Crocus and Hawthorn

Two new products released this week!

These beautiful flowers are offered in three shapes for a variety of arrangements. They come in ten different colours individually and in a fatpack. No alpha textures used – no texture flipping! Buy a fatpack of crocus and save up to 33%! Each flower is as low as 1 land impact count and is mesh, so do ensure you are running SL Viewer 2.8 or newer. Offered mod/copy/no transfer. ( Buy in Store ) ( Buy on Marketplace – FatpackWhiteWhite/Purple VeinsYellowYellow/Purple VeinsPink Creme AmethystLavender/WhiteBlue/White/PurpleOrange/Red )

Hawthorn is a large family of plants that features unique foliage, small white flowers, small red berries in the summer and bright red foliage in the autumn. Offered in tree form, this product comes with four foliage types, scripted and unscripted.  Oblong sculpties – requires SL Viewer 1.21 or newer. Offered mod/no copy/transfer and mod/copy/no transfer. ( Buy in Store ) ( Buy on Marketplace )


Three parcels are still available in Sylvan. Some changes were made to parcel 7, which is now two parcels. If you are looking for a smaller lot, one is still available and situated just next to the Falls.

Full parcel details as follows:

Parcel size Prims Weekly price SLURL
Parcel 6 – 1760sqm 973 L$1752 SLURL
Parcel 7A – 1120sqm 448 L$806 SLURL
Parcel 9 – 1584sqm 633 L$1140 SLURL



Five varieties, all sculptie ground cover. Available mod/copy/no transfer individually or as a fat-pack of five! Excellent low prim items, stretchable/squishable to fit your garden!

On location:

New trees and plants at Organica

This new bonsai is offered both mod/no copy/transferrable and mod/copy/no transfer and takes up only three prims! If you so choose, the tree can also be unlinked from the pot and resized for use as a full sized tree. It’s perfect for any Asian style garden. ( Marketplace Link )

These fan-style palms are available mod/no copy/transferrable and mod/copy/no transfer. The pack contains six palm tree shapes and new realistic foliage. Prim counts range from 4 (for single trees) to 9 (for clusters of four).These are a great compliment to your tropical or desert garden. ( Marketplace Link )

By request, fully prim, non-alpha lotus flowers and lily pads. 12 prims each, offered mod/copy/no transfer. These are perfect for shallow ponds! ( Marketplace Link )


As usual, everything can be found both on the grounds and in the store at Organica sim:

Home Expo Aftermath & other notes

Home Expo was again great to be a part of!

Organica was able to raise $7400L at the show for RFL, but if you missed picking up any of the new items at Home Expo, you can find them now at the main store.  RFL Exclusive shades will be available for the duration of RFL only, after which they will be archived for future RFL events.

The roses discussed last post are now available both on the grounds and in the store.

Three new types of flowers are also now available:


All three are mod/copy, come in four sculpted shapes to best fit your terrain and are low prim. As usual, they’re on sale both on the grounds and in the store at Organica Specialty Trees.

Home and Garden Expo 2011

Organica will again have a display at this year’s Home and Garden Expo!

As usual, items that were originally RFL fundraisers are being offered again as fundraisers, so things like the Bougainvillea Gate & Tsukubai will raise funds for the American Cancer Society for the duration of Relay for Life. Additionally, RFL exclusive items will make an appearance/reappearance for the fundraiser; the RFL Pink tulips are back and two new RFL exclusives will debut at the Expo, then make their way to the main store when the Expo closes on May 23.

Like the other lilies released earlier this past month, these RFL exclusive purple tiger lilies are low prim, come in 4 shapes to fit various terrain, and are mod/copy/no transfer.

New roses are now available! Ranging from white through red to black, these bushes are low prim and look great! Offered separately or as a fatpack, mod, copy no transfer.

There’s also a RFL exclusive purple rosebush, and it’s also mod/copy/no transfer.

Visit Organica at Home Expo 2 sim May 13, 12PM  thru 23rd 10PM SLT!

Quick update on RFL Exclusive item

Hi Folks!

This update is sort of sparse, but mostly because I wanted to get the news out about this one release while I work out a larger release aimed at mid April.

This week, I’ve released this special edition of pink tulips offered exclusively for the Relay For Life campaign.


Much like the previous flower releases, this set of flowers comes with 4 sculptie shapes to best fit your landscape shape.  These are made of oblong sculpties, so you will need SL 1.21 or better to view them properly. They are also mod/copy/no transfer.

Though other colours will eventually be available, this particular pink will ONLY be available during the Relay for Life campaign, after which it will be shelved completely.

Chances are you or someone you know has been affected by cancer in some way. Even if not, the Relay for Life is a worthy cause to donate to.

The minimum donation on this item is $200L – which amounts to about $0.75 USD – though of course you’re very welcome to donate more if you wish.  Alternatively, if pink flowers aren’t your thing, there’s also a donation kiosk right next to the RFL vendor.

I’ll be adding more RFL items in the near future, and I’ll continue to update you about them as they are made available.

These vendors and kiosks are available at both the main store in Sylvan and Organica East.

I hope you will join me in showing your support for fighting cancer!

Wildflowers, grass and spruce trees released.

Brighten up your land with Organica’s wide selection of wildflowers!

– 8 varieties of plants available so far.
– 4 shapes to fit most terrain situations
– Low Prim, ratioed sculpts.
– mod, copy, no transfer.
– requires SL 1.21 or better for proper viewing.
– L$200 per variety, L$1000 for fatpack of all 8.


Let a little evergreen in to your forest!

Organica is pleased to present these evergreen spruce trees for your enjoyment.

– includes evergreen, frosted, and snowy editions.
– 3 prims, ratioed sculpts.
– mod, copy, no transfer.
– requires SL 1.21 or better for proper viewing.
– L$750 for pack of all three.


Low Prim Grass for your landscaping needs!

– Includes 5 different types of grass
– 4 different shapes to fit most terrain
– Low Prim, ratioed sculpts.
– mod, copy, no transfer.
– requires SL 1.21 or better for proper viewing.
– L$500 for full pack. Limited time L$250 rebate offered if you previously purchased ‘Low Prim Grass’ from Organica (IM Aki Shichiroji for more details).

Come see all of these products (and more) on display at Organica’s main store in Sylvan: