Wilds of Organica at SL16B Shop & Hop!

Linden Lab is sponsoring a set of shopping regions this year as part of the SL16B celebrations and I was fortunate enough to grab a spot.

There are two new products from WoO that you can pick up there, along with taking advantage of a sizable number of significant discounts on many existing products!

These headpieces come in 8 colours for sale and 1 as a SL16B gift and are simple attachments that should add to your skull much like any other hair. Unrigged, they can be resized, rotated or moved to fit most head shapes.

These bracelets are an extended offering based upon a Patreon exclusive version offered earlier this month. They are the perfect accessory to your ocean-inspired costumes, or even to just wear on a day to basis casually! They feature in-depth textures, bump and shiny maps to achieve incredible detail with a sane degree of geometry. Six colours available ,plus the Patreon edition at Organica region (available upon reaching the $10 tier level) as well as a free gift at the SL16B shop!

These, along with a selection of other items from Wilds of Organica, are all available at varying levels of discount right now through July 7th, here at Halcyon: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Halcyon/93/54/55

See you there!

Happy Birthday, Second Life!

Animesh on the Main Grid & Snakes On My Head

It’s been a long while since I first posted about Animesh. Apparently, it’s been a good 18 months since Linden Lab started working on it, and just this week, the new functionality hit the AGNI grid (not just on RC channels) completely. If you have not yet updated your SL viewer to 6.0.0 or higher, you may wish to do so now!

That LL announcement was the final kick in the butt I needed to finalize the look & feel as well as packaging and pricing for my new Medusa Gorgon Hair.

While I would have preferred to have released these prior to Halloween, it just didn’t work out from a scheduling and feasibility point of view. With that said, I am glad LL took their time to ensure all their ducks are in a row moving forward, and look forward to making much more content that takes advantage of the new functionality.

White-snaked Medusa hair made by Wilds of Organica. Snapshot taken at Lost Unicorn. Head: Lightstar Lin Head. Dress: *MC* Empire Maxi Dress

For full details, please be sure to try the demo and to read the documentation fully. There are some caveats relating to Animated Mesh objects which may affect the product’s utility for you. 

Now available in-store, here!

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