New flowers & Halloween release

As we draw closer to Halloween, there’s one more themed release for your interest, along with some new ground-cover!

Newest in a line of suspiciously characteristic trees comes Ol’ Creepy Tree #4. This highly detailed new tree features both hand-painted textures and baked lighting. It also comes in two parts (the main tree and the roots) linked together, so you can adjust the two parts to fit your land easier. 15 LI as packaged, mod, copy, no transfer. Available in store or on the Marketplace here.

These new flowers are sure to freshen up your garden! Available in 8 varieties, both separate and as a fatpack, they are mesh and come with 4 shapes to fit various terrain. An option wind movement script is also included – just drop it in to the object and remove if you wish – it will set texture animation parameters (which doesn’t require an active script to run once it’s all set up). 1 LI as packaged, mod, copy, no transfer. Available in-store or on the Marketplace.







Five varieties, all sculptie ground cover. Available mod/copy/no transfer individually or as a fat-pack of five! Excellent low prim items, stretchable/squishable to fit your garden!

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