Wyvern Avatar

Wyvern avatar, gold coat. Shot at Lost Unicorn region.


Your package should include the following:
* [ WoO ] Wyvern Avatar – Mesh Body (colour)
* [ WoO ] Full Body Alpha
* [ WoO ] Wyvern HUD
– Default shape (OPTIONAL)

To wear the full avatar, please wear all of the starred (*) items listed above, taking care to first detach all existing mesh attachments which may already affect joint position. Failure to do so may deform your avatar in undesirable ways, requiring you to right-click your avatar and reset your skeleton & animations.

Furthermore, default female and male shapes are included to give you an idea of the baseline shapes that were used for fitting. While it’s not mandatory to use them, they are included for you to see how they are similar or differ from your own shape so that you may adjust your own shape accordingly.

– The mesh body will shrink your avatar to ~1.8m height automatically. You can adjust height, shoulder and hip width using system sliders.


This avatar comes with an AO HUD containing animations made specifically for it. Because of how extensively this avatar is different from the average human avatar, most human-specific animations are unlikely to work well, although you are welcome to try. Some basic rotation-only facial animations have been known to work. For reference, all animations contained in the AO are Priority 4.

To use: If you have attached the Wyvern HUD, then the animation should already be active by default.

Click the Animation Override control to choose from multiple animations for sitting on prims/sitting on the ground or to page through the stands.This avatar comes with an AO HUD containing animations made specifically for it. While you may be able to mix in other normal animations, please note that the animations included in this AO use a specific bone offset and probably won’t play well with other avatars.


Click the eyes on the Wyvern HUD to gain access to the avatar’s eye menu. From here, iris and pupil colour are accessible.


Any updates made to this item will be issued through an updater on-site at the Wilds of Organica shop. Check Aki Shichiroji’s profile picks for the most up to date landmark. Simply rez the mesh body on the ground at the blue exchanger and you will be given the most up to date version.

Wyvern Avatar, Purple/Pink coat. Taken at Lost Unicorn region.