New Oak Tree (with optional tire swing) released!

Many, many moons ago (almost two years!), my friend Todd Action asked for a big tree with a tire swing on it. I didn’t think much about it then, but over time I came around to the idea and how to execute it. I’ve also had a chance to play around with JJacek Antonelli’s Blender .bvh exporter, so I was ultimately able to put together something to my liking that meets the standards I try to keep today.

The result is a 11 prim Oak Tree (3 prims make up the optional tire swing) that is offered with both scripted and unscripted versions (for foliage change) as well as a rez-faux version which uses a scripted tree and swing. Sit on the tire swing to swing – three animations are included and can be switched through clicking the tire while seated. Due to the nature of the scripts and packages included with this product, it is being offered mod/copy only (scripts inside are copy only).

The tree’s available in the store as usual or on site here.

On tools which seek to invade user privacy

There always seems to be one big issue or another floating around Second Life. Over the past few weeks, the biggest that comes to mind has been the ZF RedZone device (not to be confused with RedZone the band, who are awesome).

For those who aren’t in the know, ZF Redzone is a product that operates very much along the lines of Gemini CDS, in that it exploits media parcel settings to collect IP information in a database, associates it with your account and compares it to any other listings that come from that IP address. In ZF’s case, alts are also recorded (by some accounts incorrectly), so this product preys not only on merchants’ paranoia but on just about anyone who seeks to learn private info about anyone else.

The problem is that none of these detectors actually prevent intellectual property theft – they only invade customer privacy and serve to foster a paranoid and detrimental environment to social, merchant & content creator communities (essentially all communities within Second Life).


– Want to know whether any of your visitors are stealing your assets to resell later? Gee, let’s scan and connect each and every one so that everyone who’s found to be an alt can be outed. (Never mind the fact that viewer identification is easily circumvented, there are methods of intercepting any content being streamed to any viewer, and the fact that anyone could simply take the content they want whether they are in your shop or not)
– Want to know if some newcomer to your establishment is an alt of a griefer? Let’s scan everyone, and if they share an IP with that griefer for whatever reason, out they go! (Despite the fact that if you are regularly attracting griefers there is a bigger problem at heart than simply seeking a technical solution to your social problem).
– Want to know if your partner is cheating out on spending time with you by using an alt? Hell, why not invade their privacy and find out? (Never mind the fact that if you have already gotten to this stage, you have more things to worry about in your relationship than the fact that your partner wants some private time).

I am sure there are many many other situations in which paranoid users are encouraged to invade each others’ private personal space… but there is NO excuse to contravene the Terms of Service and Community Standards as set out by Linden Lab which very clearly state:

Residents are entitled to a reasonable level of privacy with regard to their Second Life experience. Sharing personal information about your fellow Residents without their consent — including gender, religion, age, marital status, race, sexual preference, alternate account names, and real-world location beyond what is provided by them in their Resident profile — is not allowed. Remotely monitoring conversations in Second Life, posting conversation logs, or sharing conversation logs without the participants’ consent are all prohibited. – Second Life Community Standards.

(emphasis mine)

Following the change in the Community Standards last week and apparently a warning to zfire Xue(the creator of ZF Redzone), an update to the system was made such that visitors had to be asked whether they wished to be recorded. Further discussion in the ZF forum was unearthed showing the maker’s intention to accept implied consent in place of explicit consent; IE: If no response is received from the user within a certain amount of time it will be assumed that they consented to be scanned and recorded. (I can think of more than a few perfectly legitimate reasons why a visitor might not answer right away – language, viewer and/or region lag, unfamiliarity and distrust over what the menu may truly be asking, user being AFK, etc)

What’s worse is there is documentable proof that zfire intends to make the contents of his database widely available outside of Second Life if Linden Labs shuts sales of his system down.  Let’s keep in mind there that, alongside any possible content rippers the product may or may not have recorded, there would also be names of people who use alts for completely legitimate reasons, or there could be people who are erroneously marked as alts when they may share a household, block, neighborhood, city or even country with someone else who’s been suspected. Essentially, it would be very easy for someone who is completely innocent to be marked as someone who has done illegitimate things… and for many folks that could be extremely detrimental to their SL experience.

Would you want your personal info (or that of your friends’) in the hands of a guy like this?

As a content creator as well as a Resident and potential customer, I would not want to subject my customers to any sort of invasion of privacy that I would not personally want to be subjected to. I am not a copybotter, a cheater or a griefer and the vast majority of visitors are not either. The assumption that my privacy can and should be invaded without my consent is contemptible and extremely upsetting. It is a presumption of guilt until proven otherwise and that’s not the right way to treat anyone.

The use of products such as these both feeds on and creates an environment of fear and paranoia, leading customers to avoid exploring, socializing or shopping for fear of Big Brother. Even merchants who *don’t* use these products are affected, since potential customers are being driven off from purchasing entirely rather than having to figure out which other stores use CDS/ZF Redzone/Etc. too.

So it is in this spirit that I 1) won’t be shopping at any stores which use these intrusive tools 2) I’ll be deleting inventory I purchased from them in the past 3) I will never recommend their products or services to anyone.

Moreover, as a merchant I won’t use CDS, ZF Redzone or any similar IP/alt tracking device, I won’t be participating in events which presume to take enforcement against intellectual property infringement out of the hands of their exhibitors by using these devices and hereby challenge all merchants who’ve been sitting on the fence about this to do the same.

Two home items, one new tree!

There are a number of new releases this week!

This is a bookcase made from sculpties, so you’ll need to rez items on the ground then place them on the shelves. Low prim, Asian design, realistic lighting and shadow base. Great for your home! Available mod/copy only.

This is both a decorative and functional tea set. Scripted and unscripted versions of the teacups are available (for wearing) and it’s possible to make the teapot steam when clicked. A pouring gesture is also included so you can pour tea while holding the teapot in your hand. Available mod/copy only.

Folks who have been following Organica for a while may recall a couple of Acer tenuifoliums which were made many many moons ago and which were relegated to the discount wall. Well, finally I’ve gotten my act together and put together a new version of that tree; it’ll be known by its more colloquial name, the Full Moon Maple. This new tree comes with sculpted foliage and more efficient trunk. The foliage has also been completely redone to take advantage of the sculpt type most of my trees are made with now. This tree comes with: green, ‘turning’ and red versions (unscripted), foliage changing (scripted), and particle emitting (for leaf drop) on the ‘turning’ and ‘red’ versions. Available mod/trans or mod/copy.

As always, all products are available for purchase at the Organica main store.

Two new items released, additional important notice about updates + more

A new Elm tree is now available – with all new trunk & textures for green, autumn and winter foliage! Available scripted and non-scripted for texture change, as well as mod/trans or mod/copy.


While I must confess a fondness for the colour red, I decided not to go the garish route when deciding what to make this year for Valentines. Instead, I hope that this dogwood arch, which features two trees entwined by a simple heart chain, will appeal to those seeking a more elegant and natural solution.  This item features small white flowers on green foliage, along with falling petals on click. It’s offered mod/trans or mod/copy (particle scripts are trans only for m/t tree and copy only for m/c).


Both items are available on location at my store in Organica sim.

On updates:

Due to the addition of Display Names (with no accompanying account name) on the transaction record, I will be unable to deliver automated updates to any users who go by their display names. If you fall under this description and note an update announced on this blog, you MUST provide a transaction record by IM, Notecard or Email in order for me to hand-deliver your update.

In addition to this, product updates will no longer be sent automatically to buyers of mod/transfer items. There are a number of reasons for this: Mod/Transfer items are by nature not copyable. Delivering updates without requiring the return of the original ones would leave buyers of these mod/transfer items with double the product they paid for. Additionally, there is no way for me to track items that were transferred to other people.

If you have purchased a mod/transfer item from me in the past and would like an update, I will be happy to provide one as long as the following conditions are met: Please collect all of the items that came with your purchase in a folder, labelled with the correct product name, adding (UPDATE REQUEST) and your account name.

Example: [ Organica ] Bristlecone Pine 1 (m/t)-UPDATE REQUEST-Your Name.

Send me (Aki Shichiroji) that folder and allow some time for me to get to your request. I try to get to these as soon as I can, but depending on available time it may take a few days.

As a reminder: it’s easy to give the gift of a mod/copy product from Organica by left-clicking on any vendor box to bring up the gift dialogue rather than paying the vendor directly.

Land Now Available:

A limited supply of residential land is now available in Organica’s sister sim, Sylvan, for those who are looking for a quiet, mature area to make their home. The area is fully landscaped but allows for some customization of course. All parcels have an ocean or waterside view and range in size from 1760-2944sqm. A small reserve fee is set for the ‘purchase’ of all parcels and is considered a one day reserve that will be credited to your rental box once has been set up.

Please be sure to read the notecard provided by the info boxes on site for full covenant details prior to placing your reserve!

Parcel size Prims Weekly price
Parcel 1 – 2944sqm 673 L$1218
Parcel 2 – 1760sqm 402 L$728
Parcel 3 – 1840sqm 421 L$762

New Releases – Jan 19 2011

Organica’s undergoing an early thaw!


Palm trees are making their debut at Organica, featuring voluminous foliage, hand drawn textures, four shapes, all sculpt!


I’m also pleased to announce a new addition to the bonsai collection, with this Hinoki Cypress bonsai.

Both are offered both mod copy and mod transfer.

As always, these new items are available at the Organica main store:

Happy Holidays!

XmasPromoHappy Holidays!

A few updates to the store inventory are as follows:

Two Christmas trees, available in green and frosted, are now available for sale! They are mod/copy and feature sculpted ornaments, garland, lights, and star on top!

Additionally, the ornaments are also available seperately; There’s a set of star ornaments and two sets (one bright, one pastel) of tapered ball ornaments available!

Some of last year’s selections are also available.

Also be sure to  grab the free gift while you’re at it! (You’ll have to pop on by to see what it is 😉 )

Everything is on display out in front of the store, so do drop on by!

As always, you can reach Organica by using the following SLURL:

3 updates & 3 new releases

Winter updates have been made to the Alder Grove 1, Stepping Stone and Stone Wall items! If you bought these items prior to today, you should have received updates for them. If you did not receive the update, please contact me with either a transaction number for the item or a screenshot of the item in edit mode, with user interface showing so that I can verify your purchase!

On to the new releases:


This stone pavilion is the perfect centerpiece for your garden! 24 prims, party lights sold separately (see below).

Please note: As this item uses a rez-faux to properly position your item, the initial package delivered will be copy only! You must place, rez, and finalize the rezzer before the rez-faux scripts can be deleted from the build components to allow for a fully mod/copy build.


These party lights are strands of multiple round bulbs, offered in 8 different colours. They’re great not only for the festive season but in pretty much any environment you choose.  They come scripted and unscripted (for texture change). You can also add the optional blinking script to make the lights flash on and off if you wish. Offered mod/copy only. Scripts are copy only.

Christmas Lights - Vendor

These Christmas lights are strands of multiple flame shaped bulbs, offered in 8 different colours. They’re great not only for the festive season but in pretty much any environment you choose.  They come scripted and unscripted (for texture change). You can also add the optional blinking script to make the lights flash on and off if you wish. Offered mod/copy only. Scripts are copy only.