Wilds of Organica – Corgi Avatar


Your package should include the following:
[ WoO ] Corgi Avatar (Colour)
[ WoO ] Corgi Eye (Right)(T)
[ WoO ] Corgi Eye (Left)(T)
[ WoO ] Corgi HUD (T)
[ WoO ] Full Body Alpha (T)
[ WoO ] Default mesh av shape

To wear the full avatar, please wear all of the items listed above, taking care to do so *after* detaching all existing mesh attachments which may already affect joint position. Failure to do so may deform your new avatar in undesirable ways, leading to the need to relog! You may also need to right-click your avatar, edit shape, then close the shape editor to force the SL client to update your height offset.

The mesh body will adjust your height to 1m automatically. You can adjust quite a few different sliders with this avatar, as it uses fitted mesh bones to affect your shape. Not all areas are enabled, but you should experience greater customizability than with previous products.

Additionally, this avatar has been designed with the upcoming Bento project in mind! Please use a Bento-enabled viewer!


Eyelids and Facial animations are now handled using Bento functionality! Just click ‘Advanced Controls’ on your HUD to view the appropriate options!
To control all other eye options, simply click the eye region on your Yeti HUD.
Iris Glow State:
– Increase or decrease glow on iris
Iris Colour Menu:
– Choose from up to 10 iris colours. Use ‘Prev’ and ‘Next’ to view colour choices.
Pupil Dilation:
– Increase or decrease size of pupils. Larger tends to look more cute. Smaller tends to look more cautious.
Pupil Colour:
– Choose between black, red and glaring pupils.


This avatar comes with an AO HUD containing animations made specifically for it. While you may be able to mix in other normal animations, please note that the animations included in this AO use a specific bone offset and probably won’t play well with other avatars.

You can choose from sits, ground sits and stands by opening the Advanced Controls menu, then clicking the Animation Override Control button. Here, you can choose or cycle through animations, load a new animation notecard or reset your AO.

Please note: This animation override sets animations at the server level; this means you may need to tell your viewer to ‘Stop Animating Me’ after you have detached this avatar. You may also need to right-click yourself and click ‘Reset Skeleton’, which is an option available to all Bento-enabled viewers. If you do not see this option, you may need to ensure all related attachments have been detached, then relog.



Latest Update: 2018/04/20


Rez your Corgi body in the blue exchanger circle located in  the main store.

End User License Agreement:

All items use completely original proprietary models, models and textures and are copyrighted by Aki Shichiroji.

Unauthorized duplication is not permitted. Any attempts to circumvent the SL permissions system or to ignore the terms as stated in this document will be met with a DMCA complaint file and takedown.

Much thanks to:

Ziggy Puff – ZHAO II Core
Chalice Yao – ZHAO Mono optimization
NeoBokrug Elytis – AO and Eye code

Thanks for taking the time to read through this documentation. Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns!

Aki Shichiroji