New for FaMESHed!


As part of FaMESHed’s first birthday celebrations, Organica will be making a return to the event with this new furniture set, designed around Hoya flowers! The set includes seven pieces in total; a couch, day bed, coffee table and side table, open and closed-version of an ottoman as well as a ceiling lamp. All pieces are mod/copy, with some copy only scripts. Available at FaMESHed, starting May 1 2013!

Poinsettia Day!

It’s Poinsettia Day!

To help celebrate the festive season, these new mesh poinsettias are now available – and for one day only, 50% off! Each package contains two versions – one with and one without a pot. All copies are mod, copy and are 3LI.

Pop by the main store in Organica to see them in person, or check them out on Marketplace!

SUYS November 2012

Just as a quick note:

Organica is participating in SUYS this weekend!

This product will be available for only L$150 until Nov 19, 2012! It includes a cafe table, chairs (with animations), wine & glasses, coffee mug, dishware, cutlery, candle and various pastries. Click the candle to turn the flame on/off.  Mod, copy, no transfer.

Available in-store only until Nov 19, after which I’ll put it up on Marketplace too.

Crocus updates

As of this writing, I have sent out updates for all crocus products, including the MMM exclusive blue.

I went through and redid all of the level of detail jumps to be more efficient and able to withstand zooming in and out.

Much thanks go to Zii Minotaur for valuable feedback; I only wish the Marketplace were better designed to inform merchants of new feedback, as this fix turned out to be a long time coming.

In any case, if you did not receive an update, please give me a shout!

More release news to come a bit later in the week; there will be some SUYS stuff and there are a few other landscaping items on the way!

New releases for week of Jan 29 – Feb 4

Two new releases this week!

The Look-out is based on alpine cottages often used as fire look-out stations. Spanning three stories in height, this building easily rises above the rest to provide an excellent view while maintaining some modicum of privacy. The build includes three doors with customizable access lists. Including some mesh along with normal prims, this build is considerably more detailed than most sculpt or regular prim counterparts and was designed with efficiency and viewer performance in mind.

16 by 16m footprint, 98 LI at packaged size. Excellent for use on a 1024sqm parcel, on a flat or hilly surface.  Contains both regular prim and mesh parts – requires a mesh-capable viewer. Mod, copy, no transfer. ( Buy in store ) ( Buy on Marketplace )

I’ve also released some smaller items:

There are currently  5 associated sets, 5 individual textures each, great for mix and match. A fat-pack is also available. Each cushion is 1LI at packaged size, decorative and unscripted, but modifiable should you wish to add poses or scripting of your own. Again, mesh! So use with a mesh capable viewer. Mod, copy, no transfer. ( Buy in store )( Buy on Marketplace – ( Fur ) ( Dottie ) ( Fabric – Classic ) ( Fabric – Bright ) ( Leather ) ( Fatpack )  )

Photo contest Final results delayed

Hi folks – due to an unplanned mismatch in schedules and extended deliberation due to a large number of quality submissions, final results for the contest are currently delayed, hopefully for no lnoger than one day. More info to come shortly 🙂

RE: Photo contest

The submission period for the photo contest is now closed; thanks to all who sent in their entries! There will be quite a few for judges to choose from!

All individuals who submitted entries will have been sent a confirmation email as of today to note the reception of their entry. If you have not received the email, please contact me (Aki Shichiroji) and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Winners will be announced on May 1, 2010!

Home Garden and Patio Expo 2010


Organica will be at Home, Garden and Patio Expo this year! The store is located at booth #68, located in the Home Expo 7 sim!

Come by to support the Relay For Life campaign, check out new & recent releases, pick up freebies, and just explore in general. The Expo has grown to twice its size from last year, so there is definitely a helluva lot to see here!

The event will also offer raffle and auction prizes, all to benefit the American Cancer Society.

It begins Saturday, April 10 at 8AM SLT and runs through until April 17 at 10PM SLT.

See you there!


Blog formatting

Folks who visit the main site will probably notice the blog formatting’s a bit askew at the moment. I am taking a short lull in my available time to play around and fix my blog up a little bit, as the previous formatting was a bit broken and bugging me a lot. 

For those of you viewing this via RSS, move along, nothing to see here 😛  *whistles and twiddles thumbs*

Organica build now available at Home Expo


Visit Organica this week at the Home, Garden and Patio Expo!
Visit Organica this week at the Home, Garden and Patio Expo!

Ok, so most of the build is on the ground and walkable – Organica is located at .  I’ll be out most of today, so unable to change much, but still havea buncha stuff i need to fix/add/make.  Expect more updates about RFL here, however if you haven’t picked up your RFL tulips, this would be an ideal opportunity!