New Oak Tree (with optional tire swing) released!

Many, many moons ago (almost two years!), my friend Todd Action asked for a big tree with a tire swing on it. I didn’t think much about it then, but over time I came around to the idea and how to execute it. I’ve also had a chance to play around with JJacek Antonelli’s Blender .bvh exporter, so I was ultimately able to put together something to my liking that meets the standards I try to keep today.

The result is a 11 prim Oak Tree (3 prims make up the optional tire swing) that is offered with both scripted and unscripted versions (for foliage change) as well as a rez-faux version which uses a scripted tree and swing. Sit on the tire swing to swing – three animations are included and can be switched through clicking the tire while seated. Due to the nature of the scripts and packages included with this product, it is being offered mod/copy only (scripts inside are copy only).

The tree’s available in the store as usual or on site here.

Recent News, upcoming events, and setbacks

June has shaped up to be crazy!

This week alone, Organica has participated in Land Expo as part of Akimeta Metaverse Development Solutions, I’ve been making a buncha stuff for my other business, Kitheres, I gave a discussion on landscaping this morning, and next week will be participating in Fantasy Faire, as part of Kitheres, as well as the Solution Provider Conference, put on by LL!

So it’s with regret that I have to say I don’t have a lot to provide for you this update, other than a new huge oak, located on the north end of the store.


It’s huuge, 9 prims total, uses obong sculpts, and should probably be used sparingly 😉

More is on the way over the next few weeks, however I need to say at this point that i’ve recently been encumbered by a fairly distressing turn of events.

Mainly – a large portion of the stuff I sell at Organica got copybotted at some point in the past two weeks.  I spent the majority of today tracking down the immediate holders and copybot accounts, but there is no garantee that more knockoffs wouldn’t show up again at some point.

Copybotting is insidious, frustrating, heartbreaking, and worst of all prevents true content creators from doing their job:  making new stuff for you.

What I wanted to say to you is this – Thank you all for your continued support and appreciation of my work, be it through your purchase or just your enjoyment of the store and sim.  I know that without it, i’d never have found out about the theft in the first place.  I hope that you all do and will continue to support original content creators, while taking steps to be aware of and avoiding scammers and copycats.

I’m not sure that there’s much more I can say, except that I hope to get back on track this coming week as things calm down a bit, and make some new products… so keep your eyes and ears open for that in the next couple of weeks.

On a parting note,  I was able to put together a very short fly through of the sim this week in preperation for my booth at Land Expo – Sylvan isn’t by any bit of imagination ‘complete’, but i hope you will enjoy this short clip of the sim i put on Youtube.

Thanks for reading this.  Have a great weekend!

New Releases – 2 elms, 1 oak

Two elm trees and a previously unreleased large oak tree!


1)This 25m tall elm is Organica’s first. The tree comes mod/copy/no transfer, and features a small treehouse to hang out in. This tree is constructed with sculpted and regular prims.

2) About 20m tall, this is a younger, more groomed elm. It’s available mod/no copy/transfer and mod/copy/no transfer and is constructed from sculpted and regular prims.

3) Previously unreleased due to insufficient available space, this tree is now available for viewing and purchase. Over 30m tall and wide, this would be a wonderfully majestic addition for your home. It is offered mod/copy/no transfer.

Everything’s viewable at Organica’s main store, located in Sylvan!