A little housekeeping

A little housekeeping on the Wilds of Organica side:

Medusa Gorgon Hair Update

Updates to the hairbase were made and sent out this afternoon for all Medusa Gorgon hairs. This update fixes a permissions issue which had not been caught for some time (the hairbase tattoos). With that said: as I have no way of tracking individual Relay for Life sales, purchasers of any Amethyst or Pink Medusa Gorgon hairs which have been sold so far at Fantasy Faire will *not* have received this update. If you would like one, please IM or email me and I’ll be happy to send you an updated pack.

Centaur Applier Update

Updated centaur applier boxes will also be going out this afternoon. They include new Omega appliers for your fur layers, allowing for application to all Omega-compatible mesh bodies.

Of note: If you are using the Niramyth Aesthetic body, it is recommended that you make use of the ‘compression’ clothing layer for this purpose.

Gacha Garden

Wilds of Organica will be participating in Spring round of Gacha Garden!

Work is still in progress but here are a few sneak-peeks!

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Vendor system changes, gift certificates, store credit, redelivery terminal & mesh updates

Vendor System Changes:

Part of the long wait to re-open involved switching over all vendors to a new vendor system which, even though it took a lot of work to set up, should reduce overall time I have to spend on administrative tasks and improve my ability to work on new content.

As a result, however, old gift certificates will no longer work automatically with any vendor in the store. If you still have credit in a gift card using the old system (it’s green, not blue), please IM me directly to set up credit for your avatar in the new system! Purchasing gift cards will also be different moving forward. The gift card vendor is now located in the vestibule, on the left-hand side. To use it, simply left-click and follow the directions. You will be able to purchase gift cards in denominations of L$250, 500, 1000, 2000 or you can create a card with any denomination of your choosing. To redeem credit, simply wear the gift card and click the redemption kiosk, also located in the vestibule on the left, just below the gift card vendor.

All customers will also now accrue store credit at a rate of 2% on every purchase. To use store credit, simply left-click the vendor you wish to buy from and click ‘Use Credit’ prior to purchasing.

The new vendor system also allows for redelivery via web-interface. If your purchase was made prior to September 6, you should be able to get the terminal to show the purchase and redeliver it, provided the item is mod/copy. For all other purchases (no-copy or purchased prior to Sept 6), please contact me (Aki Shichiroji) directly, with transaction record.

Mesh Updates to many ground cover items:

In addition to all the new items and festivities this week, many updates were made to ground-cover field items, such that mesh options have been made available alongside older sculpted ones. Towards those ends, all new purchases marked ‘Now with mesh!’ should contain the updated field items applied to mesh shapes. For existing purchasers of these items, please contact me directly, stating which of the following list you purchased (please specify individual colours and/or fatpacks). After verifying this data with existing records, I’ll be able to put together a custom update package for you. *Please note! This mesh update is currently only available in-store, due to excessive workload surrounding new content for the store renovation. I’ll be switching marketplace copies of these items over some time between a few days to a week after the opening. If you purchased any of the below items via Marketplace and did not receive mesh shapes along with the sculpt shapes, please contact me directly and I’ll be happy to upgrade your purchase.

Apologies – automatic deliveries of these updates are not available due to the number of items which would individually need to be sent out.

Ground Cover field-style items which were updated from sculpt to mesh:


White Ash

Spring Wheat

Dried Wheat

Horsetail Reed


Cattails 1

Lily of the Valley


Lupine Flowers

Tiger Lilies

Grass 3




Organica re-opens officially tomorrow! New items, new store-wide hunt!

Re-opening day is almost here – just a few hours away!

As I mentioned in a previous post, I’m very pleased to announce that Winston Ackland will be performing at the Organica open air stage at 12PM SLT.

In addition to this, quite a number of new items have been added to the store as part of the opening, along with a store-wide hunt, which gives you the chance of procuring your very own copy of the following item! To grab this item for free, visit the Organica store and seek out a possible six clue-givers (you can see what they look like in-store) which will each give you a single word, which is a part of a sentence. Piece together the sentence and put it in the right order, then click on the Hunt kiosk to input your answer! If you’re correct, you’ll be given a copy of the Country Bed (black and white edition). This hunt will run for one week (until MIDNIGHT, Sept 21 2013), after which the black & white bed won’t be available any more.


This is a classic, country-styled king sized cuddle bed, containing various single and couples poses. The bed features all original animations, AvSitter compatability, detailed textures and Materials optimization.  Beds available for purchase are available in two treatments – Gingham and Antique White wood. Four bed-spreads are available for each wood style, including white, green, blue and quilt. Beds are offered seperately or as fatpacks. Available mod/copy. *Black & White edition is a hunt-only item!*




It’s been more than a year since a new item was added to this species line and given developments in mesh and viewers in general, an update has been well overdue. This moderately large tree features large, wide maple leaves, four different foliage options, scripted and unscripted versions, and as usual, efficiently modelled mesh.  The tree is 18LI at packaged size (19x16x19m) but can be easily resized to suit size and prim needs. Offered both mod/copy and mod/transfer.

Oak9-vendorI’m always after a suitably old-growth tree ‘look’ and the oaks are often my outlet for this expression. In this case, this large tree (packaged at 21x23x29m) comes in at 23LI and includes three foliage options, again available scripted & unscripted. Offered both mod/copy and mod/transfer.


Newest in the line of streetlamps produced by Organica, these lamps can be viewed throughout the exterior of the new shop. 2LI as packaged, with some flexibility for further prim reduction. Each lamp is scripted to check for region time of day and turns on at night. Five colours are offered in the set and they are mod/copy.

To promote the new shop design after a month of downtime, these items will only be available in-store for the following week, after which they will be posted to Marketplace. In the mean time, you are invited to participate in the festivities on Saturday (live music at 12PM) as well as this week (the store-wide hunt)!

Crocus updates

As of this writing, I have sent out updates for all crocus products, including the MMM exclusive blue.

I went through and redid all of the level of detail jumps to be more efficient and able to withstand zooming in and out.

Much thanks go to Zii Minotaur for valuable feedback; I only wish the Marketplace were better designed to inform merchants of new feedback, as this fix turned out to be a long time coming.

In any case, if you did not receive an update, please give me a shout!

More release news to come a bit later in the week; there will be some SUYS stuff and there are a few other landscaping items on the way!

MMM Details & some product updates

March Mesh Madness 2012 begins tomorrow!

I’ve finally had a chance to finish up my booth and look forward to exhibiting my work!

Some new items have been released, along with a MMM12 exclusive, a freebie and some discounts too!

Details are as follows:

These trendy star-shaped lamps come in eight colours, all in one set. Click to toggle through on, off or natural daylight. 1 LI each as packaged, mod/copy/no transfer. ( Buy at MMM12 )

 Exclusive to March Mesh Madness, these white-veined blue crocus flowers are offered as part of a potted setting but also include all three crocus flower shapes inside. This colour will only ever be offered at MMM12, so if you like it, this will be your only chance to pick it up. 1 LI per flower, total setting comes to 9 LI. mod/copy/no transfer. Available only at MMM12!

Don’t forget to snag this freebie from the display as well 🙂

Some items have been marked 33% off, again at MMM12 only.

With the exception of the MMM12 Crocus, all items released above will be available in-store at Organica or on Marketplace about a week from now. In the mean time, help make the March Mesh Madness event a success by dropping by, bringing your friends, or just in general passing the word around about the show.

Wilds of Organica Updates:

Updates have been sent for both the Burrowing Owl and Snowy Owl avatars, fixing the top level sit button, preventing the av from getting pushed underground when the ‘birdsit’ button is pressed. The eyelid texture for the snowy owls has also been fixed and should appear black, not brown. If you did not recieve the update, please let me know and I’ll look in to redelivery.


2 product updates.

Updates to the following products are being sent out tonight (this will take some time due to the number of people updates need to be sent to – please be patient!):

Full Moon Maple 1: A permissions error was found and fixed on particle-emitting trees. No updates are available for mod/trans editions of this product.

Cattails: Additional sculpt shapes were added on request for easier use on uneven terrain.

If you’ve got one of these products and have not recieved an update by Apr 19 2011, please contact me in-world using the account you bought the item with and be patient as I need to go through my records to confirm purchases before sending out updates (if you have a transaction record, even better!)

Updates are free and available for any existing mod/copy purchase.

All in-world and Marketplace copies of this product have been updated as well.

Two new items released, additional important notice about updates + more

A new Elm tree is now available – with all new trunk & textures for green, autumn and winter foliage! Available scripted and non-scripted for texture change, as well as mod/trans or mod/copy.


While I must confess a fondness for the colour red, I decided not to go the garish route when deciding what to make this year for Valentines. Instead, I hope that this dogwood arch, which features two trees entwined by a simple heart chain, will appeal to those seeking a more elegant and natural solution.  This item features small white flowers on green foliage, along with falling petals on click. It’s offered mod/trans or mod/copy (particle scripts are trans only for m/t tree and copy only for m/c).


Both items are available on location at my store in Organica sim.

On updates:

Due to the addition of Display Names (with no accompanying account name) on the transaction record, I will be unable to deliver automated updates to any users who go by their display names. If you fall under this description and note an update announced on this blog, you MUST provide a transaction record by IM, Notecard or Email in order for me to hand-deliver your update.

In addition to this, product updates will no longer be sent automatically to buyers of mod/transfer items. There are a number of reasons for this: Mod/Transfer items are by nature not copyable. Delivering updates without requiring the return of the original ones would leave buyers of these mod/transfer items with double the product they paid for. Additionally, there is no way for me to track items that were transferred to other people.

If you have purchased a mod/transfer item from me in the past and would like an update, I will be happy to provide one as long as the following conditions are met: Please collect all of the items that came with your purchase in a folder, labelled with the correct product name, adding (UPDATE REQUEST) and your account name.

Example: [ Organica ] Bristlecone Pine 1 (m/t)-UPDATE REQUEST-Your Name.

Send me (Aki Shichiroji) that folder and allow some time for me to get to your request. I try to get to these as soon as I can, but depending on available time it may take a few days.

As a reminder: it’s easy to give the gift of a mod/copy product from Organica by left-clicking on any vendor box to bring up the gift dialogue rather than paying the vendor directly.

Land Now Available:

A limited supply of residential land is now available in Organica’s sister sim, Sylvan, for those who are looking for a quiet, mature area to make their home. The area is fully landscaped but allows for some customization of course. All parcels have an ocean or waterside view and range in size from 1760-2944sqm. A small reserve fee is set for the ‘purchase’ of all parcels and is considered a one day reserve that will be credited to your rental box once has been set up.

Please be sure to read the notecard provided by the info boxes on site for full covenant details prior to placing your reserve!

Parcel size Prims Weekly price
Parcel 1 – 2944sqm 673 L$1218
Parcel 2 – 1760sqm 402 L$728
Parcel 3 – 1840sqm 421 L$762

HG&P Expo booth open, Silent Auction info, old product updates


Visit Organica this week at the Home, Garden and Patio Expo!
Visit Organica this week at the Home, Garden and Patio Expo!

Everything is set up and fixed – and as of 5AM SLT this morning, the Home Garden &Patio Expo is officially open!

Visit Organica’s booth at http://slurl.com/secondlife/Iridium/67/71/61 , and explore the whole 4 sim exhibition, spanning Iridium, Platinum, Rhodium, and Palladium sims.

As part of the expo, I’ve released the following product that will remain exclusive to the Expo for its duration, then be moved to the main store when the Expo is completed.

I’ve also made available one certificate for 3hrs of landscape design and implimentation as a silent auction prize.  It includes three sketch layouts of the land to be developed, terraforming, as well as mod/copy editions of all Organica materials used in the project.  The service may be used by the winning bidder or gifted to an individual of their choosing, however said individual must be able to bestow building priveleges on the parcel of land in order for the design to be installed.  The offer is valued at $75USD, so bid wisely and generously and you could still come out on top with a great landscaping deal!  You can bid on the silent auction, all proceeds going to RFL, here:  http://slurl.com/secondlife/Iridium/248/157/60

Japanese zen wash basin

Finally, I have one last tidbit that is unrelated to the HG&P Expo, though the changes have already been proliferated to the vendors there;

I’m beginning a series of updates to some older products so that they are a bit less primmy.  So far, I’ve updated the Ficus 1, and Dogwoods 1&2.  I will send out updates to all existing owners of these trees this week, once I can compile a proper list to send out to.  Additionally, look out for more landscaping content and trees shortly!