Candy Fair, Home & Garden Expo wrap-up + other tidbits



Thanks to everyone who helped make the Candy Fair and Home & Garden Expo experience a success. It was fun coming up with a number of new items that worked within the constraints of the event and true to form, the support shown by both the runners of the event as well as those who dropped by has been fantastic!

All of the items put together for Candy Fair and Home Garden Expo are now available in-store!

Additionally, Organica was featured on Designing Worlds during their second show from the H&GE – My interview is about 11 mins in, but the whole episode is well worth enjoying, as it additionally features interviews with Cain Maven, Marcello and Bee Cauldron Law, BB Woodford, plus an in-depth view of Prim Perfect’s presence at H&GE, based upon the Tennyson poem, The Lady of Shalott.

(Click to play)

Organica’s been blogged!

If you’d like some ideas on how some of my recent releases can be used, I highly recommend that you check out what the following bloggers have to show:

Jenjen Sommerfleck makes great use of the Belvedere set in her comfy home.

The milkshake machines, drinks and Belvedere set are right at home at Mili Miklos’ place.

Lainey Thorne was able to make the Belvedere set, cotton candy machine, milkshake machines and drinks work to great effect in her Candy Shop.

SeleneDark Neximus shows off her bubblegum milkshake machine and drinks here at the Old London Docks blog.

Akira Voorhees featured the Varsity Reading Room prominently as the backdrop to her Yearbook Club – themed post.

Augusta Godenot managed to make the Eggplant Belvedere set look positively royal in her classy french home!

If you’ve featured Organica products in the past, please remind me with an IM including a link to your blog and I’ll be happy to share!


Finally, I have a few remaining tidbits to cover:


Yup. I realize I’m rather late to the bandwagon and it’s likely that many of you who read this do so from Plurk, an in-world notification or just from the blog, but I’ve added some presence on Facebook and hope to keep that relatively updated for those who choose to keep apprised of happenings over there.  By and large, there will be links to postings from here over there, however I won’t rule out the possibility of upcoming promotions cycling through all forms of media that Organica is a part of.

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The Organica group has a growing collection of photos featuring Organica landscaping and home decor products! If you’re on Flickr, show off how you use Organica products by submitting to the group here!