Wilds of Organica – Centaur Avatar

Thank you for your interest in the WoO Centaurs!

As of this writing, there are two offerings available, intended to accomodate a variety of body types within Second Life.

While they share some functionality, it is crucial to make the distinction between the two, as there are some areas where they differ.

Introducing the two Centaur Bodies:

Original WoO Centaur Body. Graceful, suitable for small/avg height avs with slight build.Heavier-set centaur body, suitable for shapes of larger stature.
WoO Centaur Applier Support

Centaur Body ☑️ ☑️
Fur Tattoo Layers (system and Omega) ☑️ ☑️
Centaur Rig1.02.0
(See below)
Centaur AO ☑️ * ☑️ *
Dev Kit available (by application)


  • Stocky body uses a different rig configuration & subsequently completely different set of animations compared to the classic body. This change allows for greater flexibility when it comes to shape adjustments and makes the rig much more friendly to adjustments in height. As such, the Stocky body is NOT compatible with the Classic body AO, nor is it compatible with clothing made for the Classic body. (A conversion of the original Classic body to the new rig config is planned, but has not yet been implemented (as of Apr 16, 2019))
  • Both bodies come, by default, with the Bay fur coat. Additional coats can be purchased separately as Appliers.

Both bodies have been tested with major human mesh body offerings, however perfect fittings are *not* guaranteed, due to variations in body morphology from brand to brand, as well as your system shape settings.

It should also be noted that mesh human bodies making use of bone-offsets may cause conflicts with the centaur body. While extensive testing has been done to avoid issues, unforeseen effects may occur in cases where body makers have made adjustments to the human skeleton that are outside of the norm. (For example, the Utilizator Kemono body features front leg positioning as well as hand bone positions that are not compatible and would break the centaur body. )

Please be sure to try a demo prior to purchasing. Refunds are available only for duplicate purchases.


Your package should include the following:
* [ WoO ] Centaur Body: (Body Type)
* [ WoO ] Centaur Alpha Layer
* [ WoO ] Centaur AO (Body Type)
– [ WoO ] Centaur Fur Layer (Applier) (OPTIONAL)
– [ WoO ] Centaur Fur Layer (Tattoo Layer) (OPTIONAL)
– Various shapes (OPTIONAL)

To wear the full avatar, please wear all of the starred (*) items listed above, taking care to first detach all existing mesh attachments which may already affect joint position. Failure to do so may deform your avatar in undesirable ways, requiring you to right-click your avatar and reset your skeleton & animations.

Furthermore, the offered shapes are included to give you an idea of the variety of shapes that can be achieved with this avatar. While it’s not mandatory to use them, they are included for you to see how they are similar or differ from your own shape so that you may adjust your own shape accordingly.

Centaur AO Use:

These avatars come with an AO HUD containing animations made specifically for each. While you may be able to mix in other normal animations, please note that the animations included in this AO use a specific bone offset and probably won’t play well with other avatars.

The AO makes use of Tavatar’s multiple speed HUD. Double-tap W up to three times to access all four speeds. Double-tap S to reduce speed. The AO otherwise functions like any other AO, allowing you to cycle through sits and stands on the fly.

To use: If you have attached the Centaur HUD in a script-enabled area, then the animation should already be active by default.

Click the power button to turn the AO on and off. Click any other part of the HUD to open the advanced settings, including cycling through sits, stands and resetting.

Using the Centaur Texture Applier:

  1. Ensure the Centaur body (Classic or Stocky) is worn and you are in a script-enabled area.
  2. Add or wear the Centaur Texture Applier. If operating properly, it will automatically apply all texture and material settings, detach, and return to your inventory.

Fur Layer

Fur Layer (Applier or Tattoo Layer, optional). If you use a system av, use the Tattoo layer. The Applier uses Omega code, so it can be used with any mesh body which offers Omega support.

Of note: for users who have the Niramyth body, you should use the Compression clothing layer for upper body for the right fit between your human mesh and the centaur mesh.

Custom Fittings

Available at a flat fee of US$25 per custom fitting, but contingent upon the following:

  1. You must furnish me with your av shape, with mod/copy permissions.
  2. You will be responsible for ALL expenses, including purchase of the mesh body for my fitting and testing purposes, if I do not have it already. Demo editions of mesh bodies are often but not always sufficient.


All updates will be pushed via Wilds of Organica’s internal update server. If you missed an update or accidentally declined one, you can always request a redelivery by clicking the Centaur vendor on-site and following the directions on-screen.

End User License Agreement:

Unauthorized duplication is not permitted. Any attempts to circumvent the SL permissions system or to ignore the terms as stated in this document will be met with a DMCA complaint file and takedown.

Much Thanks To:

  • NeoBokrug Elytis – Applier System, Testing
  • Tapple Gao (Tavatar) – Multi-speed AO scripting
  • Avastar – For providing an excellent and regularly updated tool for content makers of all skill levels and backgrounds
  • Omega Solutions (Chellynne Bailey) – For developing and providing the Omega applier system
  • All who have provided feedback and testing

Thanks for taking the time to read through this documentation. Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns!

Aki Shichiroji