New Flowers this week at Organica!

This week, we turn to Spring! Sorta.

It’s still pretty solidly winter here in Canada, so I figured we could use some flowers to brighten things up.

This week, you can pick up one or more gerbera varieties in store or on the Marketplace!

2LI at packaged size, these flowering plants feature vibrant colours and detailed materials – perfect for any outdoor garden! Pick ’em up now seperately or as a fatpack!

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Grass Tops, Hyacinth and Morning Glory now available!

Grass Tops

This newest offering from Organica has been a long time in development. Back a few years ago, I released a couple of Erosion sets, which serve to create transitions between higher and lower terrain, offering opportunities to create a terraced effect between land & land as well as land & water. At the time, the greatest aim was to create such items such that LI could be kept low. With those goals in mind, the erosion sets have gone on to do very well.

With that said, I’ve since received requests for similar items with grassy fringe, which would create a better blend between the top texture and the rock texture, so I’ve taken some time to create and test a new set of grassy top items, as follows:


These pieces range from 1-9 LI at packaged size – This is a bit higher in some cases than the original erosion sets, however with the increased degree of geometry, it is unavoidable. (If LL offered the opportunity for content creators to apply an alpha mask to a material separate from a diffuse texture, we would be able to make further LI savings, however that appears to be outside the scope of potential tool development at this time). These items feature baked soil/rock texture and the usual leafy texture that is offered with the original erosion pieces by default. All pieces have a tapered edge for easier blending and placement. As with the erosion sets, you can also apply your own terrain texture if you wish. Six shapes are included to give you the most flexibility while landscaping. Check them out in-world here or on Marketplace here!

Additionally, two new types of flower are now available!



Each package offers both potted (3 plants per pot) and unpotted (individual plant) items and there are ten different colours to collect, mix and match, both separately as well as in a fatpack! 1 and 3 LI each, Mod, copy, no transfer, available both in-store here and on Marketplace here!

Morning Glory

MorningGlory-Vendor-LaVieEnRose MorningGlory-Vendor-Venice-768
MorningGlory-Vendor-MountFuji-768 MorningGlory-Vendor-GrandPaOtt-768

Featuring signature trumpet-like flowers, these vines grow around an intricate wrought-iron trellis and grow from a beautiful, ornate planter! Available in four varieties, materials optimized. 7 LI each, mod, copy, no transfer, available both in-store here and on the Marketplace here!

Spring is coming!

New to the shop this week are the latest in mesh plants…


Spring is near and these new mesh tulips are the perfect way to welcome it in!

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Ten varieties are available and closely modelled to reflect real varieties of tulips. Each package has three tulip shapes for a little variety. They each also come with a potted version for your convenience.  They feature solid textures, so no alpha flickering. They’re also 1LI per individual plant, 4LI per potted plant.  As usual, these are mod/copy/no transfer.

Available in-store here, or on the Marketplace!

2 days left on Four Walls Hunt + 2 Spring releases!

As discussed in a previous post, there are two more days left on Four Walls Hunt Round 2 – be sure to pop by before the end of the month in order to get a great deal on the Lore’s Den prefab!

While you’re here, be sure to check out two new releases, as detailed below:
The next instalment in spring flowers from Organica are these dainty but detailed mesh flowers! At 1 LI per piece, there are three shapes included to provide variety. Rez in your garden on their own or as complimentary units alongside the fields of lily-of-the-valley. Mod, copy, no transfer. Available in-world and on the Marketplace.


These new mesh cherry trees are stunning additions to any outdoor area; included are four different foliage options, plus a particle emitting version and a version for foliage change. Available in-world and on the Marketplace.

New flowers & Halloween release

As we draw closer to Halloween, there’s one more themed release for your interest, along with some new ground-cover!

Newest in a line of suspiciously characteristic trees comes Ol’ Creepy Tree #4. This highly detailed new tree features both hand-painted textures and baked lighting. It also comes in two parts (the main tree and the roots) linked together, so you can adjust the two parts to fit your land easier. 15 LI as packaged, mod, copy, no transfer. Available in store or on the Marketplace here.

These new flowers are sure to freshen up your garden! Available in 8 varieties, both separate and as a fatpack, they are mesh and come with 4 shapes to fit various terrain. An option wind movement script is also included – just drop it in to the object and remove if you wish – it will set texture animation parameters (which doesn’t require an active script to run once it’s all set up). 1 LI as packaged, mod, copy, no transfer. Available in-store or on the Marketplace.






Double release for May Spruce Up Your Space

I’ll be releasing two new items through this month’s Spruce Up Your Space:

This plush armchair is modelled and textured with great detail, featuring baked lighting and intricate pattern. It includes six seated animations and is offered both at full av size and Petite size. A mesh capable viewer is required. mod, copy, no transfer. Available at introductory discount in store for $150L this weekend only!

As a follow up to last week’s RFL Anemones (which you can still get at Home and Garden Expo as an RFL exclusive item), this Anemone Flower fatpack is being offered at a hugely discounted introductory price for this weekend only. Fatpack and seperates will be available next week at normal pricing. Individual unlinked flowers are 2LI each. Pot settings are 24LI each. Requires a mesh capable viewer. Mod, copy, no transfer. ( Buy in Store )

Organica will also be participating in FaMESHed, Meshing Around Hunt and Nook & Cranny this coming month. Keep your eyes and ears open for more great deals and activities! I’ll post more news as we get closer to the actual release.