Winter Fair package now available as part of The Neighborhood event!

WinterFairPack-vendorHi Folks, It’s been a while since I updated, as I’ve been super busy working on a few client projects over the past couple of months. I took last month off for The Neighborhood, but good news! Available today (although really more like the full weekend, since this blog post is a little late and I want to give everyone a fair shake at picking this item up) is the above winter fair pack, which is a great kit for anyone seeking to add to their outdoor winter display! The pack comes with three booths (one with a counter, one with seating (up to three people) and one empty (ready for displaying your creations)), a wooden bench, ice rink and snow shovel. Everything is mod/copy, although there are some copy-only scripts in the furniture and there is a copy/trans only coffee mug for one of the poses.

This pack is now available at the main store for only $200L for this weekend only, after which the price will return to normal. Please drop by and pick it up if you can!