me (Aki Shichiroji) a notecard in-world including the following info:

  • Your Av Name
  • Your Blog URL/Flickr page
  • How Long Blogging
  • Syndicated Feeds
  • A short blurb on why you think you’d be a good fit.

Applications will be evaluated based on quality of posts and degree of activity, with preference given to those who make the effort to post more than just an item listing. Lastly, while all applications will be read and kept on hand, only successful applicants will be contacted. Thanks for your interest!


New releases from Organica for Candy Fair 2015!


Candy Faire 2015 starts today and runs thru ’till July 17th!


Organica has a few new releases to go along with last year’s treat-related goodies!


This cute ice-cream themed house is great for use as both a ground and sky-based home! It’s optimised for materials viewing, so I highly recommend running it to view! Mod, copy, no transfer, exclusive to the Candy Fair for the duration of the event!

This set of topiaries is a new gacha machine which can be found in the Candy Fair gacha garden! Each topiary is 1 LI and they’re all materials optimized. There is no rare in this machine and they can be exchanged for a mod/copy version at the Organica main store landing point! Last year’s souffles can also be found at the gacha garden.

Lastly, the ornamental banana plants have a few new candy-themed ‘skins’ – These will be exclusive to Candy Fair, so get ’em while you can! They are mod, copy, no transfer and 4 LI each.

You can find Organica’s booth at Candy Fair at: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Lifestream/59/92/499
See you there!

New items for The Home Show 2015


Starting May 1, Organica will be participating in this year’s Home Show, held at http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Songbird%20Meadows/120/106/1001

The following two items will be available at the event exclusively for the period of the event:


This bronze statue would make a wonderful addition to any garden – it comes with both left and right versions and is optimized for use with Advanced Lighting. The statue can be used with or without the stone plinth (just de-link). 5 LI at packaged size, mod, copy, no transfer.

Roxborough-vendorThis new modern-style home is intended for use either in the sky as a skybox or at ground level. It takes advantage of extensive windows to let in light and features built-in shelving, an open-concept second floor loft and blinds which allow visibility to be turned on and off. The structure itself is 29 LI, and the blinds (optional) are 18LI in total. Mod, copy, no transfer, with some copy-only scripts.

New Releases today at Home & Garden Expo!

Organica is participating in this years Home and Garden Expo, which runs Sept 16 thru 28!

For the duration of the event, the following new releases will be exclusive to the Expo!


This one roomed structure is the latest in a set of builds which intend to make use of small spaces, both on the ground and in the air. Included is a version with and without the patio. Without, this structure will fit comfortably on most standard shaped 512sqm parcels. With the patio, it will fit on a 1024sqm parcel. This build features a comfortable reading area along with a flexible open-concept area for many uses, including use as a residence, cafe, or more. The patio includes a trellis for shade, as well as planter area ideal for any plant arrangement. With all optional items removed, this build can be as low as 29 LI (no patio, no books linked) – with books linked, the build is 77-82 LI, depending on whether the patio is linked. The build is mod/copy with some copy-only animations and some no-mod scripts. See it in person at my build at Home & Garden Expo here.

Snapshot_006 Snapshot_009 Snapshot_011



Additionally, a new couch and armchair set is now available in purple, brown, black, green and red, with all original animations and carefully detailed and realistic textures! This is a great addition to any cafe, lounge or home! Mod/copy, with copy-only animations and scripting.
Belvedere-black-vendor Belvedere-brown-vendor Belvedere-green-vendorBelvedere-red-vendor

100% of the proceeds from the Eggplant Purple Belvedere set,as well as the Varsity Reading Room will be donated to the American Cancer Society for the duration of the Expo.

Visit Organica’s spot at HGE here!

Ogden Converted Warehouse

Ogden-vendorThis new prefab building features a converted warehouse with modern windows, clean hardwood and a roomy, lofty second-floor and optional external mural on one side (two versions of the structure are included). The building takes up roughly 32x50m and features 5.0-5.5m ceilings from floor to floor. Available at L$200 this Saturday, July 26 2014 for The Neighbourhood. Check it out here!

Ogden_006 Ogden-001 Ogden-002 Ogden_005

Something Old, Something New… Oh. and a Sale.



It’s nearly been a month since my last post and just to catch folks up to where things are at now with Organica, The Home Show closes in a couple of days, so if you would like to explore a great collection of home and garden decor shops all in one place, you only have a few days to do so. Organica items which were showing exclusively at the event will make their way to the main store and you’ll be able to pick them up like any other normal release.

Additionally, I neglected to include a non-exclusive release in the last blog post – it was an item released at the same time but also available at the main store:


This package of photo frames features three collections of photos I’ve taken over the past three years. It also includes a blank copy of the frames, which would allow you to add up to 8 of your own photos! It’s unscripted, mesh, and optimized for materials-enabled viewers. 1LI each, mod/copy/transfer. Available in store and on the Marketplace.


New Releases:

Folks who have dropped by within the last week or so may also have noticed the following other new releases, available on the grounds and in the main shop:

Alder3-vendor Alder4-vendor

These new additions to the Alder line are lightweight mesh trees featuring upward or ‘apical’ growth and foliage for multiple seasons. Each package includes unscripted green, autumn and winter foliage trees, as well as one scripted version which switches between the three. Alder 3 is a single tree at 12LI (at a packaged size of 12x16x25m), while Alder 4 is a cluster of trees coming in at 5LI (at a packaged size of 14x11x16.5m). Both trees are available either as mod/trans or mod/copy editions and both are now available in the main store or on Marketplace (Alder 3, Alder 4).

Next, a new building is now available, suitable for both ground and sky use.



The Cliffcrest Skyloft was initially conceptualized to be modern skybox taking advantage of large windows and a skylight to let in light. As such, while there is slight shadow baking applied to this building and all users should be able to enjoy it that way, it is suggested that you enjoy this building with deferred rendering enabled.

This build allows for some limited modifications – the build is divided in half, but the central wall can be removed, as can both balcony railings, foundation posts and stairs (on the ground version).

By default, each coalesced object included in this package includes script-operated blinds for control in opacity. These are optional and not directly linked to the building, so you can use or remove them as you see fit.

The overall layout is also intended to be useful for either residential or commercial use. Available mod/copy, in-store on the grounds as well as on Marketplace.






Retirement Sale:

It’s been almost a year since the last major store sale and revamp, and in preparation for some major upcoming changes, a variety of products have been marked down and will remain so until they are permanently retired on August 17, 2013.  PLEASE NOTE: mod/trans versions of discounted items are being retired immediately – they are no longer available. If you wish to send a copy of these items as a gift, please left click the vendor box and follow the directions.

After August 17, the store will be closed temporarily, after which I am excited and look forward to introducing many new products!

Drop by soon and check out the new items and sale, here!


Organica at The Home Show

Starting tomorrow (July 1, 2013), along with 47 other Home and Garden shops,  Organica will be participating in The Home Show, which runs from July 1 thru 31 at Le Petite Roche and Argentina Amor sims.


Four new items will be exclusive for the duration of the event and are as follows:



Both of the above items are great for indoor or outdoor use. They are each 1LI and being mesh, require at least a mesh-capable viewer. Fill in those empty corners or perhaps divide up a large empty space? Or maybe hang from the eaves of your new home? Additionally, while both of these look great already, you can further decrease alpha flickering by using a materials-enabled viewer and enabling ‘advanced lighting’. Mod, copy, no transfer.



Snapshot_008 Snapshot_005 Snapshot_004

This new building features three fully built floors, detailed textures, a cafe on the ground floor and a loft on the upper floors. It’s 120LI at packaged size (unfurnished) with a 12.5x36m footprint.You’ll also be able to preview this new building on-site at Organica. Mod, copy, no transfer, with some copy-only scripts.



EspressoMachine-black-vendor EspressoMachine-blue-vendor EspressoMachine-white-vendor

These new espresso machines are currently props and would be great additions to any cafe, restaurant or home kitchen. Included in each package is a regular and materials optimised edition – while the product features quality baked textures, the addition of materials allows for more realistic metal gleam and overall more quality glossiness. 1LI at packaged size, mod, copy, no transfer.

Find all of these items and MORE in Organica’s booth at The Home Show!

New releases for week of Jan 29 – Feb 4

Two new releases this week!

The Look-out is based on alpine cottages often used as fire look-out stations. Spanning three stories in height, this building easily rises above the rest to provide an excellent view while maintaining some modicum of privacy. The build includes three doors with customizable access lists. Including some mesh along with normal prims, this build is considerably more detailed than most sculpt or regular prim counterparts and was designed with efficiency and viewer performance in mind.

16 by 16m footprint, 98 LI at packaged size. Excellent for use on a 1024sqm parcel, on a flat or hilly surface.  Contains both regular prim and mesh parts – requires a mesh-capable viewer. Mod, copy, no transfer. ( Buy in store ) ( Buy on Marketplace )

I’ve also released some smaller items:

There are currently  5 associated sets, 5 individual textures each, great for mix and match. A fat-pack is also available. Each cushion is 1LI at packaged size, decorative and unscripted, but modifiable should you wish to add poses or scripting of your own. Again, mesh! So use with a mesh capable viewer. Mod, copy, no transfer. ( Buy in store )( Buy on Marketplace – ( Fur ) ( Dottie ) ( Fabric – Classic ) ( Fabric – Bright ) ( Leather ) ( Fatpack )  )