New floor lamps this week for The Neighbourhood!



New to the Organica main store this week are these elegant floor lamps, featuring stained glass shades with a polished steel body.  Click to turn on & off and be sure to view with the advanced lighting model (including projectors!) for the full effect! 1 LI each, mod, copy, no transfer. Grab the fatpack here for only L$150 Saturday, July 4!

The Neighbourhood – June 6 2015

Pop by today and tomorrow for Organica’s contribution this month to The Neighbourhood event!


This low LI tree includes four texture sets both as static and scripted editions, featuring green, deep red, bright red and winter foliage. All texture sets are materials-ready, and the tree is 5 LI at packaged size. Available both mod/trans and mod/copy – at the low introductory price of L$100 and L$150 respectively, this weekend only!

Drop on by and check out what else we have to offer!

Six new hand-crafted scratchboard prints!


Happy New Year!Scratchboard-vendorSix new hand-crafted scratchboard prints are now available! They are mod/copy, 1LI each, and require a mesh-capable viewer.

They feature artwork by me (Florence Chan/Aki Shichiroji), scratched by hand from clayboard blocks and ink. To pick these up, please visit the furniture shop – they are L$200 this weekend only via The Neighbourhood promotion!


Renovations complete, new item for The Neighbourhood!

The stores of Organica region have officially reopened! Visit the newly renovated sim at!

Furthermore, there’s a new garden now available as part of The Neighbourhood promotion!


This small garden is 19 LI in total at packaged size and comes with two texture sets (green & snowy, scripted & unscripted). It’s perfect for a Japanese themed build or any parcel that needs a quiet patch of greenery and contemplation to bring the build together!  The garden has a 8 by 5.5m footprint and is mod/copy, with some copy-only scripts in the scripted edition. You can pick it up here!

The Neighbourhood for Oct 18 2014 – Industrial Shelf with Ladder

Organica’s release for The Neighbourhood is out a little bit early today!

IndustrialShelf-BLACK-vendor IndustrialShelf-BROWN-vendor SML IndustrialShelf-TEAL-vendor SML IndustrialShelf-WHITE-vendor IndustrialShelf-red-vendor-sml

These industrial shelves come equipped with rolling ladders that can be kept as is or de-linked as you like.  Each package also includes various kitchen accessories, making this a great addition either to an industrial workspace or home!  Shelving & ladder are 2LI (1 LI ea) and all additional accessories are 1 LI each. Mod/copy/no transfer prims, copy-only script. Materials optimized mesh. Five colours are available separately at L$200 ea. Check them out here!

New tree this weekend for The Neighbourhood!

Hawthorn2-vendorHi Folks!

It’s been a while since I released a new tree, as well as a long while since I released a hawthorn tree, so if you were looking for one or both, you’re in luck! Standing at 19 by 16 by 17m, this flowering and fruiting tree comes in four foliage types and is accompanied by a scripted version that can switch between them at your leisure. The tree is mod/copy/no transfer and will be available for the introductory price of L$200 this Saturday as part of The Neighbourhood promotion. Pop by and pick one up now!

In other news, Organica will be participating in the upcoming Candy Faire! Keep your eyes open for another post in about a week for lots of scrumptious goodies!


Two sets of glass lamps now available for The Neighbourhood!

Two new releases this month for Organica’s part of The Neighbourhood!


Fused Glass-BellShaped-Vendor

Each of these packs features eight beautifully textured hanging lamps that are perfect for any home or garden. Use a single one or several together to create an interesting atmosphere. Please note: While these lamps do include individual candles, they are otherwise unscripted and do not have light prim properties, although being mod/copy, you could certainly edit them to do so. Each candle does include a no-mod script, so please be aware that while in inventory these objects may show as no-mod/no-transfer, the actual objects can be modified.  These are mesh items. Viewing with Materials enabled is recommended, but not necessary. Available this weekend for the introductory price of L$200. Pick them up here!

Winter Fair package now available as part of The Neighborhood event!

WinterFairPack-vendorHi Folks, It’s been a while since I updated, as I’ve been super busy working on a few client projects over the past couple of months. I took last month off for The Neighborhood, but good news! Available today (although really more like the full weekend, since this blog post is a little late and I want to give everyone a fair shake at picking this item up) is the above winter fair pack, which is a great kit for anyone seeking to add to their outdoor winter display! The pack comes with three booths (one with a counter, one with seating (up to three people) and one empty (ready for displaying your creations)), a wooden bench, ice rink and snow shovel. Everything is mod/copy, although there are some copy-only scripts in the furniture and there is a copy/trans only coffee mug for one of the poses.

This pack is now available at the main store for only $200L for this weekend only, after which the price will return to normal. Please drop by and pick it up if you can!