Your Recommended Daily Intake of Veggies! + Discount and Land news.

Another busy month has kept me from putting out as much content as I’d prefer, but I’m pleased to announce the following items, which have been made possible in part by the recent rollout of mesh to SL.

This two-prim veggie is available as an oblong sculpt, so you should be able to view it if you use a SL viewer based on 1.21 or later. The product also comes with a raised vegetable bed, which is mesh. You’ll need Viewer 3.0 or newer to view that.

These plants feature sculpted foliage, stem and fruit. Individual plants come to 14 prims each and a full raised bed is offered at 77 prims total. The raised bed is mesh, so you’ll need Viewer 3.0 or newer to view it.

These turnips (with raised bed) are completely mesh; you’ll need Viewer 3.0 or newer to view them. Individually they’re one prim each. Raised beds are 9 prims.

All of these items are offered mod/copy. Once this collection of vegetables hits 8 products, a fat-pack will be made available. Please hang on to your transaction records for a refund (for the difference) later if you pick up all eight.


As part of the recent mesh update, it is now possible for all 3.0+ viewers to resize objects up to 64x64m in size. As such, selected items in the store have been discounted to reflect that change. As a one time deal, if you purchased any one of the following items within the past 30 days, you are eligible for a refund for the difference. Please send me a notecard containing the number for the transaction and I will process your refund as soon as possible.

– Bristlecone Pine 2
– Oak 6
– Ficus 3

Land notes:

One parcel of land is now once again available in Sylvan sim, which sits adjacent to Organica. If you enjoy alpine/lakeside environments and a healthy primcount, this parcel may be just the spot you’re looking for. The parcel holds 2944sqm of land and supports up to 673 prims. Situated in the north-eastern corner of Sylvan, residents can access the handy Sylvan Sandbox at any time in the south-western corner of the sim. If a bit of quiet is what you’d prefer, this parcel is surrounded on three sides by water and is an excellent spot for your home.

I can’t go in to it in too much detail just yet as I have not confirmed, but limited additional land may also be made available within the next few months. I’ve yet to solidify actual parcel sizes however your input on what you are looking for would be of great help. Feel free to give me a shout in-world (notecard Aki Shichiroji).