New Releases today at Home & Garden Expo!

Organica is participating in this years Home and Garden Expo, which runs Sept 16 thru 28!

For the duration of the event, the following new releases will be exclusive to the Expo!


This one roomed structure is the latest in a set of builds which intend to make use of small spaces, both on the ground and in the air. Included is a version with and without the patio. Without, this structure will fit comfortably on most standard shaped 512sqm parcels. With the patio, it will fit on a 1024sqm parcel. This build features a comfortable reading area along with a flexible open-concept area for many uses, including use as a residence, cafe, or more. The patio includes a trellis for shade, as well as planter area ideal for any plant arrangement. With all optional items removed, this build can be as low as 29 LI (no patio, no books linked) – with books linked, the build is 77-82 LI, depending on whether the patio is linked. The build is mod/copy with some copy-only animations and some no-mod scripts. See it in person at my build at Home & Garden Expo here.

Snapshot_006 Snapshot_009 Snapshot_011



Additionally, a new couch and armchair set is now available in purple, brown, black, green and red, with all original animations and carefully detailed and realistic textures! This is a great addition to any cafe, lounge or home! Mod/copy, with copy-only animations and scripting.
Belvedere-black-vendor Belvedere-brown-vendor Belvedere-green-vendorBelvedere-red-vendor

100% of the proceeds from the Eggplant Purple Belvedere set,as well as the Varsity Reading Room will be donated to the American Cancer Society for the duration of the Expo.

Visit Organica’s spot at HGE here!

Ogden Converted Warehouse

Ogden-vendorThis new prefab building features a converted warehouse with modern windows, clean hardwood and a roomy, lofty second-floor and optional external mural on one side (two versions of the structure are included). The building takes up roughly 32x50m and features 5.0-5.5m ceilings from floor to floor. Available at L$200 this Saturday, July 26 2014 for The Neighbourhood. Check it out here!

Ogden_006 Ogden-001 Ogden-002 Ogden_005

Organica at The Home Show

Starting tomorrow (July 1, 2013), along with 47 other Home and Garden shops,  Organica will be participating in The Home Show, which runs from July 1 thru 31 at Le Petite Roche and Argentina Amor sims.


Four new items will be exclusive for the duration of the event and are as follows:



Both of the above items are great for indoor or outdoor use. They are each 1LI and being mesh, require at least a mesh-capable viewer. Fill in those empty corners or perhaps divide up a large empty space? Or maybe hang from the eaves of your new home? Additionally, while both of these look great already, you can further decrease alpha flickering by using a materials-enabled viewer and enabling ‘advanced lighting’. Mod, copy, no transfer.



Snapshot_008 Snapshot_005 Snapshot_004

This new building features three fully built floors, detailed textures, a cafe on the ground floor and a loft on the upper floors. It’s 120LI at packaged size (unfurnished) with a 12.5x36m footprint.You’ll also be able to preview this new building on-site at Organica. Mod, copy, no transfer, with some copy-only scripts.



EspressoMachine-black-vendor EspressoMachine-blue-vendor EspressoMachine-white-vendor

These new espresso machines are currently props and would be great additions to any cafe, restaurant or home kitchen. Included in each package is a regular and materials optimised edition – while the product features quality baked textures, the addition of materials allows for more realistic metal gleam and overall more quality glossiness. 1LI at packaged size, mod, copy, no transfer.

Find all of these items and MORE in Organica’s booth at The Home Show!