Chibi Body Info for Use

This avatar was introduced in early 2021 during Fantasy Faire and continues to be updated with additional content internal updates.

This avatar is a unisex ‘chibi’ proportioned body built to support Bakes on Mesh that are designed to be worn with it – A small collection of examples are included with the introductory package, including a base skin, some simple starter clothing, and a couple of hairstyles.

As an introductory package offered at Fantasy Faire, it is offered with pointy ears by default, though these can be switched out with rounded ones as an option.

The contents of your package should include:

  • [ WoO ] Chibi Body EULA & Instructions for Use
  • [ WoO ] Chibi Body (w Pointy Ears)
  • [ WoO ] Chibi Body (w Rounded Ears)
  • [ WoO ] Chibi Basic AO
  • [ WoO ] Default Body Shape
  • [ WoO ] Chibi Body – Basic Skin (feminine) *
  • [ WoO ] Chibi Body – Purple Skin (masculine) *
  • [ WoO ] Chibi – Purple Skin Ear Texture *
  • [ WoO ] S1 Large Eyes – Forest – Round *
  • [ WoO ] Chibi Basic Linen Shirt *
  • [ WoO ] Chibi Basic Leather Slacks *
  • [ WoO ] String of Turtles Hair *

(* With the exception of the rounded ears, these optional items may change over time, but will always represent basic level content).

How to use this body:

The WoO Chibi uses Bakes on Mesh, which means it will support the use of wearables such as Skins, Tattoos, and Universal assets to layer on surface level textures. With the exception of Eye wearables, all of these wearables use the WoO Chibi UV layout – which means that wearables made for other bodies (such as the system avatar or other Bakes on Mesh bodies) will not work with this body. The use of Bakes on Mesh *does* however mean that any wearables made for the WoO Chibi body will be endlessly layerable and ‘baked’ on by Second Life viewers which support Bakes on Mesh.

To use, right-click each of these from inventory and select ‘add’:

  • Your choice of Chibi body (pointed or rounded ears) (will attach to Avatar Center)
  • [ WoO ] Chibi Body – Base Default Shape
  • Your choice of WoO Chibi Basic Skin
  • WoO Ear Universal Asset
  • Your choice of system eyes

You can optionally add (right-click from inventory, select ‘add’):

  • Clothing
  • Hair
  • Animation Override

The WoO Chibi Body UV Layouts are available upon request. Furthermore, applications for dev kits (which will include geometry for weighting & armature for animating) will open spring/summer of 2021.

Using the Animation Override

The Chibi Body Animation Override contains some basic bipedal tiny animations and is recommended for common use. In particular, it addresses avatar sit height specific for this avatar. (For those who would like to make their own sitting animations, the basic position adjustment for object sits is Z: -0.58m Y: 0.125m)

It runs on a modified ZHAO base which was optimized by Chalice Yao for use in a single object without buttons.

To access the HUD menu, just wear the AO, then left-click the ‘Wilds of Organica’ text to bring up some basic options for loading/reloading the AO notecard, switching basic sit/ground site/stand animations, etc.

Experienced users of Animation Overriders can add their own individual animations by adding the animations to the HUD and editing the appropriate fields in the Default notecard (or adding notecards of their own, using the appropriate format).

Watch Abramelin Wolfe’s tutorial on how to set up or edit a ZHAO overrider here:

Changing Body Shape

The Chibi body was modelled and rigged to fit the default female armature.

It has been rigged to facial and hand Bento bones, as well as volume bones for improved shape editing. It has also been designed for unisex use by default (although changes to the breast sliders will result in a more feminine look).

This doesn’t mean men can’t use it, however the SL male armature will create distortions for which this avatar will not compensate, so please be sure to try a demo before proceeding to see if this is the kind of avatar you want. We will consider offering a version rigged specifically to the male armature configuration based on customer feedback.

Edit your avatar’s body shape much as you would any other avatar – we recommend making a fresh copy of the default avatar shape included and modifying that to your liking (it’s mod/copy).

A few remaining considerations & suggestions:

  • The Chibi body ears use the ‘Aux’ texture slot for any baked textures. All other portions of the body use the appropriate texture slots (Head uses Head, Upper uses Upper, etc).
  • This is an avatar body which deliberately changes joint positions to change the height of your avatar. To avoid any conflicts with previously worn content, always detach other content which also changes joint positions, right-click your avatar and reset your skeleton, before attaching this avatar. You may also find it helpful to reset animations before attaching the animation overrider as well.
  • The eyes use the same UV layout as the SL avatar eyes, so definitely play around with all the different eye wearables you’ve collected over the years!
  • Facial rigging was tested with the Lightstar Expressions HUD. Individuals seeking some means of facial expression should definitely give it a try!


My preference is always to receive feedback via email. I (Anne Cloud, formerly Aki Shichiroji) can be reached at aki.shichiroji on gmail – I can also be contacted on Discord via FC/Anne/Ink#5136 . I’m also open to contact via IM in Second Life, though there’s always the possibility for my IMs to overflow if I am not online. I always endeavor to respond within twenty-four hours.

Alternatively, you can try connecting with other fans via the Wilds of Organica group.