Octopus Hat

Thank you for your interest in this new Wilds of Organica product!

This package includes:

  • [ WoO ] Octopus Hat (colour)

Please ensure that you have updated your Second Life Viewer – While you will be able to attach all items included in this package, your viewer MUST be version 6.0.0 or higher to view this product correctly, otherwise your avatar will appear very distorted and folded in on itself.

To use, just attach. By default, it should attach to Skull.

Most parts of this object are copy-only, but the main Gorgon Hair mesh itself is mod/copy. This allows for custom textural and material modifications, as well as the removal of scripts.

With that said, there are a few caveats:


  • It’s suggested that you keep a fresh, unaltered copy in your inventory just in case. A redelivery may be requested should something go awry; just click the vendor for your hair in-store and click the appropriate ‘redelivery’ button.
  • Due to the nature of Animesh, the Octopus is not resizable. It must also always be set to ‘Animated Mesh’ on the ‘Features’ tab, otherwise you will experience avatar distortion and folding over.
  • Additional sizing suggestions shall be considered based upon popular demand, however bespoke (custom) changes will incur hourly charges at a minimum of US$25/hr.
  • All updates are free and will be automatically pushed to your account when issued.


Thank you!