New items for The Home Show 2015


Starting May 1, Organica will be participating in this year’s Home Show, held at

The following two items will be available at the event exclusively for the period of the event:


This bronze statue would make a wonderful addition to any garden – it comes with both left and right versions and is optimized for use with Advanced Lighting. The statue can be used with or without the stone plinth (just de-link). 5 LI at packaged size, mod, copy, no transfer.

Roxborough-vendorThis new modern-style home is intended for use either in the sky as a skybox or at ground level. It takes advantage of extensive windows to let in light and features built-in shelving, an open-concept second floor loft and blinds which allow visibility to be turned on and off. The structure itself is 29 LI, and the blinds (optional) are 18LI in total. Mod, copy, no transfer, with some copy-only scripts.

Organica at The Home Show



Hi Folks!

I’m a bit late sending a notice about this, but Organica is participating in The Home Show, on right now through the end of the month!  I hope to update with more items, but so far there are two new items which will be exclusive to the event location for the duration of this month:


This set is offered as both a full set, but if you prefer you could also buy individual portions of this set; table and chairs, place settings and tulip vases are available as separate packages. Everything is mod/copy, with some copy only scripts in the chairs, and all items range between 1-2 LI.

PastryDisplay-vendorAs a follow-up to last year’s espresso machine, I figured I’d make more along the lines of cafe items, so here’s a set of pastry displays which would be great for any restaurant or cafe setting. 1 LI each, unscripted prop. Mod/copy, no transfer.

Check these and many other things out at my booth at The Home Show!