Giant Ghost Crab Wanderer & Mount

Thank you for your interest in the Wilds of Organica Giant Ghost Crab!

This version of the product is Animesh and materials-enabled and can either be rezzed and allowed to roam or worn as a mount.

In your package, you should find:

Your package should include the following:

  • [ WoO ] Giant Ghost Crab Mount (coat colour)
  • [ WoO ] Giant Ghost Crab (coat colour)


  • Right-click from Inventory and choose ‘Add’. It is attached to avatar center by default and requires this attachment spot for animations to sync.
  • Walk, run, sit, fly, swim as you would normally. The crab pairs up seated animations for you as the rider and it as the mount automatically.
  • Please note: Scripts and animations have been optimized to sync together as much as possible, but sometimes the SL viewer throws off this synchronicity. This is normal and unavoidable, but you can either wait for the next animation to play OR move around to trigger the next animation (and thus a resync)

To REZ as a wanderer:

  • Please be aware – the wandering crab is ( LI). We’ve tried to optimize the crab as much as possible, but there are hard minimums for Animesh objects, since they also load up complex armatures and rigging. Please keep this in mind as it relates to your land’s LI allocation and adjust accordingly.
  • Rez on script-enabled land. Right-click> Touch to access the menu and set roaming options. You can either enter a roaming range or turn roaming off. The crab will cycle through animations appropriately.


Any updates made to this item will be issued automatically through the Wilds of Organica delivery server.

End User License Agreement:

WoO Animation Overrider and Wandering functionality scripted by NeoBokrug Elytis of Desolate Studios.

All other content included in this product was created from scratch and is copyrighted by Aki Shichiroji.

Unauthorized duplication is not permitted. Any attempts to circumvent the SL permissions system or to ignore the terms as stated in this document will be met with a DMCA complaint file and takedown.

Much thanks to:

NeoBokrug Elytis – Scripting

Thanks for taking the time to read through this notecard. Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns!

Aki Shichiroji