Chompers Imminent!

Wilds of Organica has the great privilege of being a part of Gacha Garden this May and as has been touched upon in a previous post, these adorable carnivorous plants will be available! Full details for use are available here ( but here are some quick details:

In addition to the twelve main items you can win, the Gilt Fantasy colour is available *exclusively* as a Gacha Garden Seeds of Inspiration item, which means one will be dispensed every twenty plays, but also that this particular colour will be retired once the event has ended.

This AniMesh pet can be held or rezzed on the ground, is available in 12 colours, and operates independently of any other Chomper. Rez on the ground and click to turn on/off movement or to change its movement range. Wear to hold using a Bento-friendly animation!

This pet is *also* convertible to a full avatar (with an add-on pack, sold separately at the Wilds of Organica main store).

Gacha Garden opens May 1 and runs thru May 22 – Check out WoO’s Gacha Vendor here: Gacha Productions/111/68/22

Wilds of Organica – New Release for June 2017 at The Arcade!

Tiny Peryton Avatar – Okapi coat (RARE!)

A new set of Perytons is now available at The Arcade from June 1 thru 30th!

These 1m tall antelope/bird hybrids require a Bento-enabled viewer and come with HUD (AO & Eye control), mesh body, full body alpha, default shape and eyes. As with all of Wilds’ releases at The Arcade, these avatars are transfer-only, but they can be exchanged for non-transferrable mod/copy editions at the main store (just read the instructions in the included notecard).

Visit any one of the Arcade regions here: The Arcade, The Arcade 2, The Arcade 3

New Bird Buddies for The Arcade, September 2016!

Hi Everyone!

I’m pleased to announce Wilds of Organica will be participating in this month’s round of The Arcade.

Assorted TitsA couple of boobies


PP-Vendor-Legend-1024 PP-Reward-1024

This time you can play for up to 10 different passerine or pelagic static birds that would go great with the special exclusive reward item, which is a bronze birdcage!

The birds are static models but four poses for each bird are available if exchanged (rez your transfer-only prize in the blue circle listed in the accompanying notecard for automated exchange).

Please note! While this gacha will make its way to the Wilds of Organica main store eventually, the cage itself will be exclusive to the event and is a mod/copy (with some copy-only scripts) item given out after 25 plays of the machine!

If you’d like your chance at it, be sure to visit The Arcade during the month of September to play the machine!

Birds are 1-2 LI each, cage is 4LI.

The Arcade returns at 12AM, Sept 1, 2016! See you there!

Fox avatars now available at main store

Fox-Red-vendorHappy New Years folks!

The December round of The Arcade has come to a close and I definitely had a ton of fun; I hope you did too! If you have photos of Wilds avatars on Flickr, please submit them to the Wilds of Organica Flickr group – I’d love to see them!

I’m a little late moving the fox gachas to the main shop, but they’re there now and can be found next to all of the other gacha vendors.

I’ve also moved things around to better fit the bigger barn building, so that I have more room to grow. (The exchangers are still in the same spot) Hopefully I can make better use of it in the coming months!

Gacha Items make their way to Organica today!

For the first time ever, Organica’s offering gacha or ‘gachapon’ items! Three sets are available and it costs L$50 per play. All items are mod/transfer and one item in each set is rare! These gacha machines will be on hand for the duration of winter, after which they’ll get packed away for the year.




Additional notes:

Items from Around The World have finally made it to the main store; as a reminder, that’s the Avant couches and armchairs, the After Malevich coffee table, the Menagerie Nesting Dolls and the framed Suprematist art prints. They’re available in store only for now – Updates will be made to the marketplace upon available time.