Vendor Changes, Gift Card and Loyalty Credit, and SALE!

By now, some of you may have heard that a fairly major vendor service is closing its doors. On April 11, DavidThomas Scorbal announced, to existing E2V customers, that the service would be closing on May 31.

Organica, Wilds of Organica, Kitheres, and Akimeta have all been running on this system for years and it’s with significant reluctance that I undertake any move to another system. Nonetheless, in order to continue offering perks such as gift cards and loyalty points, this is something that I’ll need to do.

What does this mean for Gift-card and Loyalty point-holders?

First off, ALL gift card holders MUST expend their credits by May 5. I cannot guarantee that any remaining credit under the E2V system will transfer to the new vendor system, although I will ascertain who has what upon close.

Secondly, as of current accounting, Organica and Wilds of Organica customers have amassed a non-trivial amount of store credit from the Loyalty program. Several hundred of you have at least L$100 or more! Please come use up your credits before they expire(Also May 5)! Again, I cannot guarantee that any of these store credits will transfer to the new system, so drop by soon!

You can check your remaining credit by visiting the shop and clicking on this kiosk graphic on-site:

To apply store credit to a purchase, *left* click the vendor you’d like to purchase from, then choose ‘Use Credit’ and follow the instructions from there.


The need to switch over to a new system is also a great opportunity for me to take some time to shelve old material and to revisit the store layout, which I have been meaning to do for the better part of a year.

What this means to you is that, starting from April 25th thru May 5 2018, ALL items being sold from Organica, Wilds of Organica and Akimeta (excluding gacha vendors) will be on sale at a 25% discount, to help prepare for an extensive shutdown and switch-over to the new vendor system.

Once the sale concludes, the sim will be temporarily closed to help finalize the vendor switch-over. Purchases can still be made on the Marketplace as normal.

Yes, this means some items will be retired from active sale. While they’ll still be available on the Marketplace (and Yes, I’ll still be able to rez things upon request for viewing), this will be your last opportunity to check out everything rezzed in one place. There will also be some selected old material, which at this point is currently MP-only, that will be removed from the Marketplace entirely.

I’ll send out an updated sale notice as we near the event! Please keep your eyes and ears open either via this blog or the in-world subscribers or via the Wilds of Organica group.

Upcoming Events:

Bloom – April 16 thru 30 – Check out my new release for this event!

Fantasy Faire – April 19-29 – Blog post coming soon!

Home & Garden Expo – May 19


Organica reopens today! New releases, newly renovated sim!

After a full week of downtime, Organica is again open to the public!

Things are still settling in, but hopefully the new design will provide a pleasing experience!

Most, if not all of the vendors have been moved to the new shop space (the barn)  but the main grounds will still have vendors scattered about for easy shopping while exploring the sim. The following new releases are also now available!

Some of you have been asking for single versions of the Alder trees; today your wish is my command! These new trees are thinner, younger trees with updated foliage. The package includes green, red and frosted foliage, both scripted and unscripted. Available mod/transfer and mod/copy, available in-store! Shall be updated to marketplace at the end of the month.

This detailed mesh greenhouse has a 24.5x17m footprint and features baked lighting, open door concept and beautiful window space. Great for your plants or for furnishing and other every-day use.  Available mod/copy, available in-store!  Shall be updated to marketplace at the end of the month.

This barn has a 64x32m footprint, is highly detailed and perfect for your farm! It comes in a rezzer and is great for storing farmyard items, breedables, and more! Available mod/copy, available in-store! Shall be updated to marketplace at the end of the month.

 This stable has a 20x24m footprint and is ideal for use on a farm for most breedables.  Mod/copy, available in store! Shall be updated to the Marketplace at the end of the month.

As these items are all mesh, please note you do need a mesh-capable viewer to view and use.

Come on by Organica to see all the updates and explore!

See you there!

Blog change & new releases

Organica has been around for quite a while – since October of 2007 in fact! But did you know Organica Specialty Trees is affiliated with an accessory shop as well?

In fact, Kitheres Industries was my first project! Some time last year I decided to consolidate the shop and move it to a single spot located at Fort Stygian in The Wastelands. For a number of different reasons, however, it had to be put on the backburner and I haven’t really had the chance to add to the shop until recently. I’ve added a new product and I’ll talk about that in a sec.

I’ve decided not to keep two seperate blogs for updates and will be posting about both brands on this blog from now on. I will not be combining the subscriber groups, so if you are only subscribed to one brand, you will only recieve notifications for posts which contain relevant material. You are, of course, welcome to sign up for notifications for both.

The blog has been renamed ‘Kitheres and Organica’, which more accurately reflects my branding on Marketplace, however in-world both brands will operate as usual. Over the next few weeks, I will be sorting out proper categories for existing Organica posts and recently imported Kitheres posts, so hopefully things will remain organized and accessible to all.

With that said, let’s get to the new releases!


Spatterdashery Boots are named such because they include a belt-bound spat along the length of the lower leg, covering the ankle region and reaching upwards, providing added material for the wearer.  These grungey boots are great for everyday wear and especially optimized for use in crowds due to their relatively low draw weight compared to comparable sculpt products. Available in three colours, these boots are 100% mesh modelled and textured from scratch. Left unrigged for easy resizing, the boots are mod/copy and contain removable resizer scripts – so you can use the script to resize the boots for you if you’re not confident with building things (then remove the script once you’re done) or you can remove the script entirely and just resize the boots as needed using build tools. ( Buy in store ) ( Buy on Marketplace: DemoCharcoalHazelOliveFatpack )


Organica has joined Spruce Up Your Space and will be a participating merchant this weekend!

This Elm tree is wonderfully lush and detailed – it’s a great item to help create shade and atmosphere to a mature looking landscape! Full mesh, includes three foliage colours both scripted and unscripted. As this is a mesh product, you’ll need a mesh viewer to view.

This item will be available mod/copy on sale for L$150 for this weekend only! This introductory price will go away after Sunday, when I’ll add back a mod/transfer edition, so be sure to pick this one up before the sale ends! (Please note: sale is in-store only! This product will be added to the Marketplace next week 🙂 )

Other non-sale releases:

As mesh items with no transparencies, they don’t conflict with water surface rendering or other plants which use transparency, so they work really well as highlight pieces right next to the existing Cattail 1 set! This product includes two shapes for variety and each piece is 1 land impact at the size packaged. ( Buy in store ) ( Buy on Marketplace )

This new park bench is a wonderful addition to every outdoor area! Carefully modelled and textured, this bench seats and animates up to three people. Includes attachable book. Full mesh, so be sure to use a mesh capable viewer! Mod / Copy ( Buy in store ) ( Buy on Marketplace )


If you’re looking for the ideal spot for a quiet and wonderfully landscaped home, check out the land offerings below:

Some of the larger parcels have been recently vacated and have been split; they were originally offered at a larger size prior to a change in prim bonuses. As a result, I am pleased to offer four new smaller parcels in the north-east and south-east corners of the sim. They are all waterside to some degree and, located in a 1.75x prim bonus sim, all boast a healthy prim allottment. (Please note: Parcels 1A & 1B as well as 6A & 6B can be merged upon request if still available.) The details are as follows: Details and SLURLS below:

Parcel size Prims Weekly price SLURL
Parcel 1A – 1536sqm 614 L$1105 SLURL
Parcel 1B – 1024sqm 410 L$738 SLURL
Parcel 2B – 960sqm 383 L$690 SLURL
Parcel 6A – 1152sqm 460 L$828 SLURL
Parcel 6B – 1152sqm 460 L$828 SLURL
Parcel 8 – 1696sqm 679 L$1222 SLURL
Parcel 15 – 1680sqm 672 L$1210 SLURL

A land office has also been established in Organica in the News/Gift shop. (SLURL)

More information about land in Sylvan can be found here.

Consolidation Sale!

Hi folks – it’s been quite a while since I updated the store and I’m in the mood for consolidation.

Some old old items have been retired completely and everything else is at least 50% off and will remain so until August 20, when I’ll be retiring some and putting the rest in the interim Kitheres location at Fort Stygian.

I do have further plans along the lines of avatar-related content, however would like to reorganize to best use what resources I have available.

It should also be noted that I have also retired the gift certificate system. I do not have plans to replace it at this time, but if/when i do, it will use a less laggy system.

If you have a remaining gift certificate you wish to redeem, you must contact me with a list of items you’d like to redeem it on.  * Gift certificates are not redeemable for cash. *

Please come on over and pick up classic Kitheres items for 50% off or less!

Fantasy Faire update

I’ve finally put together the bulk of my both at the Fantasy Faire!  You can find Kitheres in the Avatopia sim, just to the right of the path when you arrive, facing directly east.  (Or you can use this handy SLURL:

Kitheres Dark Fantasy Eyes
Kitheres Dark Fantasy Eyes

There are quite a number of new releases this time around.  I’ve been using the last few weeks to put together two new outfits, Hera and Breanne (pics lower in this post), as well as a bunch of new eyes, releasing some sculpted ears that were made to work with the Delvian skins, and putting together some goodies as RFL donation gifts and freebies.

Elven ears for Delvian skins
Elven ears for Delvian skins

All of the new stuff will ONLY be available at the Fantasy Faire, which runs from June 15-21.  Afterwards, I guess I will have to figure out more space for the new goodies 😛

In any case, I am offering three donation gifts for RFL this go ’round:

SeiRei wings - RFL donation gift
SeiRei wings - RFL donation gift
Breanne - Jacket/skirt combo with leather pants - RFL Donation gift - Also available in teal, red and black.
Breanne - Jacket/skirt combo with leather pants - RFL Donation gift - Also available in teal, red and black.
Hera - corset and bodysuit - RFL donation gift - also available with green, blue or white trim.
Hera - corset and bodysuit - RFL donation gift - also available with green, blue or white trim.

Fantasy Faire is a 9 sim affair and sure to be busy all week!  When you decide to visit, please make sure you take off any unnecessary scripted items.  Primming down as far as you can will also go a long way to making your faire-going experience smoother.

For more info about other vendors at the show, check out the FFC’s Fantasy Faire blog, here:

Boot and Jewellry Release

Greetings everyone!

Kitheres is pleased to present the following two releases for your interest:


Leather Backlaced Boots
These boots come with scripted texture change and resize, and include 6 colours in total.


Sakura Blossom Circlet and Choker
To help celebrate the new spring season, consider adorning yourself with a cherry blossom circlet or choker!

Come on over and have a look!

Kitheres @ Sylvan Grand Opening & Skin Release!

Kitheres Opening Poster

Kitheres is pleased to announce it has moved from its intermediate location to a more permanent home in Sylvan.

As part of this event, Kitheres is releasing a new line of eclectic skins in a five shade range in a variety of different makeups!

To help us celebrate, Fmeh Tagore will be DJing the grand opening of our new home location on Sunday, January 25 from 12-2PM SLT! Join us and have a look around or just to hang out and party!

Selected older items will be on sale, and a variety of freebies will be on hand.

We look forward to seeing you there!!

Updates and thoughts on opening

Light 1
It’s been a while since I last updated!

Things are coming along decently – if you’ve been following the Flickr feed, you’ll likely have seen updates along the lines of makeups, finalised skin tones, and some promo shots. The train is finally moving, but there are many things to do before I can really say these are ready for release. Continue reading Updates and thoughts on opening

Skin Tone Progress


A bit of skin tone comparison underway. I’m probably going to send out test skins some time soon either today or tomorrow, and am hoping to remain sensitive to ethnic colouring. Having some concerns with screen to screen colour calibration, but there’s really not that much one can do to control the end user’s experience 🙁

In any case, hoping to push through this as soon as I can so I can get to some of the makeup options.