Wilds of Organica – Chompers

Welcome, and thank you for your interest in the Chompers from Wilds of Organica.

This is an Animesh product put together by Aki Shichiroji and NeoBokrug Elytis (Desolate Studios).

This item may be used in three ways, one of which is optional and requires an add-on kit to function properly.

Rezzed on Ground

When rezzed on the ground, each Animesh pet comes in at 18 LI. By default, the pet will stay in place upon rez, but you can click it to turn on movement and to adjust its movement range.

Click the Chomper’s pot to access options to allow it to move around and to adjust its range.
You can easily adjust the range in meters the Chomper will move from its Home position by typing it here, then clicking submit.

Held (Worn as an Animesh)

By default, this product will attach as an Animesh and play a Bento-friendly holding animation for your avatar, while itself cycling through its stand animations at random.

Worn as an Avatar (Optional)

This option requires an add-on kit (sold separately in the Main Store).

To make this work, specifically, you’ll need:

  • Some basic object-editing know-how
  • Chomper Avatar Add-On Kit (includes full body alpha, Chomper AO)
  • A mod/copy edition of the Chomper (See next section for instructions).
  • Access to land that permits rezzing/scripts

The process:

1)Rez a copy of the mod/copy Chomper on the ground. (Be sure to keep a fresh, unedited copy in your inventory, as the following steps will establish permanent changes moving forward!)

2)Edit the object – go to the Contents tab and delete all contents.

3)Go to the Features tab – unclick the ‘Animated Mesh’ box.

4)Edit the name of the object to include ‘Avatar’ at the end, for your convenience.

5)Take the modified Chomper back to inventory.

6)Detach all worn objects.

7)Wear the Full Body Alpha included with the Avatar Add-on Kit.

8)Wear your modified Chomper on any attachment point.

9)Wear the included Chomper Avatar AO.

Please note! As an avatar, and a non-human one at that, this product has limited compatibility with other Animation Overrides! No guarantees will be made with regard to any interaction between the Chomper product and any third-party animations!

Locking in your product to the mod/copy version

As with all other Wilds of Organica gacha prizes, you can lock-in your Chomper at the blue ring located at the WoO main store. The exchanger will remove the old edition and provide you the same prize, with mod/copy permissions.

You may additionally check for updates by rezzing a fresh, unmodified copy of the Chomper in the blue exchanger ring at any time.

Much Thanks To:

NeoBokrug Elytis – Animesh scripting and roaming code, testing, perms checks

Chalice Yao – Original AO code optimization mod

Aposiopesis Fullstop – Copy editing, feedback

Thanks for taking the time to read through this documentation. Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns!


Aki Shichiroji