New tree, ground tiles, garden walls this week at Organica!

Three new items are available this week from Organica!


This new Ficus tree is materials enabled, mod copy, 17LI and offers all original animations! It is the perfect centerpiece to your backyard or garden.


This is a simple, tilable mesh built solely for flat surface use. It’s great for adding variety to a courtyard, creating pathways & more! 1 LI each, Mod, copy, no transfer, materials enabled.


This wall set includes four pieces that’ll help you create your own private Asian-inspired garden! Ranges from 1-3 LI, mod, copy, no transfer, materials enabled.

All of these are now available at the main store (SLURL here)

April Showers…

It’s April!

And yeah, i haven’t been able to post much about new developments for a while. Various work related things have been keeping me occupied one way or another, so I’ve been rather quiet lately.


I have added a new SUYS item to Organica’s offerings; this time in keeping with its ‘April Showers’ theme, you can find a great deal on some new mesh pathways which feature a mesh base, detachable water reflections, plus low prim raindrop objects – all of which serve to make the new ‘Rainy Day Walk’ pathway pieces more ‘April Shower’-ish! This item is mod/copy (internal scripts copy only) and available at an introductory price of $150L, in store only, this weekend only!

Next month things are bound to get pretty busy, but i really hope I have a chance to complete a new prefab i’ve been working on and to release a plethora of new things in time for Home and Garden Expo, which I’ll be taking part in this year! More details to follow in the next few weeks.