Fantasy Faire is here!


As I mentioned in an earlier post, Wilds of Organica is participating in Fantasy Faire, which opened today and runs for one week only!

Newly released are a set of Peryton avatars, featuring ten coats (two of which are RFL exclusive!), a full AO, customizable eyes and wings that open and close when the avatar is jumping or in flight. AO animations and a limited selection of poses for Perytons is also available on site. Full information on operation can be found here.

In addition to this, a new Cheshire coat is now available, also an RFL exclusive. I’ve also updated the Cheshire line with some significant fixes and additions, including an animated mesh tail as well as corrected mesh bodies with varying arm lengths to account for primarily bipedal or quadrupedal use. A full AO is in the works, however not quite ready for release due to current workload. Ideally the mesh body fixes will allow for better movement overall, however it should be noted that older kitten animations purchased from the seperate animation vendor may be broken when used with the updated mesh bodies. Individuals who find this to be the case may contact me directly for refund or credit.

Existing users of the Cheshire avatar can expect an update to be delivered shortly. Subsequent rollouts for this update will occur for the Tabby line afterwards, with some additional coats released after that.




Cheshire Cats hit Wilds of Organica for Halloween!

Yeah, it’s been about a week since the initial wave of kittens showed up, but given the impending festive costume season, I figured I’d put these out rather than wait for some new year 😉

So again, these are mesh kitten avatars that come with customizable eyes (with control HUD), whiskers, and tail.

Just as a heads-up: these are full-bright but they’re pretty dark to begin with. Play around with that full-bright checkbox to see what you prefer. Some interesting effects can also be found by making the avatar transparent.

These avatars can be picked up in-store and now on the Marketplace!