Wilds of Organica – Chimera Cat Bird Animesh Pets

Welcome, and thank you for your interest in the Chimera Cat Bird Animesh Pets from Wilds of Organica.

This is an Animesh product put together by Aki Shichiroji and NeoBokrug Elytis (Desolate Studios).

This item may be used in two ways:

Rezzed on Ground

When rezzed on the ground, each Animesh pet comes in at 23 LI. By default, the pet will stay in place upon rez, but you can click it to turn on movement and to adjust its movement range.

Wilds of Organica - Chompers
The ‘Range’ menu: You can easily adjust the range in meters the Chomper will move from its Home position by typing it here, then clicking submit.
When clicked, the ‘Wear’ button will request your permission to attach the Animesh Pet to attach to your avatar and animate. Click ‘Yes’ to attach your pet.
After attach and animation permissions have been given, you will be able to select which attachment point the pet will use. Each attachment point uses a different animation, so be sure to try them when you have the opportunity!


The pet can be held either on your shoulder or arms and may require initial repositioning on first attachment. If ‘Av. Center’ is chosen, the pet will follow your avatar at ground level, with a series of animations which move along with your own.

Locking in your product to the mod/copy version

Wilds of Organica - Chompers

As with all other Wilds of Organica gacha prizes, you can lock-in your Chomper at the blue ring located at the WoO main store. The exchanger will remove the old edition and provide you the same prize, with mod/copy permissions.

You may additionally check for updates by rezzing a fresh, unmodified copy of the Chomper in the blue exchanger ring at any time.

Much Thanks To:

NeoBokrug Elytis – Animesh scripting and roaming code, testing, perms checks

Thanks for taking the time to read through this documentation. Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns!


Aki Shichiroji