Coming Soon at Candy Faire

A few new items are in the works for Wilds of Organica’s debut at Candy Faire (previous years it was Organica Specialty Landscaping & Decor) – What I can talk about so far includes this new Ear and Tail release for those who appreciate the feline persuasion!These Bento-enabled and animated attachments take advantage of advanced materials to produce a realistic fluffy and furry texture.

Eight treat-themed colours are available and these attachments come with an AO HUD for layering over top normal human animations! (Please note – does not come with its own human anims).

Other items are also in the works, time permitting, but this is what I can talk about so far.

Candy Faire opens on November 17 and runs thru December 1st! This and other products will be exclusively available there during the event! (They’ll hit the main store and Marketplace afterward) Further info on this next week!


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Work in Progress: Drider Week 2/3

The Drider’s moving closer to release! If all goes well, you can expect to see a release within the next 7 to 14 days.

On top of some client work I undertook earlier in the week, a variety of under-the-hood changes and additions took place for the Drider, involving animations, HUD graphics, additional leg hair geometry, LOD optimization, & documentation.

The avatar comes in at about 8LI, which is quite good considering LOD compromises had to be made in order to maintain silhouette at the ‘Low’ level. A fair number of my other gacha avatars are also in this range.
Over the next couple of days, I’ll be refining the documentation, working out final textures, refining animations, packaging and seeking out testers for feedback! If you’re already a Patron at any donation level, you already have preferred access for beta-testing this avatar – Otherwise give me a shout and I’ll put you on the list of folks to nag for feedback 😉

I’m really happy that this has come along as quickly as it did and really look forward to releasing it for the Halloween season. If you have any particular colour/pattern requests, this is probably the time to IM me with them. I can’t guarantee they’ll make the cut, but I will certainly consider them.

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Work in Progress: Kitten update progress

As I mentioned a few weeks ago, a variety of changes have been in the works for the kitten avatar. This week has been characterized heavily by creation of two new series of coats for them – you can look forward to bi-colour and siamese coats in the short term future. Additionally, updates are being made to the existing tabby & cheshire coats which take in to account new geometry and animations.

New mouth textures. Tooth geometry to follow.

There’s still a ways to go – part of the new work on these kittens has to do with a new mouth – and I still need to propagate these to all of the head textures. Teeth will also be added. Edge touch-ups and tail coat matching are also necessary.

I’m still thinking about the best way to implement facial animations for this avatar – In all likelihood I’ll be implementing it in much the same way that facial animations were handled with the FishEyes and Yetis, although this would confine the provided animations to a maximum of eight. Additional tinkering will also be possible using facial HUDs like the one put out by LightStar.

LOD optimizations are complete. Some tweaks to the top level mesh are also in order. Setup for compatibility with the exchanger/updater is in the works. Testing and repackaging are on the horizon.

I’ve had the chance to explore SL a little bit as the drider this week and (apart from a common unease around spiders 😉 ) generally have received positive response. Animation for the avatar continues and I’m looking forward to making at least one version of the avatar available some time in October.

Additionally, some time this coming or next week I’ll be working on landscaping and accessory items for both the Halloween and Xmas season, with Candy Fair stuff next week as well. If there are particular things you wish existed in SL that fall in my wheelhouse, do give me a shout via IM and I’ll consider putting it on my list!

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New Azalea Bonsai at Organica

A new set of bonsai are now available at Organica!


These flowering trees will brighten up any household or garden. 8LI at packaged size, they have individually articulated flowers and foliage for great closeup detail, all the while maintaining efficient geometry to promote viewer performance. For best results, view with Advanced Lighting Model (Materials).

Eight varieties are available separately as well as a fatpack. Mod, copy, no transfer.

Each variety is available for purchase here at the Organica shop as well as here on Marketplace.

Wilds of Organica – New Release for June 2017 at The Arcade!

Tiny Peryton Avatar – Okapi coat (RARE!)

A new set of Perytons is now available at The Arcade from June 1 thru 30th!

These 1m tall antelope/bird hybrids require a Bento-enabled viewer and come with HUD (AO & Eye control), mesh body, full body alpha, default shape and eyes. As with all of Wilds’ releases at The Arcade, these avatars are transfer-only, but they can be exchanged for non-transferrable mod/copy editions at the main store (just read the instructions in the included notecard).

Visit any one of the Arcade regions here: The Arcade, The Arcade 2, The Arcade 3

Home and Garden Expo 2017

Organica has a spot at this year’s Home and Garden Expo!

This new 8 piece writing desk set includes corkboard, books, pencils, fountain pens, blotter, notebook and ink, along with a classic wood writing desk that’s great for any home!

Pieces range from 1-2 LI each and the set is mod, copy, no transfer.


Among many other RFL donation items, these two new hens and chick items are great for both indoor and outdoor use! 3-4LI each, they are mod, copy, no transfer and 100% of proceeds from the following items will go to the Relay for Life!

Visit Organica at Relay for Life at Hope 6!

New Bento Wings from Wilds of Organica!

New this week at Wilds of Organica are these Bento-enabled webbed wings! They work great as bat, dragon or demon wings and come in eight different colours, sized for both smaller and larger avatars. Each set also comes with a basic wing AO HUD, which includes both normal overrides as well as specific standard poses.

Please note: Due to an existing bug with system animations not resuming properly, it is highly recommended that this product be used alongside your favourite human animation override, as unexpected results may otherwise occur. 

These wings & HUD are mod, copy, with some copy-only scripts.

They’re available right now at Wilds of Organica!

Additional news of note:

A complete update of the vendor system being used by Wilds of Organica’s non-gacha items has been done. This allows all shoppers of *both* Organica and Wilds of Organica to spend and apply loyalty credit wherever they wish between the two shops. So if you have shop credit from Organica but want to pick up something at Wilds of Organica, you can do so by left-clicking the appropriate vendor to initiate this process.

With that said – please note that this does *not* apply to the Gacha machines, which will continue to operate separate as they have done in the past. 

Remaining WoO gift-card holders should contact me directly to have their remaining credit applied to the new system prior to attempting gift card redemption.

Happy Shopping!

Fantasy Faire, 3D printing, and other tidbits!

Fantasy Faire is just around the corner – it starts tomorrow, in fact! (April 23 thru May 3 2015, beginning at 9AM SLT)

Wilds of Organica has a number of new items which will make their debut appearance there – here are a few details:


Botans are plant based creatures from The Wastelands ( ); their physiology is unique to all sentient creatures of The Wastelands and is reminiscent of tough insect-eating plants found in swamps. They’re fast, vicious, and strictly carnivorous. They vary in appearance but beware their ferocity, incredible reach and their paralytic sting! (For more info about the Wastelands Botans, check out the entry for them on The Wastelands Wiki here: )


This avatar stands ~2.7m tall and includes the avatar mesh, a basic AO, as well as eye and back attachments. It’s currently available in two colour variations, one of which will be available as a donation gift, with all proceeds going to Relay for Life! It is optimized for use with Advanced Lighting, but can be worn and viewed with Basic lighting as well.  This avatar is mod/copy/no transfer, with some copy-only scripts.


Since I’ve had the opportunity to model and 3D print small jewellry pieces recently, I decided I’d try my hand at creating some highly detailed but geometrically efficient pieces that could be used with many fantasy outfits (or just worn as is for fun). In all, there are three different rings, available in four different colours (gold, silver, hematite, bronze), plus one RFL-exclusive edition! Each package contains one copy of the ring sized to fit fingers and one copy of the ring sized to fit as an armlet (upper arm). These don’t come with a resizer script, so you may have to position/resize to fit your own shape manually, but if you need help (and can send me your avatar shape), feel free to give me a shout for a fitting.

The rings are mesh and optimized for use with Advanced Lighting, but also feature baked textures that look great under Basic lighting. Each are mod/copy/no transfer.

In addition to these items, previous RFL exclusives will also be available, including the pink and lavender edition Perytons as well as RFL versions of all the masks.

You can check out all of the above here:

Other Tidbits:

3D printing

As a tangent regarding the rings, I’ve successfully uploaded and have ordered a print of the Lion ring in real metal; I hope to have it in my hands in a few weeks. If all goes well and if there is enough interest, I’ll make more sizes available , along with some minor customization options. I’m really excited to see how these turn out!

Shapeways' approximate  render of the lion ring in polished grey steel
Shapeways’ approximate render of the lion ring in polished grey steel

Is there a particular Wilds of Organica item you’d like to see made available as a tangible 3D print? Feel free to leave a comment or send me an IM!

The Home Show

Organica will be at the Home Show starting May 1 and running thru May 31! More details to follow.

Land stuff

Folks who have followed the development of residential land on the Sylvan estate (which is situated to the south of the Organica region) may know that the estate recently expanded to welcome a wholly new residential region called Sylvan Vale. We’re only a month in, but already well on our way to establishing a wonderful place for many to call home. The region features small to medium-sized parcels in a fully landscaped alpine river valley environment for reasonable prices and can be reached by visiting the land office here.

Availability is limited – please feel free to drop by and give me a shout if you have any questions!

Sylvan Estate Expansion

Hi All!

Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve been dedicating some time towards planning and developing a new river/valley region to the west of Sylvan. Much like the original region, it will feature small to medium-sized parcels and alpine landscaping, but unlike its predecessor, it will be landscaped from a cohesive design from ground up, rather than be modified peicemeal. This means you can expect a greater variety of stunning views for a great low price.

Starting today, a rough map and screencaps of the region (as it has been approximated in my Opensim standalone build) are viewable at the land office. If you are interested in reserving a spot, please click the prim marked ‘Click here to express interest in reserving a parcel’. Reservations will be made available once 80% potential occupancy is reached and there are rewards for referrals (see below for more details), so please feel free to let friends know about the new sim!

Parcel size, Prim allocation, Availability:

768 sqm (307 LI) – 3 parcels @ L$614/week ea
1024 sqm (410 LI) – 2 parcels @ L$820/week ea
1280 sqm (512 LI) – 1 parcel @ L$1024/week ea
1536 sqm (615 LI) – 8 parcels @ L$1230/week ea
1600 sqm (640 LI) – 1 parcel @ L$1280/week ea
2048 sqm (820 LI) – 1 parcel @ L$1640/week ea
2560 sqm (1025 LI) – 1 parcel @ L$2050/week ea

All new tenants and current tenants seeking additional parcels in the new region will recieve:

– 1 week free rent
– L$500 starter credit at Organica Specialty Landscaping & Decor


Sylvan Estate normally offers a move policy which allows for credit to be applied from old parcels to new parcels, provided a 4 week minimum is prepaid on the new parcel; this will be suspended for one month following setup of the new region, with the exception of the following referral policy:


A referral credit will be applied for each new tenant who gives Sylvan Estate management your name upon rental (Maximum of three – the *tenant* must give your name).

Each referral credit may count for one of two things:

– 1 week free rent


– 1 free non-restricted move between regions