Two new items released, additional important notice about updates + more

A new Elm tree is now available – with all new trunk & textures for green, autumn and winter foliage! Available scripted and non-scripted for texture change, as well as mod/trans or mod/copy.


While I must confess a fondness for the colour red, I decided not to go the garish route when deciding what to make this year for Valentines. Instead, I hope that this dogwood arch, which features two trees entwined by a simple heart chain, will appeal to those seeking a more elegant and natural solution.  This item features small white flowers on green foliage, along with falling petals on click. It’s offered mod/trans or mod/copy (particle scripts are trans only for m/t tree and copy only for m/c).


Both items are available on location at my store in Organica sim.

On updates:

Due to the addition of Display Names (with no accompanying account name) on the transaction record, I will be unable to deliver automated updates to any users who go by their display names. If you fall under this description and note an update announced on this blog, you MUST provide a transaction record by IM, Notecard or Email in order for me to hand-deliver your update.

In addition to this, product updates will no longer be sent automatically to buyers of mod/transfer items. There are a number of reasons for this: Mod/Transfer items are by nature not copyable. Delivering updates without requiring the return of the original ones would leave buyers of these mod/transfer items with double the product they paid for. Additionally, there is no way for me to track items that were transferred to other people.

If you have purchased a mod/transfer item from me in the past and would like an update, I will be happy to provide one as long as the following conditions are met: Please collect all of the items that came with your purchase in a folder, labelled with the correct product name, adding (UPDATE REQUEST) and your account name.

Example: [ Organica ] Bristlecone Pine 1 (m/t)-UPDATE REQUEST-Your Name.

Send me (Aki Shichiroji) that folder and allow some time for me to get to your request. I try to get to these as soon as I can, but depending on available time it may take a few days.

As a reminder: it’s easy to give the gift of a mod/copy product from Organica by left-clicking on any vendor box to bring up the gift dialogue rather than paying the vendor directly.

Land Now Available:

A limited supply of residential land is now available in Organica’s sister sim, Sylvan, for those who are looking for a quiet, mature area to make their home. The area is fully landscaped but allows for some customization of course. All parcels have an ocean or waterside view and range in size from 1760-2944sqm. A small reserve fee is set for the ‘purchase’ of all parcels and is considered a one day reserve that will be credited to your rental box once has been set up.

Please be sure to read the notecard provided by the info boxes on site for full covenant details prior to placing your reserve!

Parcel size Prims Weekly price
Parcel 1 – 2944sqm 673 L$1218
Parcel 2 – 1760sqm 402 L$728
Parcel 3 – 1840sqm 421 L$762