SL Home and Garden Hunt + New release!

SL H&G Hunt Texture-2010Organica will be a part of the 2010 SL House and Garden Hunt! It runs from August 1 through 7th and features a wide variety of content from new and established content creators!

I’m offering the following item this year! It won’t be exclusive and it won’t be released for *sale* until after the hunt, but it *will* be a free item for the duration of the hunt!

alderbonsai-vendorAdditionally, I’m releasing another bonsai *today*!

japanesemaplebonsai-vendorThis 3 prim bonsai comes with an additional bonsai stand and much like the newest Japanese Maples, has one texture change script to switch between green and red foliage. It is offered both mod/trans and mod/copy and is great for your own home or as a gift!

As always, Organica products are available at my store in Organica!