Sim build update

Recent visitors may have noticed things have been moved around at the store – I’ve split the store up in to several smaller storespaces, and hope this will help better organize the products being offered. Products are divided up between the following categories:
Rocks, islands, fountains, bodies of water, fencing, etc.
Bonsai, tropical, boreal, seasonal trees.
Indoor and outdoor furniture, home decor, prefabs, other general fixtures.
News/Gift Shop
Subscription Kiosk, gift certificates, new releases.
Flowers / Plants
Flower & grass fields, general small plant matter.

Please let me know if you are having any trouble finding anything.

New releases are planned but somewhat delayed due to a heavy workload recently. I do have some items ready to release but would prefer to create a few more which would compliment them upon release. This will probably happen in a week to two weeks from now.


In other news, for those who’ve been asking about land for rent, one parcel is now available for rent in Sylvan, located here. The land is 1840sqm, with 421 available prims at a weekly rental price of L$792. As always, please be sure to click the rental info box first for a copy of the covenant and more info on the estate.