New Ornaments and Trees for the holiday season!

Ornaments2015-fatpack-vendorThese metallic ornaments will work well in many festive settings, be it on your Christmas tree, in a window or other display! Only one LI each, offered as a fatpack or in individual colour packs here:
These new lightweight trees are only 3LI at packaged size (6 by 6 by 8m) and scale well for both individual and forest applications! They come with three foliage options plus a scripted texture switcher and would make excellent Christmas trees! Mod/copy and mod/transfer editions available! Check them out here: 

Two new trees available + more!


First off, the store has moved. It can now be reached hereSome older field plant items (such as the daffodils and the tiger lillies) have been converted to mesh (a housekeeping item that had until now been left unaddressed) and other products are still being moved/reorganized/sorted for retirement. Your feedback on the new layout would be much appreciated; please feel free to IM me (Aki Shichiroji) directly.

In the mean time, here are a few new releases!


This new release features all-new hand-painted foliage and trunk textures, low LI and is materials-ready. Mod/transfer and mod/copy, both available in-store here:


Give your backyard character with this huge old elm! This huge and hearty tree will tower above you at almost 20m and comes with three foliage textures! At 27LI, this tree provides a wonderful eye-catching centerpiece to you yard! Mod/transfer and mod/copy, both available in-store here:

Two new trees released for The Neighborhood

Organica has a couple of new releases this weekend for The Neighborhood – this weekend, because I’m going away and won’t be around until late Sunday night to switch the official non-discounted price on. So if you miss it today or Saturday, you may still have some time on Sunday.

The first item marks the return of dogwood trees to Organica stock. Their predecessors were retired at the end of the renovation sale last month, with no replacement until now.

Dogwood5-vendorThis item includes four different foliage types each as non-scripted trees and one scripted edition which can change between them all. It’s 11LI at 14x13x13m in size and offered both mod/trans and mod/copy.  In-store only until Monday, when the Neighborhood promotion concludes.

Acacia2-vendorThis full-bodied offering features detailed foliage in three types as non-scripted trees, as well as one scripted edition to change between them. The tree is 12LI at 18x17x17m in size and offered both mod/trans and mod/copy. In-store only until Monday, when the Neighborhood promotion concludes.

Both of these items are offered at L$200 this weekend only, after which they will be priced in-line with other multi-foliage trees that I have released recently. Both are available now in store here!



Organica re-opens officially tomorrow! New items, new store-wide hunt!

Re-opening day is almost here – just a few hours away!

As I mentioned in a previous post, I’m very pleased to announce that Winston Ackland will be performing at the Organica open air stage at 12PM SLT.

In addition to this, quite a number of new items have been added to the store as part of the opening, along with a store-wide hunt, which gives you the chance of procuring your very own copy of the following item! To grab this item for free, visit the Organica store and seek out a possible six clue-givers (you can see what they look like in-store) which will each give you a single word, which is a part of a sentence. Piece together the sentence and put it in the right order, then click on the Hunt kiosk to input your answer! If you’re correct, you’ll be given a copy of the Country Bed (black and white edition). This hunt will run for one week (until MIDNIGHT, Sept 21 2013), after which the black & white bed won’t be available any more.


This is a classic, country-styled king sized cuddle bed, containing various single and couples poses. The bed features all original animations, AvSitter compatability, detailed textures and Materials optimization.  Beds available for purchase are available in two treatments – Gingham and Antique White wood. Four bed-spreads are available for each wood style, including white, green, blue and quilt. Beds are offered seperately or as fatpacks. Available mod/copy. *Black & White edition is a hunt-only item!*




It’s been more than a year since a new item was added to this species line and given developments in mesh and viewers in general, an update has been well overdue. This moderately large tree features large, wide maple leaves, four different foliage options, scripted and unscripted versions, and as usual, efficiently modelled mesh.  The tree is 18LI at packaged size (19x16x19m) but can be easily resized to suit size and prim needs. Offered both mod/copy and mod/transfer.

Oak9-vendorI’m always after a suitably old-growth tree ‘look’ and the oaks are often my outlet for this expression. In this case, this large tree (packaged at 21x23x29m) comes in at 23LI and includes three foliage options, again available scripted & unscripted. Offered both mod/copy and mod/transfer.


Newest in the line of streetlamps produced by Organica, these lamps can be viewed throughout the exterior of the new shop. 2LI as packaged, with some flexibility for further prim reduction. Each lamp is scripted to check for region time of day and turns on at night. Five colours are offered in the set and they are mod/copy.

To promote the new shop design after a month of downtime, these items will only be available in-store for the following week, after which they will be posted to Marketplace. In the mean time, you are invited to participate in the festivities on Saturday (live music at 12PM) as well as this week (the store-wide hunt)!

Something Old, Something New… Oh. and a Sale.



It’s nearly been a month since my last post and just to catch folks up to where things are at now with Organica, The Home Show closes in a couple of days, so if you would like to explore a great collection of home and garden decor shops all in one place, you only have a few days to do so. Organica items which were showing exclusively at the event will make their way to the main store and you’ll be able to pick them up like any other normal release.

Additionally, I neglected to include a non-exclusive release in the last blog post – it was an item released at the same time but also available at the main store:


This package of photo frames features three collections of photos I’ve taken over the past three years. It also includes a blank copy of the frames, which would allow you to add up to 8 of your own photos! It’s unscripted, mesh, and optimized for materials-enabled viewers. 1LI each, mod/copy/transfer. Available in store and on the Marketplace.


New Releases:

Folks who have dropped by within the last week or so may also have noticed the following other new releases, available on the grounds and in the main shop:

Alder3-vendor Alder4-vendor

These new additions to the Alder line are lightweight mesh trees featuring upward or ‘apical’ growth and foliage for multiple seasons. Each package includes unscripted green, autumn and winter foliage trees, as well as one scripted version which switches between the three. Alder 3 is a single tree at 12LI (at a packaged size of 12x16x25m), while Alder 4 is a cluster of trees coming in at 5LI (at a packaged size of 14x11x16.5m). Both trees are available either as mod/trans or mod/copy editions and both are now available in the main store or on Marketplace (Alder 3, Alder 4).

Next, a new building is now available, suitable for both ground and sky use.



The Cliffcrest Skyloft was initially conceptualized to be modern skybox taking advantage of large windows and a skylight to let in light. As such, while there is slight shadow baking applied to this building and all users should be able to enjoy it that way, it is suggested that you enjoy this building with deferred rendering enabled.

This build allows for some limited modifications – the build is divided in half, but the central wall can be removed, as can both balcony railings, foundation posts and stairs (on the ground version).

By default, each coalesced object included in this package includes script-operated blinds for control in opacity. These are optional and not directly linked to the building, so you can use or remove them as you see fit.

The overall layout is also intended to be useful for either residential or commercial use. Available mod/copy, in-store on the grounds as well as on Marketplace.






Retirement Sale:

It’s been almost a year since the last major store sale and revamp, and in preparation for some major upcoming changes, a variety of products have been marked down and will remain so until they are permanently retired on August 17, 2013.  PLEASE NOTE: mod/trans versions of discounted items are being retired immediately – they are no longer available. If you wish to send a copy of these items as a gift, please left click the vendor box and follow the directions.

After August 17, the store will be closed temporarily, after which I am excited and look forward to introducing many new products!

Drop by soon and check out the new items and sale, here!

March SUYS stuff + new tree + land availability

March’s theme for Spruce Up Your Space is “Spread Your Wings”, so I decided to play on the overall potential SL holds and tie it with the sort of wonder children often have when they are developing an imagination. Sometimes it doesn’t take a lot to make something ordinary seem extraordinary and to help an imagine take flight.

This item  comes with a playhouse, wooden wings, tiny chair and animations.  The chair holds four animations – two each for child and adults (sit and drive). You can also sit on the roof, where you’ll find two animations.

All pieces are mod/copy, although animations, scripts and associated notecards are copy only.

This is a mesh product, so you’ll need a mesh capable viewer to view/use.  Available in-store for only $150L this weekend as part of March’s Spruce Up Your Space! Will be updated on Marketplace after promotion is over.

It hasn’t been too long since I last put out a Ficus, but what can I say? I’ve always loved Ficus trees and it’s almost mesmerizing to work out how their banyan roots can form complex knots in their bark.

This item comes out to 13 LI at packaged size and is optimized for resizing. It’s available mod/transfer and mod/copy and is mesh only, so you’ll need a mesh-capable viewer. ( Buy in Store )( Buy on Marketplace )

Land stuff:

Sylvan is a quiet, beautifully landscaped residential region offering a variety of parcel sizes with healthy prim allocation (1.75x prim bonus). We welcome mesh and breedables (please see covenant for terms) and also have a small sandbox available should you require additional space to work out builds, etc. Purchase price is a reserve fee set to cover one day of rent, which will be credited back to your tier meter once a minimum initial payment of 4 weeks rent is paid (all payment made after that can be as often as weekly).

Available Land:

Parcel size Prims Weekly price SLURL
Parcel 1B – 1024sqm 410 L$738 SLURL
Parcel 2A – 960sqm 383 L$690 SLURL
Parcel 2B – 960sqm 383 L$690 SLURL
Parcel 3 – 1840sqm 737 L$1327 SLURL
Parcel 6A – 1152sqm 460 L$828 SLURL
Parcel 8 – 1696sqm 679 L$1222 SLURL
Parcel 15 – 1680sqm 672 L$1210 SLURL