Renovations complete, new item for The Neighbourhood!

The stores of Organica region have officially reopened! Visit the newly renovated sim at!

Furthermore, there’s a new garden now available as part of The Neighbourhood promotion!


This small garden is 19 LI in total at packaged size and comes with two texture sets (green & snowy, scripted & unscripted). It’s perfect for a Japanese themed build or any parcel that needs a quiet patch of greenery and contemplation to bring the build together!  The garden has a 8 by 5.5m footprint and is mod/copy, with some copy-only scripts in the scripted edition. You can pick it up here!

April Showers…

It’s April!

And yeah, i haven’t been able to post much about new developments for a while. Various work related things have been keeping me occupied one way or another, so I’ve been rather quiet lately.


I have added a new SUYS item to Organica’s offerings; this time in keeping with its ‘April Showers’ theme, you can find a great deal on some new mesh pathways which feature a mesh base, detachable water reflections, plus low prim raindrop objects – all of which serve to make the new ‘Rainy Day Walk’ pathway pieces more ‘April Shower’-ish! This item is mod/copy (internal scripts copy only) and available at an introductory price of $150L, in store only, this weekend only!

Next month things are bound to get pretty busy, but i really hope I have a chance to complete a new prefab i’ve been working on and to release a plethora of new things in time for Home and Garden Expo, which I’ll be taking part in this year! More details to follow in the next few weeks.