New Trees, Home, and Tropical Plants

Lakeview House, unfurnished. 61 land impact, mod, copy, no transfer, w/ copy only scripts.

A recent move to mainland with an oceanside view prompted this build. It’s strange how, after almost fourteen years in SL, I continue to hold on to mainland, but I do mainly because it often presents localized situations which demand creativity and localized solutions. In this case, I found space I enjoy but which is not terribly expansive, and also found I didn’t really have anything that fit the locale or size of the parcel.

So this is the result – The Lakeview house has a 17 by 15m footprint, so it should fit on most common 512 or 1024sqm parcels. It features two floors connected by stairway and allows for great views from front or back, with access to patio and balconies from both sides.

Mod, copy, no transfer with some copy-only scripts. Come see this in-world, here:

Ficus Elastica (ruby & plain variegated). 1 land impact, with or without pot. Mod, copy, no transfer.
Vendor graphic: Ficus Elastica (green & burgundy). 1 land impact, with or without pot. Mod, copy, no transfer.

These two releases are great additions to indoor and outdoor gardening situations. Each include a variation on the original texture and come both with and without planter. Each tree is 1 LI at packaged size and offered mod, copy, no transfer.

Come see these in-world, here:

Nikau Palm Trees 1 – Animesh Tree Product. Sways with real region wind. 23 LI, mod, copy, no transfer with copy-only script.

It’s been a long while since I produced palm trees – there were a couple of releases back in the sculptie days and I made some others which I never released publicly. In light of recent developments with Animesh, as well as the fact that I haven’t offered palm trees for years, I felt it was a good time to spend some time on some.

With the help of scripting from NeoBokrug Elytis, these trees make use of animations and region-side wind vectors to move realistically and in direct reaction to current wind conditions (the strength of these movements can be adjusted or turned off entirely – They can also be set to animate in a specific direction if you wish.

Please note: As an Animesh product, this tree is *not resizable*. This cluster of trees is indivisible – IE: you will not able to detach a single tree from the rest. Modify permissions will otherwise allow you to edit any other aspect of the model, at your risk.

Come see these in-world, here:

All of the above releases are also available on Marketplace, here: ( Lakeview House ) ( Ficus Elastica – Green & Burgundy ) ( Ficus Elastica – Ruby & Variegated ) ( Nikau Palm Trees 1 )

Organica New Landscaping Releases

This batch of releases includes three new products fundamental to landscaping for small and large parcels.

It’s been a while since I added to the pure landscaping side of things, so I figured I would get a whole bunch put together this time around!

All of these releases are scripted for texture change, but all include non-scripted versions for those who are script-conscious.

Let’s get in to it!

Organica – Waterside Rocks vendor image

Organica last released a selection of rocks many years ago, and while those have done well, folks have been asking for a bit more variety and resilience for use in multiple environments.

This pack includes four different textures (plain, green moss, fall moss, and snowy) for three different rock shapes. Each are available both as non-scripted, separate items, or lightly scripted for texture change, and are 1 LI at packaged size.

Prior to moving the store back down to ground level in 2018, all existing Floating Island sets had been retired. It wasn’t until recently that folks seeking out these older products encouraged me to work on some updated ones for general use.

Please note: This product is specifically designed for display at sizes 10m by 10m by 10m or larger – as such, they are optimized for this purpose. While they can be sized as small as you like, the land-impact for this item at smaller sizes will not be as low as a rock product that was specifically built for use at smaller sizes.

Four textures are available for this mesh item, both separately as well as scripted. 18LI each at packaged size (~18m cubed).

These low-poly rock formations are great for off-region or mountainside use. In Organica region, you’ll see them as both, making use of vertical planes to add variety to a flat horizon or to interrupt the smooth slopes of regional terrain.

Please note: This product is specifically designed for display at sizes 10m by 10m by 10m or larger – as such, they are optimized for this purpose. While they can be sized as small as you like, the land-impact for this item at smaller sizes will not be as low as a rock product that was specifically built for use at smaller sizes.

Available as separate, unscripted items OR with scripted texture change – Textures can be switched between snowy, plain, bright and dark moss. LI ranges from 35-45 at packaged size (~64m cubed).

All three of these products are now available for in-store viewing and purchase, as well as on Marketplace. ( Rocks , Islands , Granite )

Organica New Releases – June 2020

Having moved to my current home in late 2018, I have since been thinking of ways in which I could better make my back yard work for my needs. As I may have discussed in the past, having a yard was pretty important to me because I needed space to develop my bonsai hobby and be comfortable in my container gardening in general.

Lately, I’ve been thinking about DIY alternatives to buying greenhouses, and making such a design work within my available funds and space. I’m not sure that I would be able to start on such a project right away if I did have the money, but I’ve been finding it helpful to plan things out and figure out the pricing ahead of time.

This greenhouse came out of that line of development. It’s probably not the solution I will end up with if I do move ahead, but I’m happy that I was still able to come up with a solution *someone* might be able to work with. (Plus I can *make* it work for my situation in-world too, right? 😉 )

Anyhow, this package includes a version of the same greenhouse oriented such that the door is on one or the other side, making placement a bit more flexible.

Of note: Because of the semi-transparent plastic texture, I recommend that any plants placed inside or adjacent to this building have their textures switched from Alpha Blending to Alpha Masking, so as to avoid alpha texture laying issues (where one texture sometimes appears to supercede others in front of it).

Both houses are 10LI and mod/copy, with a copy-only door script, which can be removed if need be.

These watering cans are unscripted props that are great, simple additions to your garden. Four colours available, 1 LI each, mod/copy.

Organica has had field-type ferns for a while – I was out in my garden the other day and realized it would be helpful to have some that grew more in clusters or were more suitable for container plantings.

These come with three plant shapes (young, growing, mature), where the fronds can be found in a variety of growth periods to best fit what you want to place them with. I’ve also accessorized with a hanging and standing planter, but they would do fine planted in the ground or in a raised bed as well, for example.

All pieces run from 1-2 LI each at packaged size.

All of these releases are available in-store now!

Specifically, the ferns and watering cans can be found here:

and the greenhouses can be found here:

All three products are also now available up on my Marketplace listing, here.

Wilds of Organica at SL17B Hop & Shop!

Hey folks!

Quick update – Wilds of Organica is on-site at the SL17B Hop and Shop running now thru July 12!

All products there are 20% off and you can pick up the new Octopus Hat there too, also at a discount!

Pop on over and have some fun both at the Hop & Shop and SL17B proper!

WoO is located on Golden region, here:

You can also visit the SL17B regions by searching for ‘SL17B’ on the World Map.

A number of new releases are coming up this week from Organica as well, so keep your eyes open for a notice if you’re on the subscription list!

What’s in a name?

It’s been a while since I first chose a name to pair with my last name in SL. As of July 22, I’ll have been in SL for fourteen years (pardon me as my heart crumbles to dust and I emit a haunted internal scream).

And while I can say that not all of that time was spent working full-time here, there has never been any extended period of time during which I deliberately took a break away from the platform.

I also don’t see that changing much in the future, although of course working situations change all the time.

What I *will* say is that, while I’ve always been very attached to my account and the things I have made with it, I’ve grown apart from the name.

When I joined SL, the Final Fantasy movie had come out five years before. It was in no good sense of the term anything resembling Final Fantasy, but at the time I thought it was cool for what it was. I was an anime nerd, had just been accepted to art school, joined having heard of the platform via Warren Ellis (aka Integral Danton).

Does anyone approach Second Life knowing the name they want the first time around? Back then, with no such thing as display names and a narrow selection of family names to choose from, I went with a last name that sounded cool and was relevant to my interests at the time. And why choose a Japanese last name if I didn’t use a Japanese first name? So of course the FF movie was on my brain when I chose Aki, and that’s where Aki Shichiroji comes from. (Side-eye acknowledged here – I’ll touch on this later).

I signed up, I spent the first 24hrs attaching plywood boxes to my head, trying on all the free hair and clothing I could get my hands on, accidentally stumbled on to one of Astrin Few’s weekly performances in Clementina, hung out with a group of folks in Club Pyramid in Thams… and by the end of the week I was hooked.

Easy access (both technologically and personally) to other creative people? Hang out in clubs designed in any way imaginable? Build my very own TARDIS? (I later learned a great many colleagues also chose this as their First Thing to make in SL) What’s not to love?

Years later, I’ve graduated from art school, moved away from home, created content for various dev companies and other clients as well as built my own brands in SL. I’m still happy with how things are going and am likely to continue for quite some time to come.

But what I’ve been unhappy with for a while has been my account name.

For starters, as someone who is not Japanese, it’s felt appropriative for a while. Secondly, though, I’ve wanted to feel more of a connection to my main account than I actually have now. Rather than just feeling like this is just an account where I make and sell things from, I’d prefer that it feel like an extension of my daily experience and personality.

The me behind the keyboard *now* is also a lot different from the me behind the keyboard *then*. I still watch anime now and then, but I’m not attached to it. There are parts of Japanese culture which still interest me, but I would never now claim that I have any right to a name from that culture. I’m also growing to understand what it means to be part of my own culture as a Chinese-Canadian.

So… name changes.

I had been thinking about changing my account name for a while. The original offer LL had on hand before their announcement this year was going to be too expensive, so I compromised by changing my display name to my RL initials.

Then LL made their name change announcement and I was quick to say it was too expensive because that’s how it felt. But more recently I saw they included the last name ‘Cloud’ and figured I would pull the trigger.

The $40 is a one time thing, and my account has been premium for a while anyway.

My new account name, Anne Cloud, is not really all too far off from the truth. My Chinese given name (安雯) roughly translates to safe/secure/quiet/calm cloud, and my middle name is Anne, so it’s a good fit.

TL;DR: Aki Shichiroji is no more. I’ve changed my account name to Anne Cloud. This change should be reflected in-world and on MP within the next twenty-four hours. I’ll hold on to @akishichiroji on Plurk, Twitter, and Instagram, but display names will be updated where necessary.

Also, please feel free to continue calling me Aki. or FC. or Anne. This has mainly been a change to edify my personal wellbeing and encourage better engagement with my own experience in-world. I just figured I would post about the change and why I made it.

New Giant Ghost Crabs at Fantasy Faire!

Greetings Dear Readers!

I hope things have been going well and you are all safe & sound – My thoughts are with you all!

Today, I’d like to announce this new release through Wilds of Organica for Fantasy Faire, which I’ve been working on with NeoBokrug Elytis of Desolate Studios!

This new critter is both a wanderer and a mount. If rezzed on land, you can set it to explore a given range and it will move around & animate at random.

If worn, it will play animations for both itself and you as the rider.

Currently, 8 versions are available, plus two RFL exclusive releases!

These are premiering at WoO’s shop in Cassiopeia for the duration of Fantasy Faire, after which they will be available at the main store. 

Try a working demo and explore the Fairelands here!

Fantasy Faire runs right now thru May 10! Check out their website for full details, ongoing events, shopping guides and more!

On a personal note (as it applies to Organica & Wilds of Organica), I’ve been quite occupied with a work project for the past 8 months, which has led to a relative lack of updates here. 

Starting this week I will finally have some time to work on personal projects (and by extension O & WoO). I am hoping to revamp some of the older tutorial videos with a focus on Blender 2.8 & Blender Avastar 2.8 update (which is in development and will be released soon).

To these ends, if there are particular shortfalls of my existing material and/or you’d like to see some other topic covered, please let me know! I am working on some content already behind the scenes, so hopefully I can share that with you soon!

Terrifying Tail Trail Event

Wilds of Organica will participate in Madpea’s inaugural Terrifying Tail Trail Event, starting TODAY at 12PM SLT, running th ru Nov 2, 11:59AM! Explore the store to find your door to a great wealth of treats!

Our treat on offer is this creaky old treant – an animesh tree that reacts to avatars by proximity or click!

It’s mod/copy with some copy-only content and scripted by NeoBokrug Elytis.

This item will be available exclusively via the event for its duration and for sale afterward.

Get full details on the event and how to get your Hunt HUD by joining the MadPeas group!

Happy Trick or Treating!

New Animesh Pet at the MadPea Pet Friends Fair!

Greetings Folks!

I’m pleased to announce that Wilds of Organica is a proud partner showing right now at the MadPea Pet Friends Fair!

For this event, a very special animesh pet has been created which makes use of Animesh as well as Bento Bones to create a special amalgam of a couple of our favourite animals.

These cat birds are made for use rezzed at home or abroad as an attachment.

As a gachapon item, you’ll be playing for a transfer-only version, with option to exchange for mod/copy in-store.

Similar to the Chompers, they can be allowed to roam a set distance if rezzed at home. You can additionally attach them via a variety of attachment points for different animation and behaviour.

You can either attach from inventory or from rezzed pet (just click the pet while it is rezzed to be given a set of attach options!) – although we always recommend that you exchange your transfer-only pet for copyable version, using the exchanger at the main store, to prevent asset loss.

To learn more about it, please check out this info page or check it out at the pet fair, from now through July 20!

See you there!

Wilds of Organica at SL16B Shop & Hop!

Linden Lab is sponsoring a set of shopping regions this year as part of the SL16B celebrations and I was fortunate enough to grab a spot.

There are two new products from WoO that you can pick up there, along with taking advantage of a sizable number of significant discounts on many existing products!

These headpieces come in 8 colours for sale and 1 as a SL16B gift and are simple attachments that should add to your skull much like any other hair. Unrigged, they can be resized, rotated or moved to fit most head shapes.

These bracelets are an extended offering based upon a Patreon exclusive version offered earlier this month. They are the perfect accessory to your ocean-inspired costumes, or even to just wear on a day to basis casually! They feature in-depth textures, bump and shiny maps to achieve incredible detail with a sane degree of geometry. Six colours available ,plus the Patreon edition at Organica region (available upon reaching the $10 tier level) as well as a free gift at the SL16B shop!

These, along with a selection of other items from Wilds of Organica, are all available at varying levels of discount right now through July 7th, here at Halcyon:

See you there!

Happy Birthday, Second Life!

Chompers Imminent!

Wilds of Organica has the great privilege of being a part of Gacha Garden this May and as has been touched upon in a previous post, these adorable carnivorous plants will be available! Full details for use are available here ( but here are some quick details:

In addition to the twelve main items you can win, the Gilt Fantasy colour is available *exclusively* as a Gacha Garden Seeds of Inspiration item, which means one will be dispensed every twenty plays, but also that this particular colour will be retired once the event has ended.

This AniMesh pet can be held or rezzed on the ground, is available in 12 colours, and operates independently of any other Chomper. Rez on the ground and click to turn on/off movement or to change its movement range. Wear to hold using a Bento-friendly animation!

This pet is *also* convertible to a full avatar (with an add-on pack, sold separately at the Wilds of Organica main store).

Gacha Garden opens May 1 and runs thru May 22 – Check out WoO’s Gacha Vendor here: Gacha Productions/111/68/22