New Bird Buddies for The Arcade, September 2016!

Hi Everyone!

I’m pleased to announce Wilds of Organica will be participating in this month’s round of The Arcade.

Assorted TitsA couple of boobies


PP-Vendor-Legend-1024 PP-Reward-1024

This time you can play for up to 10 different passerine or pelagic static birds that would go great with the special exclusive reward item, which is a bronze birdcage!

The birds are static models but four poses for each bird are available if exchanged (rez your transfer-only prize in the blue circle listed in the accompanying notecard for automated exchange).

Please note! While this gacha will make its way to the Wilds of Organica main store eventually, the cage itself will be exclusive to the event and is a mod/copy (with some copy-only scripts) item given out after 25 plays of the machine!

If you’d like your chance at it, be sure to visit The Arcade during the month of September to play the machine!

Birds are 1-2 LI each, cage is 4LI.

The Arcade returns at 12AM, Sept 1, 2016! See you there!

Wilds of Organica at The Arcade, Dec 2015!

Folks who follow me on Plurk may have seen some previews over the past couple of weeks, but I’m pleased to officially announce the newest release from Wilds of Organica – a Penguin avatar!

Penguin-Vendor-1024 Penguin-Vendor-Names-1024

Each avatar comes with eye & beak control plus AO. Comes in 12 coats, with 2 rares available. As usual, vended transfer-only, with option to exchange for mod/copy. Plays are L$100 each. Whether you want to collect ’em all or just pick up one, drop by The Arcade, starting 12AM Dec 1 2015 to take in the whole Arcade experience!

Remember: the exchangers have moved. You can always check my profile picks for the current location, but as of 2015/11/30, the location is:

Wilds of Organica: The Arcade, June 2015!


It’s that time again! The Arcade starts up in a matter of days and Wilds of Organica will be there…

This time with a set of giant racing beetles!


In collaboration with NeoBokrug Elytis of Desolate Studios, putting together these beetles has been a bit of a marathon in itself. The beetles themselves are materials optimized (but still quite pleasantly viewable with older lighting setups), 10 LI each and are drivable, however these beetles not only operate as standalone vehicles but each rez with one of six different traits which affect driving in a unique way. Play the gacha machine or trade with friends to get a vehicle with the stats you want – there are six attainable combinations to try!

Traits Acceleration Agility Speed
Scurry 4 3 2
Dart 4 2 3
Scamper 3 4 2
Hotfoot 2 4 3
Marathon 3 2 4
Hasty 2 3 4

Demo beetles will be on-hand at the Wilds of Organica main store, so if you’d like to try the beetles before locking in your (T) version for (C), this is an excellent opportunity to do so. Use either WASD or arrow keys to steer, and E or PgUp to jump. Please try to keep the beetles in the region! They will return home when you’re done.

Furthermore, the beetles work with the Wilds of Organica Racing System, which brings additional racing item elements in to play such as temporary speed, handling and jumping boosts as well as temporary slows, stops or control inversion.


The Boon & Bane Pack is completely optional, but a fun addition to your racetrack. Each item is 1 LI and copy-only. The pack is available separately at the main store.

For more details, check out our Racing System Info Page.

Please note: Due to the nature of transfer-only items as well as the volatile nature of vehicles & region crossings, we highly recommend locking in your vehicle for a copy-only version once you are happy with what you’ve got. Your transfer-only vehicle may be exchanged for a copy-only vehicle at the Wilds of Organica main store. There is a special, separate exchanger for vehicles. Please check the note-card included with your purchase for the location, up to date as of May 27, 2015.


It’s still cold out there! Alpaca’n Alpaca!



This March at The Arcade, these twelve alpaca avatars will be available as prizes for L$100 per play! They are 1.5m tall avatars, include a fully quadrupedal AO, with eye & snout control options! (The Wilds of Organica machine is near the back, on the left side of the central aisle).

As usual, transferrable avatars can be exchanged for mod/copy editions. Please note that the exchanger can now be found at .


New Releases for The Arcade and The Neighbourhood!

Yes, it’s that time again!

The Arcade starts again in less than one day, and I’ve put together a collection of my wildlife sketches for you to pick/choose from or to collect! The series features two groups; the ‘Big Five’ African animals, and some well known majestic animals from the Rocky Mountains!


Each piece is 1 LI each and suitable for hanging in any home or office. They are offered transfer-only, but as usual, I recommend that you exchange your transfer-only item for a mod/copy edition. The usual exchanger instructions also apply to these items; please exchange them in the same area as the avatars. These items are L$50 per play and you’ll have an equal chance at winning any one of them. Visit The Arcade starting June 1 here!

Additionally, a new item is now available for The Neighbourhood at the introductory price of L$200 for the duration of this weekend:


This furniture set features three items; a sideboard, mirror and Asian-style dragon sculpture. All are original mesh & textures, optimized for use with Materials-capable viewers, but of course also usable with any viewer which is mesh-capable. Items range from 1-3LI each, for a total of 7LI altogether.  This item is mod/copy/no transfer, and can be picked up now at the Organica Main Store.

New Frog Avatar for The Arcade March 2014 round!


Wilds of Organica returns to The Arcade soon with these new frog avatars! Twelve coats are available and representative of various species in real life. Two are rares!

As per usual, each avatar is transfer-only  and includes avatar mesh, AO, customizable eyes (with HUD control) and the option to lock-in for mod/copy.

Full EULA and info on the avatar can be found here!

Visit The Arcade starting March 1st, 2014 to pick these up for yourself!


Fox avatars now available at main store

Fox-Red-vendorHappy New Years folks!

The December round of The Arcade has come to a close and I definitely had a ton of fun; I hope you did too! If you have photos of Wilds avatars on Flickr, please submit them to the Wilds of Organica Flickr group – I’d love to see them!

I’m a little late moving the fox gachas to the main shop, but they’re there now and can be found next to all of the other gacha vendors.

I’ve also moved things around to better fit the bigger barn building, so that I have more room to grow. (The exchangers are still in the same spot) Hopefully I can make better use of it in the coming months!

Wilds of Organica this coming month at The Arcade!


Wilds of Organica is participating in The Arcade this coming month, and the prizes include twelve versions of an elephant avatar, including some costumed ones, just in time for Halloween!


There are six solid colour versions and six costumed versions, two of which are rares with 5% of occurring.

This item is L$100 per play and comes with full body mesh, controllable eyes and trunk, basic AO HUD. Again, you’ll have the option of trading transferrable versions in for mod/copy versions. The event isn’t open to the public yet, but will be accessible from Sept 1-30 via this SLURL. You can also join The Arcade – Gacha Events group as well as explore the various gacha yard sales to trade, buy or sell items if you wish! Please play responsibly and have fun!


Pink (left), Topiary (center), Circus (right)