Themed Wreaths at Tannenbaum!

As I mentioned in a previous post, I’ve been in the midst of moving house – only recently getting mostly settled in. This week, I had the opportunity to (finally) sit down and work out the next few offerings from Organica. Starting today, Prism Events’ Tannenbaum event will begin!

Newly available will be these three themed wreaths, which touch on tropical, underground and underwater themes! Pick up the Tropical, Ocean Kingdom, and Cavern Riches Wreaths exclusively at Tannenbaum for the duration of the event – from November 17 thru December 22!

Mod/Copy/No Transfer, with some copy-only scripts, range from 4-9LI.

New Ornaments and Trees for the holiday season!

Ornaments2015-fatpack-vendorThese metallic ornaments will work well in many festive settings, be it on your Christmas tree, in a window or other display! Only one LI each, offered as a fatpack or in individual colour packs here:
These new lightweight trees are only 3LI at packaged size (6 by 6 by 8m) and scale well for both individual and forest applications! They come with three foliage options plus a scripted texture switcher and would make excellent Christmas trees! Mod/copy and mod/transfer editions available! Check them out here: 

New Fireplace & Winter holiday items now available!



New this week is a four piece fireplace set called The Falls! It includes a poker set, chestnuts with a roasting pan, fireplace, as well as original artwork called ‘The Falls’, by me (Aki Shichiroji / Florence Chan). Pick it up for only L$200 via The Neighbourhood promotion this weekend!

Winter holiday items are also back!

Check everything out at this SLURL:

Poinsettia Day!

It’s Poinsettia Day!

To help celebrate the festive season, these new mesh poinsettias are now available – and for one day only, 50% off! Each package contains two versions – one with and one without a pot. All copies are mod, copy and are 3LI.

Pop by the main store in Organica to see them in person, or check them out on Marketplace!

Gacha Items make their way to Organica today!

For the first time ever, Organica’s offering gacha or ‘gachapon’ items! Three sets are available and it costs L$50 per play. All items are mod/transfer and one item in each set is rare! These gacha machines will be on hand for the duration of winter, after which they’ll get packed away for the year.




Additional notes:

Items from Around The World have finally made it to the main store; as a reminder, that’s the Avant couches and armchairs, the After Malevich coffee table, the Menagerie Nesting Dolls and the framed Suprematist art prints. They’re available in store only for now – Updates will be made to the marketplace upon available time.

New Releases – Nov 26 2011

I’ve received some requests to make winter trees available as packs outside of their usual offering for those who wish to furnish their sims for the winter season, so I’ve made two packs available;

They are divided by foliage type – deciduous (leafy) and coniferous (needle). Each pack comes with seven trees plus frosted grass. All items are sculptie. Please note: These two packs are offered as is. No updates for items contained within these two packs will be sent out unless there is some defect.

The Coniferous pack includes:

Bristlecone Pine 1 (frosted)
Bristlecone Pine 2 (frosted)
Bristlecone Pine 2 (snowy)
Bristlecone Pine 3 (frosted)
Spruce 2 – Frosted
Spruce 2 – Frosted, Lit
Spruce 2 – Snowy
Grass 3 – Frosted

( Buy in Store )( Buy on Marketplace )

The Deciduous Pack includes:

Alder Grove 1 (winter)
Birch 2 Cluster (winter)
Birch 3 (snowy)
Oak 6 (winter)
Oak 8 (winter)
Sugar Maple 1 (lit)
Sugar Maple 1 (winter)
Grass 3 (frosted)

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Christmas tree ornaments return to the store and will probably hang around until mid-January before they are put away for another year – they come in two varieties – star and tapered, eight colours to a box. All are mod/copy.

Check out the store for some holiday freebies as well!


Finally, a release unrelated to the upcoming holidays:

This ficus is the newest in the Ficus series and features a beautiful leaning trunk and detailed bark and foliage. This is a mesh product, so you’ll need SL Viewer 3.0 or newer. It is 8LI out of the box and is mod, copy, no transfer.  ( Buy in Store )( Buy on Marketplace )

Happy Holidays!

XmasPromoHappy Holidays!

A few updates to the store inventory are as follows:

Two Christmas trees, available in green and frosted, are now available for sale! They are mod/copy and feature sculpted ornaments, garland, lights, and star on top!

Additionally, the ornaments are also available seperately; There’s a set of star ornaments and two sets (one bright, one pastel) of tapered ball ornaments available!

Some of last year’s selections are also available.

Also be sure to  grab the free gift while you’re at it! (You’ll have to pop on by to see what it is 😉 )

Everything is on display out in front of the store, so do drop on by!

As always, you can reach Organica by using the following SLURL:

3 updates & 3 new releases

Winter updates have been made to the Alder Grove 1, Stepping Stone and Stone Wall items! If you bought these items prior to today, you should have received updates for them. If you did not receive the update, please contact me with either a transaction number for the item or a screenshot of the item in edit mode, with user interface showing so that I can verify your purchase!

On to the new releases:


This stone pavilion is the perfect centerpiece for your garden! 24 prims, party lights sold separately (see below).

Please note: As this item uses a rez-faux to properly position your item, the initial package delivered will be copy only! You must place, rez, and finalize the rezzer before the rez-faux scripts can be deleted from the build components to allow for a fully mod/copy build.


These party lights are strands of multiple round bulbs, offered in 8 different colours. They’re great not only for the festive season but in pretty much any environment you choose.  They come scripted and unscripted (for texture change). You can also add the optional blinking script to make the lights flash on and off if you wish. Offered mod/copy only. Scripts are copy only.

Christmas Lights - Vendor

These Christmas lights are strands of multiple flame shaped bulbs, offered in 8 different colours. They’re great not only for the festive season but in pretty much any environment you choose.  They come scripted and unscripted (for texture change). You can also add the optional blinking script to make the lights flash on and off if you wish. Offered mod/copy only. Scripts are copy only.

Winterstock! (and more)

Organica will be participating in Winterstock this year! Winterstock Poster TGA

Various new and coming holiday offerings will be available here for about a week to help promote the opening of the event, and will be placed at the main store after that point.

These are the first of a set of offerings that are on the way from Organica, along with some big changes and releases (hopefully) coming soon, pending available time.

The new spruce trees feature all new sculpts and textures and are between 3-4 prims each. The abstract pattern trees are new sculpts and textures, and are available either individually or by pack of all five. As always, these offerings are copy/mod.