Wilds of Organica – Tiny Dragons Info


This avatar was made for The Arcade’s third run, starting on March 1 and running through until the 31st, 2013.

This is a Gacha-exclusive item; meaning it was created for sale at reduced price for a single random delivery of the twelve available options. The items given out by the gacha will be transfer only but can be traded in (permanently) for a mod/copy version. It will also only be available at The Arcade for the duration of the event. After March 31, a gacha machine will be placed in the main store.

This avatar includes an AO, which contains animations made specifically for it. Use with other avatars may produce (terrifying) results.

Package contents:

Transfer only version:
[ WoO ] Dragon EULA and Instructions for use
[ WoO ] Dragon Eye (left)(T)
[ WoO ] Dragon Eye (right)(T)
[ WoO ] Dragon HUD(T)
[ WoO ] Full body alpha (T)
[ WoO ] Tiny Dragon avatar (body)(colour)(T)
[ WoO ] Tiny Dragon Shape (T)


Mod/Copy version:

[ WoO ] Dragon EULA and Instructions for use
[ WoO ] Dragon Eye (left)(MC)
[ WoO ] Dragon Eye (right)(MC)
[ WoO ] Dragon HUD(MC) (with no-mod scripts)
[ WoO ] Full body alpha (MC)
[ WoO ] Tiny Dragon avatar (body)(colour)(MC)
[ WoO ] Tiny Dragon Shape (MC)
[ WoO ] Tiny Dragon Av update checker

To use, ensure that all existing mesh items have been detached. Wear the eyes, HUD, alpha layer, avatar body and shape. The body mesh will shrink your avatar to 0.5m height automatically. If you have the mod/copy version of the avatar, you can adjust height, shoulder and hip width using system sliders, but do take note that the animations inside the AO are intended to fit the shape provided and modifications may produce unpredictable results.

The Eye control and AO  HUD should operate automatically, but has some extra features which can be explored further.


Adjust eyelid state, iris colour, iris glow, pupil dilation and pupil colour by clicking on the eyes on the Dragon HUD.

Eyelid State:  Pick between Awake, Wary and Closed. Eyes will blink when awake.

Iris Glow State: Increase or decrease glow on Iris

Iris Colour Menu: Choose from up to 10 iris colours. Use ‘Prev’ and ‘Next’ to view colour choices.

Pupil Dilation: Increase or decrease size of pupils. Larger tends to look more cute, smaller tends to look more cautious

Pupil Colour: Choose between black, red and glaring pupils


As covered previously, this avatar does have animations made specifically for it and they are compiled as part of the HUD. Due to an LL issue regarding pelvis offsets, you may notice that your avatar floats above any unscripted surface that you are sitting on; to get around this, some default sits can be accessed quickly by clicking on any part of the the HUD (excluding the eyes).  Play these while you are standing, not sitting, and you should experience the correct pelvis offset for these animations.

There are also multiple sits, ground sits, and walks which you can switch between, along with settings for stand time, advancing to the next stand, randomizing or making animations sequential as listed, etc, all of which should be pretty self explanitory.

Users who have locked in their avatars to the mod/copy version will also be able to modify the AO (add or remove animations) as they wish.


‘Locking In’ your Avatar:

Gachapon prizes, by definition, must be offered with a certain amount of chance in mind. Due to the SL permissions system, this means that prizes won from gachapon machines must at least be transfer-only, in order to allow participants to trade items as they like. With that said, most people have likely run in to inventory loss before, and introducing products on a no-copy basis is a recipe for customer service headaches in the future. As a result, Wilds of Organica will allow you to trade in your transfer-only avatar permanently for a mod/copy edition, however you must follow the steps outlined below:

  1. Once you are happy with the avatar you want to lock in, teleport to http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Organica/55/165/29
  2. From your inventory, rez the avatar body mesh on the ground inside the circle, located on the ground. If the exchanger is busy or operating slowly due to lag, take the avatar mesh back to your inventory and try again.  The exchanger will remove the mesh and automatically send you the mod/copy version of the avatar.
  3. You can now delete any remaining transfer-only items.

Please note: Due to volume, all lock-ins must be conducted in this manner. Do not send your transfer-only version directly – you will experience delay in response.


As part of the mod/copy version of the avatar, you will be able to check for any updates to the avatar as needed. Simply rez the update checker in a script-enabled area and wait for it to consult with the update server. This can take up to a minute or two, so please be patient.

End User License Agreement:

This product is constructed with a combination of mesh and normal prims. All items use completely original proprietary models, models and textures and are copyrighted by Aki Shichiroji.

It is licensed for use, modification and non-transferrable duplication within Second Life. Redistribution or resale is not permitted, in part or in whole. Any attempts to circumvent the SL permissions system or to ignore the terms as stated in this document will be met with a DMCA complaint file and takedown.