Two new hunt items!

Organica will be participating in two hunts starting shortly; Cold Winter Nights Hunt runs from Jan 15-Feb 15 and Four Walls Hunt runs Jan 17-31 2013. Each hunt showcases quality shops and content for a drastically lower introductory price. These will be the last couple of hunts I’ll be participating in for a little while, so this will be the last opportunity for you to pick up items like this for almost free!


Perhaps an odd thing to see from a landscaping and decor shop, but the intent here is they’re available as rezzable skates you could rez outdoors for whatever reason… which also happen to be wearable. So this package includes: unrigged skates (left and right) which can be either worn or rezzed out, rigged skates (two sizes, based on default male and female leg sizing with feet at 0 size. A system shoe, alpha layer and usage notes are also included. Mod, copy, no transfer.



This is the newest residential/office-style offering from Organica – spanning 17x18m and 8m tall and weighing in at 48LI at packaged size, this mesh prefab is perfect for smaller parcels where prim economy is important. The scripted horizontal blinds can also be removed for further 24LI prim savings. The interior features a roomy ground floor, with an open-concept upper level, looking out through full-length windows, perfect for enjoying surrounding scenery. Blind opacity is controlled by switch and the door can be set to provide access to the public, a specific list or owner-only. Great as a ground build or skybox! Mod, copy, no transfer, with copy-only scripts.



Both of these items will be available in-store only for the duration of the hunts, after which they will be made available for purchase at full cost both in-world and on Marketplace.

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