Playing catchup on releases since December

I’ve been a bad blogger and not kept this update blog as up to date as i’d prefer.

December and January were both busy months. On top of the flower and spruce tree releases, there was the Openspace/Homestead debacle, which really put me in the situation where I was really getting tired of being asked to pay more for a smaller resource.  That’s what the Homestead issue was about, after all. Punishing everyone for the sins of a few, driving up costs and restricting usable assets.  The whole problem was really poorly handled and were it not for a friend who himself was removing his presence from SL, I would not have gone ahead with  the huge jump and invested in his last remaining full region.

A Winter party was held mid December, and about a week to week and a half afterward, Sylvan was torn down in prep for the move to the new sim, which was renamed to Sylvan and transferred to my possession at the beginning of January.

Since then, it’s been a slow rebuild. I decided to redesign Sylvan entirely – Organica now rests about 900m in the air, I’ve added a build for Kitheres, which is home to my skin and avatar products, and everything at ground level is non-commercial.  There will be a small live music venue that might see use if i have the time.  There’s also a quiet sandbox in the southwest quadrant for folk to make use of if they wish.    The rest of the sim has been seeing lots of terraforming and landscaping, and is basically my testing ground for new product.

With that said, here are the releases that have been put out since my last update:


Bald Cypress trees are now available in three sizes – two megaprim sizes and one normal. Each tree is 3 prims and uses ratioed/oblong sculpts.  To view, you will need Second Life viewer 1.21 or better.


Japanese Maples are also now available, in two deep shades, perfect for your garden.  Each tree is 3 prims and uses ratioed/oblong sculpts.  To view, you will need Second Life viewer 1.21 or better.

Please do pop over and have a look!

The new Organica can be found here:

More products are on their way, probably within the week.  Sit tight and keep an eye on this blog, or join the subscribomatic for inworld updates, located just next to the Organica sign at the main store.

On Recent Inquiries

On Recent Inquiries

There have been a quite number of inquiries lately about the provision of my sculpts as full-perm items. Whether for use on other grids or for resale.

I’m afraid the answer has and will continue to be no.

I don’t mind if you want to modify existing content for your own use – that’s why pretty much everything is copy/mod. But a lot of time and effort gets put in on products at Organica – I don’t use prebought sculpts for resale – every sculpt you see on the grounds is custom made. All textures are custom made – sometimes combining photos and brushwork, but lately just all brushwork.

Organica is as much a business as a hobby for me at this point. It now provides the sole income for my full region sim – it’s no longer an Openspace/Homestead as the costs outweighed the benefits and I decided to take it to a full region in January. I have a little money in reserve to keep the island running for a little while, but between available time to make new product, advertising to keep traffic going, handling the background business matters, working on Kitheres products, as well as doing the actual work i get paid for, it’s a struggle to make ends meet simply to keep the sim around doing something I love.

As such, it’s really discouraging for folks to essentially contact me outright wondering if it would be OK to undermine my business with my own products.

I am, and will always be, open to suggestions about things to release. I have frequently taken suggestions from customers and gone on to release requested trees and plants. This isn’t something that’s going to change.

I am also, and will always be, willing to give a helping hand to those who are seeking help creating their own sculpties – you need only ask. I think setting up a dedicated session to discuss and teach how to use Blender for Second Life would be fun.

But I am *not* open to giving folk a free step up to sell my products as their own. I may at some point provide full permission builders tools for inclusion in larger builds, but that is dependent, again, on time and demand, and the cost will not be low.

Returning to the topic at hand, however, have you ever heard that famous quip about the fish?

It goes something like:

‘Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day. Show a man how to fish and he will eat for a lifetime’

Well, I’d rather not give folks fish to eat for a night. Ask me instead to teach you how how to fish, and perhaps I’ll be open to that suggestion instead.

Kitheres @ Sylvan Grand Opening & Skin Release!

Kitheres Opening Poster

Kitheres is pleased to announce it has moved from its intermediate location to a more permanent home in Sylvan.

As part of this event, Kitheres is releasing a new line of eclectic skins in a five shade range in a variety of different makeups!

To help us celebrate, Fmeh Tagore will be DJing the grand opening of our new home location on Sunday, January 25 from 12-2PM SLT! Join us and have a look around or just to hang out and party!

Selected older items will be on sale, and a variety of freebies will be on hand.

We look forward to seeing you there!!

Updates and thoughts on opening

Light 1
It’s been a while since I last updated!

Things are coming along decently – if you’ve been following the Flickr feed, you’ll likely have seen updates along the lines of makeups, finalised skin tones, and some promo shots. The train is finally moving, but there are many things to do before I can really say these are ready for release. Continue reading Updates and thoughts on opening

Skin Tone Progress


A bit of skin tone comparison underway. I’m probably going to send out test skins some time soon either today or tomorrow, and am hoping to remain sensitive to ethnic colouring. Having some concerns with screen to screen colour calibration, but there’s really not that much one can do to control the end user’s experience 🙁

In any case, hoping to push through this as soon as I can so I can get to some of the makeup options.

Inaugural post

Welcome to the first post at Kitheres Industries’ blog!

There isn’t much here yet, and I’m working on adding a customized template fairly soon to coincide with some new content I’ve been working on, but i figured I’d kick off my postings to this blog while I felt like posting (and also since it’s pretty late and I don’t really want to start filling my head with CSS and HTML 😛 )

In any case, those who are familiar with Kitheres will know that it’s mostly been my scifi/fantasy based hobby/business, which has mostly taken a backburner to my tree business, Organica.

I’ve always wanted to try my hand at developing Kitheres further though, because I have always been interested in avatar customization, coming from an illustrative and character design background.  So within the next couple of months, along with a bunch of other personal and location changes, I’ll be posting a bit about various things I’m working on as well as products that I am releasing.

Elyion Alecto modelling a work-in-progress skin for Kitheres
Elyion Alecto modelling a work-in-progress skin for Kitheres

For one thing, I’m pleased to announce that I am working on a new set of skins for general and genre use.  I’ve sent around several editions for testing, and will probably begin working out skin tones based on their finalized bases within the next couple of days.  After that, probably some basic makeup options, finalizing a building for my store, and then prep for some major changes to my overall presence in SL.  Basically, I will be upgrading Sylvan to a full region, so my first point of order is to move over all my Organica stuff, set up Kitheres in the sim as well, then completely re-landscape the sim to take advantage of added primmage, etc.

And then hopefully work stuff will catch up with me ;P

Sooo yeah.  Busy busy next little while. Pretty optimistic though, as long as I keep the pace up, i guess!

Anyhow, I wanted to publicly thank the folks (Leilany Lafollette, Vivianne Draper, Zorena Deckard, Zuleika Deere, Kira Zobel, Vertigo Paris, Dahlia Eilde, Arilynn Karu, Charlemagne Allen and Ash Garden) who have been a great help with testing thus far.  There’s a bit of testing left yet, but i really, really appreciate the help you’ve all provided thus far!

Wildflowers, grass and spruce trees released.

Brighten up your land with Organica’s wide selection of wildflowers!
Wildflowers, grass and spruce trees released.

– 8 varieties of plants available so far.
– 4 shapes to fit most terrain situations
– Low Prim, ratioed sculpts.
– mod, copy, no transfer.
– requires SL 1.21 or better for proper viewing.
– L$200 per variety, L$1000 for fatpack of all 8.


Let a little evergreen in to your forest!

Organica is pleased to present these evergreen spruce trees for your enjoyment.

Wildflowers, grass and spruce trees released.

– includes evergreen, frosted, and snowy editions.
– 3 prims, ratioed sculpts.
– mod, copy, no transfer.
– requires SL 1.21 or better for proper viewing.
– L$750 for pack of all three.


Low Prim Grass for your landscaping needs!

Wildflowers, grass and spruce trees released.

– Includes 5 different types of grass
– 4 different shapes to fit most terrain
– Low Prim, ratioed sculpts.
– mod, copy, no transfer.
– requires SL 1.21 or better for proper viewing.
– L$500 for full pack. Limited time L$250 rebate offered if you previously purchased ‘Low Prim Grass’ from Organica (IM Aki Shichiroji for more details).

Come see all of these products (and more) on display at Organica’s main store in Sylvan:

Something Sinister in Sylvan!

Something Sinister in Sylvan!

Join us on Wednesday, October 29th, 2008, from 7-10PM for Something Sinister in Sylvan!

Scheduled so far are:
DJ Todd Action 7-8PM
DJ Aki Shichiroji 8-9PM
DJ Erehwon Yoshikawa 9-10PM

There will be a L$1000 prize each for best lady and gent in costume! Since this gives you a few days to plan, you have fair warning!

Come on over, bring your friends, and be prepared for a night of fantastic music, dancing and good times in an immersive atmosphere!

IM Aki Shichiroji for a direct TP or use this LM at your leisure:

We look forward to seeing you there!

Aki Shichiroji

October update – New birches and Sleepy Hollow inspired tree

Hi all!

I’ve been away a bit this month and pretty busy with work, so I have a short update this month.

Before I get to the new releases, I’d like to announce that Niccia Straaf has won the draw for a $1500L value voucher at Organica for submitting an answer to the survey posted last month via the Subscribomatic. Congratulations, and thanks to everyone who sent in their replies!

Two new tree products have been released –

The Hollow Tree
October update - New birches and Sleepy Hollow inspired tree
Check out this full scale reproduction of the hollow tree from Sleepy Hollow!! Complete with fog generator, skulls and severed heads, this is the centerpiece you need for your halloween display! Offered no mod/copy/no transfer.

Birch #2
October update - New birches and Sleepy Hollow inspired tree
These new birches feature all new textures and sculpts, once again in spring/summer, fall, and winter styles. They are clusters of four trees each and available mod/copy/no transfer and mod/no copy/transfer.

More to come soon, I hope, so keep your eyes open for new notices!

Thanks for your interest!
Aki Shichiroji
Organica Specialty Trees

Winston Ackland performing Sat, Sept 6 in Sylvan

Acclaimed singer, songwriter and live musician Winston Ackland will be joining us at the Sylvan outdoor stage, from 4-5PM.

Years of writing and recording songs of various pop flavors, Winston Ackland manages to find several voices for his music to match the ones in his head. Often betraying the softer side of angry punk and rock songs, he turns these classics into gentle bossa novas with great success. Elvis Costello said recently that Winston’s smooth lounge rendition of Elvis’s “Pump It Up” was his all time favorite of any cover of any of his songs.

In Second Life, Winston connects with his audiences as only a very few are able. His shows are celebrations of virtual gathering with old friends you haven’t met yet.

Join us as we relax and enjoy his wonderful tunes!