Vendor system changes, gift certificates, store credit, redelivery terminal & mesh updates

Vendor System Changes:

Part of the long wait to re-open involved switching over all vendors to a new vendor system which, even though it took a lot of work to set up, should reduce overall time I have to spend on administrative tasks and improve my ability to work on new content.

As a result, however, old gift certificates will no longer work automatically with any vendor in the store. If you still have credit in a gift card using the old system (it’s green, not blue), please IM me directly to set up credit for your avatar in the new system! Purchasing gift cards will also be different moving forward. The gift card vendor is now located in the vestibule, on the left-hand side. To use it, simply left-click and follow the directions. You will be able to purchase gift cards in denominations of L$250, 500, 1000, 2000 or you can create a card with any denomination of your choosing. To redeem credit, simply wear the gift card and click the redemption kiosk, also located in the vestibule on the left, just below the gift card vendor.

All customers will also now accrue store credit at a rate of 2% on every purchase. To use store credit, simply left-click the vendor you wish to buy from and click ‘Use Credit’ prior to purchasing.

The new vendor system also allows for redelivery via web-interface. If your purchase was made prior to September 6, you should be able to get the terminal to show the purchase and redeliver it, provided the item is mod/copy. For all other purchases (no-copy or purchased prior to Sept 6), please contact me (Aki Shichiroji) directly, with transaction record.

Mesh Updates to many ground cover items:

In addition to all the new items and festivities this week, many updates were made to ground-cover field items, such that mesh options have been made available alongside older sculpted ones. Towards those ends, all new purchases marked ‘Now with mesh!’ should contain the updated field items applied to mesh shapes. For existing purchasers of these items, please contact me directly, stating which of the following list you purchased (please specify individual colours and/or fatpacks). After verifying this data with existing records, I’ll be able to put together a custom update package for you. *Please note! This mesh update is currently only available in-store, due to excessive workload surrounding new content for the store renovation. I’ll be switching marketplace copies of these items over some time between a few days to a week after the opening. If you purchased any of the below items via Marketplace and did not receive mesh shapes along with the sculpt shapes, please contact me directly and I’ll be happy to upgrade your purchase.

Apologies – automatic deliveries of these updates are not available due to the number of items which would individually need to be sent out.

Ground Cover field-style items which were updated from sculpt to mesh:


White Ash

Spring Wheat

Dried Wheat

Horsetail Reed


Cattails 1

Lily of the Valley


Lupine Flowers

Tiger Lilies

Grass 3