Organica at The Home Show



Hi Folks!

I’m a bit late sending a notice about this, but Organica is participating in The Home Show, on right now through the end of the month!  I hope to update with more items, but so far there are two new items which will be exclusive to the event location for the duration of this month:


This set is offered as both a full set, but if you prefer you could also buy individual portions of this set; table and chairs, place settings and tulip vases are available as separate packages. Everything is mod/copy, with some copy only scripts in the chairs, and all items range between 1-2 LI.

PastryDisplay-vendorAs a follow-up to last year’s espresso machine, I figured I’d make more along the lines of cafe items, so here’s a set of pastry displays which would be great for any restaurant or cafe setting. 1 LI each, unscripted prop. Mod/copy, no transfer.

Check these and many other things out at my booth at The Home Show!

New Frog Avatar for The Arcade March 2014 round!


Wilds of Organica returns to The Arcade soon with these new frog avatars! Twelve coats are available and representative of various species in real life. Two are rares!

As per usual, each avatar is transfer-only  and includes avatar mesh, AO, customizable eyes (with HUD control) and the option to lock-in for mod/copy.

Full EULA and info on the avatar can be found here!

Visit The Arcade starting March 1st, 2014 to pick these up for yourself!


Two sets of glass lamps now available for The Neighbourhood!

Two new releases this month for Organica’s part of The Neighbourhood!


Fused Glass-BellShaped-Vendor

Each of these packs features eight beautifully textured hanging lamps that are perfect for any home or garden. Use a single one or several together to create an interesting atmosphere. Please note: While these lamps do include individual candles, they are otherwise unscripted and do not have light prim properties, although being mod/copy, you could certainly edit them to do so. Each candle does include a no-mod script, so please be aware that while in inventory these objects may show as no-mod/no-transfer, the actual objects can be modified.  These are mesh items. Viewing with Materials enabled is recommended, but not necessary. Available this weekend for the introductory price of L$200. Pick them up here!

Sylvan Feb 2014 Land availability


It’s been a while since I made a post about land – For those who are familiar with the main shop, Organica has a sister region adjacent to it, where a small sandbox and a limited set of residential parcels is available.

Sylvan sim now has a wide variety of residential parcels available, ranging from as small as 960sqm (383 prims, L$690/week) to 2816sqm (1127 prims, L$2028/week).  The region features beautifully landscaped scenery (waterside, mountain view), minimum 8m buffers between parcels, flexible accommodations for additional prim allocation, and more!

Parcel 1 – 2816 sqm, 1127 Prims, L$2028/week – Located in the NE quadrant, this sizeable parcel is bordered on  three sides by water and has an unobstructed eastern view of the ocean. See it now!

Parcel 3 – 960 sqm, 383 prims, L$690/week – This cozy little parcel faces east and is bordered on two sides by water. See it now!

Parcel 6A – 1152 sqm, 460 prims, L$828/week – This parcel is bordered on two sides by water and has an unobstructed eastern view of the ocean. See it now!

Parcel 10 – 1280 sqm, 511 prims, L$920/week – This parcel faces west, is bordered on three sides by water and has an unobstructed view of the ocean. See it now!

Parcel 11 – 1040 sqm, 417 prims, L$750/week – This mountainside parcel has a great view of the waterfall, the western off-sim ocean and much of the north-western side of the region.  See it now!

Parcel 14 – 1152 sqm, 460 prims, L$828/week – If you love heights, this parcel is for you. This mountainside parcel has a great view of the southern off-sim ocean, as well as much of the south-western quadrant of the region. See it now!

Parcel 15 – 1680 sqm, 672 prims, L$1210/week – This large parcel  faces directly south and is unobstructed by other parcels. It’s bordered on two sides of water and has a great oceanside view!   See it now!


Several commercial spots are also now available in Organica sim – please inquire via IM (Aki Shichiroji) for details.


Update to Alder Tree 4

An issue was found and fixed regarding the scripted foliage for Alder Tree 4. If you purchased a mod/copy version of the product, you should already have received an update package.  For those of you who purchased mod/transfer versions prior to today (02/05/2014), you can have the scripted item updated by sending me the scripted version you got in a folder labelled with your name. I should be able to handle the switch for you within 24hrs of sending unless otherwise noted in my profile. If I’m online (I never hide online status on my profile), you can also just send the tree to me directly and send me an IM.

All deliveries moving forward, whether from store or from Marketplace, should include this fix.


This weekend for Neighbourhood + New Tree release

BoatBed-vendorNew this weekend for The Neighbourhood is this new rowboat bed. Featuring both single and couples animations, it also comes with some accessories for the headboard shelf. At 2LI plus accessories at 1LI each, this is a fantastic low LI addition to anyone’s bedroom! Pick this up starting Saturday, Jan 18 in-store only for L$200.


Also, the Japanese Maple is making a return to Organica, this time as a 5LI mesh tree measuring 12x9x9m in size. It comes with four foliage options (green, bright red, deep red, snowy) plus one scripted version which allows quick switching between all four. As usual, these are available mod/trans and mod/copy in-store and mod/copy on Marketplace.


50% off all Xmas items


Now that the Christmas holiday has wound down, I’ll be packing up the holiday-related material in one week (midnight, Monday Jan 13). This will give me back some space to work with in front of the shop and as a side bonus, it means… SALE!

All Xmas/holiday items (excluding the gacha vendors) are now 50% off. Poinsettias, garland, Xmas bows, Xmas lights, winter trees, and the old hockey skates are now super cheap… but will be packed up in a week, after which they won’t be available except on Marketplace until next year.

Please note! This is a main-store sale ONLY.


Fox avatars now available at main store

Fox-Red-vendorHappy New Years folks!

The December round of The Arcade has come to a close and I definitely had a ton of fun; I hope you did too! If you have photos of Wilds avatars on Flickr, please submit them to the Wilds of Organica Flickr group – I’d love to see them!

I’m a little late moving the fox gachas to the main shop, but they’re there now and can be found next to all of the other gacha vendors.

I’ve also moved things around to better fit the bigger barn building, so that I have more room to grow. (The exchangers are still in the same spot) Hopefully I can make better use of it in the coming months!

Fox Tiny Avatar update! (1.01)


The fox avatar was updated today to cover a fix in the HUD for a pupil dilation issue.

If you have already purchased one of the fox avatar tinies, please check the following steps to ensure you have the most up to date version:

– If you already locked in your avatar to mod/copy status, please TP to the Wilds of Organica main store and rez the Update Checker for your avatar anywhere. Wait a few moments while the updater checks for a new version – it should be delivered shortly.

– If you have NOT locked in your avatar to mod/copy status but would like to lock it in anyway, you can get the updated avatar by following the exchanger instructions included in your product notecard.

– If you have NOT locked in your avatar to mod/copy status and you do not wish to do so just yet, please IM Aki Shichiroji and send a folder containing all parts which were included in your avatar package. I will send you a fresh, updated package as soon as I am able.

As of today, all vendors should be dispensing updated versions of the avatars. However, there is no way for me to automatically update any remaining transferrable packages which are in inventory or out for sale at yard sales. To diagnose whether a given transferrable package is updated or not, please check the description field for ‘12272013’, which is the date of this update.



New alpine offerings today!




This is the latest edition of spruce trees to be offered at Organica. Measuring 17 X 15 X 25m out of the box, this detailed tree comes to only 10 LI!

Included are three foliage types (green, frosted, snowy) as well as an optional low resource scripted version which allows you to switch between the three.

This is a great tree for every day or winter landscapes! Pick up your copy today either in-store or on the Marketplace!

Juniper4-vendorThis new juniper will be offered at the low price of L$200 this weekend as part of the Neighbourhood weekly event!

It comes with both green and snowy foliage and comes with an optional scripted version which will change between the two. As with the spruce trees, this tree is optimized for use with the Advanced Lighting Model, so be sure to switch that option on in your viewer for the best effect!

Look for it here. I’ll update it to Marketplace after the week is over.