WoO Racing system

WoO Racers are a line of tradable vehicles which are great for both casual and competitive use. New vehicles will be released periodically as runs via gacha machine, located either in-store or at special events.

Available Racers:

Ladybirds – released June 2015 at The Arcade

Bobblehead Cupcake Racers – Released Oct 2016 at Candy Fair

Basic Usage:

All WoO racers can be used as vehicles. Simply rez and sit on the vehicle. You can use either your WASD or arrow keys to steer. ‘E’ to jump/fly, ‘C’ to fly down (if the vehicle is a flying vehicle).


Stats: On first rez, each vehicle rolls a combination of stats – acceleration, handling & speed, drawing from a maximum number of points . This is a permanent setting tied to each vehicle and each stat modifies the base stats slightly, affording each racer a special advantage. Play the gacha machine or trade with friends to get a vehicle with the stats you want!

Bonuses: A limited number of bonuses will be released over time as separate purchases. They are completely optional and are intended to make racing a bit more interesting! They will be in packs, be copy-only and will be available for a nominal fee. We recommend using them judiciously, as overuse of bonuses makes things less fun for everyone.  To be used, they should be rezzed on the track. Consume them by running over them. They can be used by any WoO Racer.

Tracks: WoO Racers can be driven on any track, but we hope to have a list of WoO-friendly tracks listed here soon!


PLEASE NOTE: due to the nature of transfer-only items as well as the volatile nature of region crossings, we *highly* recommend locking in your vehicle for a copy-only version once you are happy with what you’ve got.

Your transfer-only vehicle may be exchanged for a copy-only vehicle at the Wilds of Organica main store. Simply follow the notecard instructions included with your vehicle.


Can I exchange one colour for another? Can I exchange a vehicle with (X) stats for a vehicle with (Y) stats?

Your vehicle’s colour/coat/appearance is permanent upon distribution and its stats will be permanent as of first-rez in a scripted area. Wilds of Organica will not make exchanges for appearance or stats, as this wouldn’t be fair to anyone else. If you want a different vehicle, please trade with your friends or make use of either gacha yard sales or trading groups.

Will my vehicle’s stats change when I exchange the (T) version for (C)?


How can I tell what stats a vehicle has?

Right-click> Edit the vehicle and check the description. Each stat will be abbreviated – ‘ACC:2, AGL:2, MAX:2’ would mean acceleration is 2, agility is 2 and max speed is 2, for example.

I accidentally declined delivery/I never received my racer after playing the gacha machine. Could I get a redelivery?

Because there is no way other than a screenshot of the delivery notification to verify which gacha item was delivered, only a one-time L$ refund per play can be issued to allow you to play again.

I rezzed the item for exchange, but nothing happened!

Please put all of your remaining (T) items (including the box) in a folder marked with your name and send it to Aki Shichiroji and allow 24hrs (unless otherwise noted) for a manual exchange.

How do the vehicles differ from round to round?

Other than appearance and medium of travel (IE: air, ground, water), there are no differences. All vehicles use the same metrics for acceleration, handling and speed.

Who put these together?

All scripting was done NeoBokrug Elytis of Desolate Studios. All visuals were done by Aki Shichiroji.  Please contact Aki Shichiroji for all customer service inquiries.

Special thanks to Gutterblood Spoonhammer for sound effect support!