Enter Canyon and Desert

It’s been a little while since I last made any updates. Part of that has been because I’ve been working on a wholly different landscape within Organica.

Many of you who are familiar with what I make will have noted that the majority comes from temperate or boreal regions of the world. While I will continue to make new products along those lines, I’ve decided to diversify the product offering and provide a new area of the sim to explore. When TPing in to the sim, you should find a directory nearby – just ensure all move locks/assists are turned off, then click ‘The Desert’ to be teleported to the new area. Alternatively, you can also use this handy SLURL to reach it directly: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Organica/148/130/1001

Please note – the majority of this area is built with mesh assets, so please ensure you are running a viewer which supports mesh (or all you’ll see are giant spheres).

The new area will be largely explorable, with a small vendor area near the landing point for purchases. If you need help finding anything, please let me know.

With that out of the way, here are a few new releases:

Trees available mod/copy and mod/trans, cactus and gas pumps available mod/copy only. Please remember you can give any item in Organica as a gift by left-clicking the vendor box first to get the gift dialogue 🙂

Your Recommended Daily Intake of Veggies! + Discount and Land news.

Another busy month has kept me from putting out as much content as I’d prefer, but I’m pleased to announce the following items, which have been made possible in part by the recent rollout of mesh to SL.

This two-prim veggie is available as an oblong sculpt, so you should be able to view it if you use a SL viewer based on 1.21 or later. The product also comes with a raised vegetable bed, which is mesh. You’ll need Viewer 3.0 or newer to view that.

These plants feature sculpted foliage, stem and fruit. Individual plants come to 14 prims each and a full raised bed is offered at 77 prims total. The raised bed is mesh, so you’ll need Viewer 3.0 or newer to view it.

These turnips (with raised bed) are completely mesh; you’ll need Viewer 3.0 or newer to view them. Individually they’re one prim each. Raised beds are 9 prims.

All of these items are offered mod/copy. Once this collection of vegetables hits 8 products, a fat-pack will be made available. Please hang on to your transaction records for a refund (for the difference) later if you pick up all eight.


As part of the recent mesh update, it is now possible for all 3.0+ viewers to resize objects up to 64x64m in size. As such, selected items in the store have been discounted to reflect that change. As a one time deal, if you purchased any one of the following items within the past 30 days, you are eligible for a refund for the difference. Please send me a notecard containing the number for the transaction and I will process your refund as soon as possible.

– Bristlecone Pine 2
– Oak 6
– Ficus 3

Land notes:

One parcel of land is now once again available in Sylvan sim, which sits adjacent to Organica. If you enjoy alpine/lakeside environments and a healthy primcount, this parcel may be just the spot you’re looking for. The parcel holds 2944sqm of land and supports up to 673 prims. Situated in the north-eastern corner of Sylvan, residents can access the handy Sylvan Sandbox at any time in the south-western corner of the sim. If a bit of quiet is what you’d prefer, this parcel is surrounded on three sides by water and is an excellent spot for your home.

I can’t go in to it in too much detail just yet as I have not confirmed, but limited additional land may also be made available within the next few months. I’ve yet to solidify actual parcel sizes however your input on what you are looking for would be of great help. Feel free to give me a shout in-world (notecard Aki Shichiroji).

Consolidation Sale!

Hi folks – it’s been quite a while since I updated the store and I’m in the mood for consolidation.

Some old old items have been retired completely and everything else is at least 50% off and will remain so until August 20, when I’ll be retiring some and putting the rest in the interim Kitheres location at Fort Stygian.

I do have further plans along the lines of avatar-related content, however would like to reorganize to best use what resources I have available.

It should also be noted that I have also retired the gift certificate system. I do not have plans to replace it at this time, but if/when i do, it will use a less laggy system.

If you have a remaining gift certificate you wish to redeem, you must contact me with a list of items you’d like to redeem it on.  * Gift certificates are not redeemable for cash. *

Please come on over and pick up classic Kitheres items for 50% off or less!


Sim build update

Recent visitors may have noticed things have been moved around at the store – I’ve split the store up in to several smaller storespaces, and hope this will help better organize the products being offered. Products are divided up between the following categories:
Rocks, islands, fountains, bodies of water, fencing, etc.
Bonsai, tropical, boreal, seasonal trees.
Indoor and outdoor furniture, home decor, prefabs, other general fixtures.
News/Gift Shop
Subscription Kiosk, gift certificates, new releases.
Flowers / Plants
Flower & grass fields, general small plant matter.

Please let me know if you are having any trouble finding anything.

New releases are planned but somewhat delayed due to a heavy workload recently. I do have some items ready to release but would prefer to create a few more which would compliment them upon release. This will probably happen in a week to two weeks from now.


In other news, for those who’ve been asking about land for rent, one parcel is now available for rent in Sylvan, located here. The land is 1840sqm, with 421 available prims at a weekly rental price of L$792. As always, please be sure to click the rental info box first for a copy of the covenant and more info on the estate.

New trees and plants at Organica

This new bonsai is offered both mod/no copy/transferrable and mod/copy/no transfer and takes up only three prims! If you so choose, the tree can also be unlinked from the pot and resized for use as a full sized tree. It’s perfect for any Asian style garden. ( Marketplace Link )

These fan-style palms are available mod/no copy/transferrable and mod/copy/no transfer. The pack contains six palm tree shapes and new realistic foliage. Prim counts range from 4 (for single trees) to 9 (for clusters of four).These are a great compliment to your tropical or desert garden. ( Marketplace Link )

By request, fully prim, non-alpha lotus flowers and lily pads. 12 prims each, offered mod/copy/no transfer. These are perfect for shallow ponds! ( Marketplace Link )


As usual, everything can be found both on the grounds and in the store at Organica sim:  http://slurl.com/secondlife/Organica/127/138/24

Home Expo Aftermath & other notes

Home Expo was again great to be a part of!

Organica was able to raise $7400L at the show for RFL, but if you missed picking up any of the new items at Home Expo, you can find them now at the main store.  RFL Exclusive shades will be available for the duration of RFL only, after which they will be archived for future RFL events.

The roses discussed last post are now available both on the grounds and in the store.

Three new types of flowers are also now available:


All three are mod/copy, come in four sculpted shapes to best fit your terrain and are low prim. As usual, they’re on sale both on the grounds and in the store at Organica Specialty Trees.

Home and Garden Expo 2011

Organica will again have a display at this year’s Home and Garden Expo!

As usual, items that were originally RFL fundraisers are being offered again as fundraisers, so things like the Bougainvillea Gate & Tsukubai will raise funds for the American Cancer Society for the duration of Relay for Life. Additionally, RFL exclusive items will make an appearance/reappearance for the fundraiser; the RFL Pink tulips are back and two new RFL exclusives will debut at the Expo, then make their way to the main store when the Expo closes on May 23.

Like the other lilies released earlier this past month, these RFL exclusive purple tiger lilies are low prim, come in 4 shapes to fit various terrain, and are mod/copy/no transfer.

New roses are now available! Ranging from white through red to black, these bushes are low prim and look great! Offered separately or as a fatpack, mod, copy no transfer.

There’s also a RFL exclusive purple rosebush, and it’s also mod/copy/no transfer.

Visit Organica at Home Expo 2 sim May 13, 12PM  thru 23rd 10PM SLT!

2 product updates.

Updates to the following products are being sent out tonight (this will take some time due to the number of people updates need to be sent to – please be patient!):

Full Moon Maple 1: A permissions error was found and fixed on particle-emitting trees. No updates are available for mod/trans editions of this product.

Cattails: Additional sculpt shapes were added on request for easier use on uneven terrain.

If you’ve got one of these products and have not recieved an update by Apr 19 2011, please contact me in-world using the account you bought the item with and be patient as I need to go through my records to confirm purchases before sending out updates (if you have a transaction record, even better!)

Updates are free and available for any existing mod/copy purchase.

All in-world and Marketplace copies of this product have been updated as well.

New Oak Tree (with optional tire swing) released!

Many, many moons ago (almost two years!), my friend Todd Action asked for a big tree with a tire swing on it. I didn’t think much about it then, but over time I came around to the idea and how to execute it. I’ve also had a chance to play around with JJacek Antonelli’s Blender .bvh exporter, so I was ultimately able to put together something to my liking that meets the standards I try to keep today.

The result is a 11 prim Oak Tree (3 prims make up the optional tire swing) that is offered with both scripted and unscripted versions (for foliage change) as well as a rez-faux version which uses a scripted tree and swing. Sit on the tire swing to swing – three animations are included and can be switched through clicking the tire while seated. Due to the nature of the scripts and packages included with this product, it is being offered mod/copy only (scripts inside are copy only).

The tree’s available in the store as usual or on site here.