Wilds of Organica at SL16B Shop & Hop!

Linden Lab is sponsoring a set of shopping regions this year as part of the SL16B celebrations and I was fortunate enough to grab a spot.

There are two new products from WoO that you can pick up there, along with taking advantage of a sizable number of significant discounts on many existing products!

These headpieces come in 8 colours for sale and 1 as a SL16B gift and are simple attachments that should add to your skull much like any other hair. Unrigged, they can be resized, rotated or moved to fit most head shapes.

These bracelets are an extended offering based upon a Patreon exclusive version offered earlier this month. They are the perfect accessory to your ocean-inspired costumes, or even to just wear on a day to basis casually! They feature in-depth textures, bump and shiny maps to achieve incredible detail with a sane degree of geometry. Six colours available ,plus the Patreon edition at Organica region (available upon reaching the $10 tier level) as well as a free gift at the SL16B shop!

These, along with a selection of other items from Wilds of Organica, are all available at varying levels of discount right now through July 7th, here at Halcyon: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Halcyon/93/54/55

See you there!

Happy Birthday, Second Life!

The Sale is On!

As I touched on last week, Organica, Wilds of Organica and Akimeta stores on Organica region are now participating in a 25%-off sale across the board (with the exception of gacha machines)!

The sale will proceed until May 5, after which the region will be temporarily closed in order to facilitate a vendor system switch-over and to reassess existing offerings.

Just a reminder – Some older items will be retired from active display (to be made available only on the SL Marketplace) and other items will be removed from the Marketplace entirely.

Drop by today to take advantage of the discount and be sure to check the credit terminal (indicated below) to see how much credit you can apply to your purchases.

You can use your credit on any non-gacha purchase from Organica or Wilds of Organica by left-clicking the vendor and clicking ‘Use Credit’. You will be asked how much credit you want to use and any remaining balance will need to be paid before the vendor will dispense the item.

Click here for a direct SLURL to Organica Region!

On an unrelated note outside of the sale, Organica will be appearing at the SL Home and Garden Expo, beginning May 19th. Please keep an eye on this blog for new releases, which will make their debut there!

In the mean time, I’ll continue to document my process and development here on the blog on a weekly basis.

If you enjoy what I’m doing here or think someone else might also find it of use, please feel free to share this blog with them. If you’d like to keep up to date with posts, the RSS for this blog is here, I can also be found on Twitter and Plurk. The Discord server is here.

If you really like my stuff, perhaps consider donating to my Patreon? Your continued support helps to produce weekly content (written, modelled, animated or otherwise) and helps to keep original content creation in Second Life!

Thanks for your support!

Vendor Changes, Gift Card and Loyalty Credit, and SALE!

By now, some of you may have heard that a fairly major vendor service is closing its doors. On April 11, DavidThomas Scorbal announced, to existing E2V customers, that the service would be closing on May 31.

Organica, Wilds of Organica, Kitheres, and Akimeta have all been running on this system for years and it’s with significant reluctance that I undertake any move to another system. Nonetheless, in order to continue offering perks such as gift cards and loyalty points, this is something that I’ll need to do.

What does this mean for Gift-card and Loyalty point-holders?

First off, ALL gift card holders MUST expend their credits by May 5. I cannot guarantee that any remaining credit under the E2V system will transfer to the new vendor system, although I will ascertain who has what upon close.

Secondly, as of current accounting, Organica and Wilds of Organica customers have amassed a non-trivial amount of store credit from the Loyalty program. Several hundred of you have at least L$100 or more! Please come use up your credits before they expire(Also May 5)! Again, I cannot guarantee that any of these store credits will transfer to the new system, so drop by soon!

You can check your remaining credit by visiting the shop and clicking on this kiosk graphic on-site:

To apply store credit to a purchase, *left* click the vendor you’d like to purchase from, then choose ‘Use Credit’ and follow the instructions from there.


The need to switch over to a new system is also a great opportunity for me to take some time to shelve old material and to revisit the store layout, which I have been meaning to do for the better part of a year.

What this means to you is that, starting from April 25th thru May 5 2018, ALL items being sold from Organica, Wilds of Organica and Akimeta (excluding gacha vendors) will be on sale at a 25% discount, to help prepare for an extensive shutdown and switch-over to the new vendor system.

Once the sale concludes, the sim will be temporarily closed to help finalize the vendor switch-over. Purchases can still be made on the Marketplace as normal.

Yes, this means some items will be retired from active sale. While they’ll still be available on the Marketplace (and Yes, I’ll still be able to rez things upon request for viewing), this will be your last opportunity to check out everything rezzed in one place. There will also be some selected old material, which at this point is currently MP-only, that will be removed from the Marketplace entirely.

I’ll send out an updated sale notice as we near the event! Please keep your eyes and ears open either via this blog or the in-world subscribers or via the Wilds of Organica group.

Upcoming Events:

Bloom – April 16 thru 30 – Check out my new release for this event!

Fantasy Faire – April 19-29 – Blog post coming soon!

Home & Garden Expo – May 19


Sim-wide Renovation Sale!

SaleSnapshot_001Organica sim will be undergoing renovations between now and November.

Since the entire region will be redone, I’ve moved all of the stores to a temporary location and all items in the sim (excluding items from gacha machines or second-hand gacha items) will be 15% off. This sale will last until 11:59PM November 1 2014. Please note: purchases made during this time will not accrue store credit.

To visit the temporary store locations, please use this SLURL: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Organica/131/102/2001

The Neighborhood – September release + other news!

So for those who’ve been asking, yes, the Organica main store is still officially closed for renovations. Organica will, however, be participating in this Saturday’s run of The Neighborhood and visitors can pick up my item upon TP in.

This month, pick up this set of seven snack items which would be perfect in any kitchen or restaurant. They are a continuation of the Late Night Munchies theme I started last month and are a great add-on to the set.

Three ice-cream flavours are included, plus pretzels, frites, curry fish balls and takoyaki – all great snack foods for yourself or shared between friends! Each item in this set is 1 LI, with the exception of the pretzel plate, however you should be able to de-link the pretzels at 1LI each if you so choose.

The whole set is mod/copy and offered at an introductory price of L$200 this Saturday, only at the Organica main store!


Additionally, be sure to drop by Organica’s location at The Nest Sept 1 thru 7th for some deep discounts as part of the sim-wide Labour Day Sale!

labour day

Renovation Sale ends soon!


Just as a reminder, the Renovation Sale wraps up this weekend!
As an aside, the last post I wrote about this lists the incorrect date of August 17 – the sale actually ends at 11:59PM on August 18. Pop on by to take advantage of some great discounted items, some of which we won’t be seeing in store again! Please also note the sale is *in store only*.

After 12:00AM August 19, Organica will temporarily close for renovations, but you can get most of the products on Marketplace, here.

Something Old, Something New… Oh. and a Sale.



It’s nearly been a month since my last post and just to catch folks up to where things are at now with Organica, The Home Show closes in a couple of days, so if you would like to explore a great collection of home and garden decor shops all in one place, you only have a few days to do so. Organica items which were showing exclusively at the event will make their way to the main store and you’ll be able to pick them up like any other normal release.

Additionally, I neglected to include a non-exclusive release in the last blog post – it was an item released at the same time but also available at the main store:


This package of photo frames features three collections of photos I’ve taken over the past three years. It also includes a blank copy of the frames, which would allow you to add up to 8 of your own photos! It’s unscripted, mesh, and optimized for materials-enabled viewers. 1LI each, mod/copy/transfer. Available in store and on the Marketplace.


New Releases:

Folks who have dropped by within the last week or so may also have noticed the following other new releases, available on the grounds and in the main shop:

Alder3-vendor Alder4-vendor

These new additions to the Alder line are lightweight mesh trees featuring upward or ‘apical’ growth and foliage for multiple seasons. Each package includes unscripted green, autumn and winter foliage trees, as well as one scripted version which switches between the three. Alder 3 is a single tree at 12LI (at a packaged size of 12x16x25m), while Alder 4 is a cluster of trees coming in at 5LI (at a packaged size of 14x11x16.5m). Both trees are available either as mod/trans or mod/copy editions and both are now available in the main store or on Marketplace (Alder 3, Alder 4).

Next, a new building is now available, suitable for both ground and sky use.



The Cliffcrest Skyloft was initially conceptualized to be modern skybox taking advantage of large windows and a skylight to let in light. As such, while there is slight shadow baking applied to this building and all users should be able to enjoy it that way, it is suggested that you enjoy this building with deferred rendering enabled.

This build allows for some limited modifications – the build is divided in half, but the central wall can be removed, as can both balcony railings, foundation posts and stairs (on the ground version).

By default, each coalesced object included in this package includes script-operated blinds for control in opacity. These are optional and not directly linked to the building, so you can use or remove them as you see fit.

The overall layout is also intended to be useful for either residential or commercial use. Available mod/copy, in-store on the grounds as well as on Marketplace.






Retirement Sale:

It’s been almost a year since the last major store sale and revamp, and in preparation for some major upcoming changes, a variety of products have been marked down and will remain so until they are permanently retired on August 17, 2013.  PLEASE NOTE: mod/trans versions of discounted items are being retired immediately – they are no longer available. If you wish to send a copy of these items as a gift, please left click the vendor box and follow the directions.

After August 17, the store will be closed temporarily, after which I am excited and look forward to introducing many new products!

Drop by soon and check out the new items and sale, here!


Organica is closing + sale!

As it says, we’ll be closing for renovations!

From now until August 5, a coupon will be available at the landing point for all visitors to use towards 25% off all items (excluding RFL)! Simply buy a copy, then wear the coupon (it will attach as a HUD) and click on the vendor you want to purchase from. A menu item will appear; select ‘Use Card’ – this will activate your discount for 60 seconds. You can then pay the vendor at the reduced amount.

At 9PM SLT August 5, Organica will close and all visitors will be rerouted to a temporary telehub while the sim is redone.

While no specific maintenance will be done to the Marketplace stock during this time, a significant portion of older stock will be retired from the shop floor to make room for newer and better content.

On August 12, 2012, join us for a live music event! (More details to be announced)


Visit Organica and get your last minute photos of the sim before everything’s levelled next week!

Consolidation Sale!

Hi folks – it’s been quite a while since I updated the store and I’m in the mood for consolidation.

Some old old items have been retired completely and everything else is at least 50% off and will remain so until August 20, when I’ll be retiring some and putting the rest in the interim Kitheres location at Fort Stygian.

I do have further plans along the lines of avatar-related content, however would like to reorganize to best use what resources I have available.

It should also be noted that I have also retired the gift certificate system. I do not have plans to replace it at this time, but if/when i do, it will use a less laggy system.

If you have a remaining gift certificate you wish to redeem, you must contact me with a list of items you’d like to redeem it on.  * Gift certificates are not redeemable for cash. *

Please come on over and pick up classic Kitheres items for 50% off or less!