Vendor changes, partial downtime Aug 26-Sept 3

In the coming week, I will be migrating all vendors from the existing vendor system to a more reliable reporting system  that will make things easier for me to manage and will be more efficient over all.  While the current system has not been particularly laggy and transactions occur regardless, I have been finding some  significant miscommunication and error reporting between the vendor and web-server of late, so I am switching to a different service.

Gift Certificate service may be variable or unavailable this week since there are quite a number of vendors that must make this transition; I would recommend that Organica customers refrain from making gift certificate purchase until such time that all the vendors are switched over. This should be complete by Sept. 3, 2010.

What does this mean to you as an Organica customer?

– Regular purchases will be minimally affected as I must make the transition on each individual vendor (there are hundreds). If there is an issue with one and you see that I am online (yes, it shows publicly when i am online), please do IM me and I will endeavor to help you out as best I can 🙂

– Gift certificates will not be available for purchase until all vendors are switched over. If you require a custom gift delivery, please IM me directly for service.

– Older gift certificates will no longer work after this week. If you purchased or received a gift certificate, you must IM me to exchange it for a new gift certificate of equivalent value.

– After the switch, items can be purchased either for one’s self or as gifts (without the need for a separate gift certificate). This will include both mod/trans and mod/copy items.

– The new system will open up possibilities for loyalty reward programs and coupons – more on this later after the switch is made.

New releases will be announced and make their way on to the sales-floor after this vendor transition is complete.

Please do feel free to IM me if you have any questions or comments.

Thank you for your patience during this time of transition.