Sylvan is a residential and commercial estate featuring scenery and landscaping by Aki Shichiroji. A sandbox is located in the south-western quadrant of the Sylvan sim. Organica Specialty Trees occupies a full region north of Sylvan sim. Residential parcels are distributed throughout Sylvan.

Please read the following covenant in detail for information on acceptable conduct for visitors and Residents, as well as policies regarding land rental.

General Rules:
– This covenant applies to all visitors and Residents, whether they have read it or not.
– Sylvan is a ‘mature’ estate, however decency is required in all public outdoor areas below 512m altitude. This means, at bare minimum – clothing which covers the genitals.
– Copybotting, griefing, scamming or harrassment are not welcome here and will be met with appropriate action.
– While some areas on the island are open for occasional rezzing as a courtesy, they are not intended for heavy building. A small sandbox area is available for use in the southwestern corner of the sim for building.
– Underaged sexual ageplay is expressly forbidden and will earn the offenders a permanent ban from the Estate. It is not tolerated, no warnings will be given.

Land Rental:
Residential properties are available for rent by parcel and are marked as such. They are offered with a +/-15m terraforming limit at a weekly cost of $1.81L per prim. A non-refundable deposit equivalent to 4 weeks rent is required. Land purchase is a statement of reservation to rent that parcel *ONLY* and is valid for one day only, unless prior arrangements have been made with Aki Shichiroji. Please make payments to your rental box at the rental office, using this SLURL:

Content and Land Management
– Please keep all content within the mature rating. All visibly mature items must be kept indoors. Please refer to Linden Lab’s maturity rating Wiki article for further information.

– No signs, billboards or ads.
– Please keep all aerial and/or unfinished builds above 500m.
– While sub-dividing land is not permitted, Residents *may* request to increase the size of their parcel (and rental cost accordingly) if sufficient space or an adjacent parcel is available. The minimum space allowed between parcels owned by different people is 8m.

– available credit from your old parcel will be applied to your new parcel after the minimum 4 weeks are paid for the new parcel. This is intended to minimize rapid turnover. You must notify Kitheres Land Management staff (Aki Shichiroji) of any intent to move in order for this credit transfer to be processed.

Payment Terms & Refunds:
– As mentioned under ‘Land Rental’, your initial payment to set up your rental box is for a minimum of 4 weeks to start. All further payments to the rental box can be made on a weekly basis.
– Tenants in 3 days arrears will be removed and items returned.
– Refunds are not available.

Encroachment, Scripted &/or Physical Items:
– Each parcel is built to allow for some space between you and your neighbor. While some encroachment on the Common Land is permitted as long as it does not block off public access, please ensure that the root prim of your object remains on your parcel of land. The Management also reserves the right to return encroaching objects on a case by case basis.
– You may return any landscaping items that were a part of your parcel when you acquired it, although it is preferred that any landscaping replacing them will be similar in theme.
– NO laggy scripts. Your object may returned without warning. Ask if in doubt.
– Security orbs: These fall under the ‘no laggy scripts’ rule. Please ensure your security orb is set to eject *only* if the offender is located on your parcel. Additionally, no security orbs are permitted below 500m.
– Physical Items: While there is no specific prohibition on physical items, by and large, physical objects that move around a lot can pose performance issues because they cause collisions that must be handled server-side. Please be conscious of this and limit physical items from being used without supervision.
– Breedables: These fall under the ‘no laggy scripts’ rule. Please also keep movement modes tied to ‘physical’ prim status to a minimum (in most cases, this means turning off movement). Your objects may be returned without warning if they pose a significant performance problem for the region.

– Privacy: All residents are expected to understand that there is technically no privacy in Second Life, unless you own a private region and can control who goes/can see in and out. With that said, all Residents are required to be respectful of their neighbors and items such as chat spies and trackers are not permitted.
– Please do not take it upon yourself to govern the Estate. If you have a concern with a visitor or fellow Resident, please voice it directly to me or via a notecard or email.
– While individual bans are permitted, please: No general ban-lines. IE: Please do not set access to your parcel to exclude anyone but yourself or a group.
All inquiries should be sent by IM to Aki Shichiroji.