Two new furniture releases this week!


Based on traditional ‘kaidan dansu’, these chests and cabinets were traditionally used in tight homes that needed a compact means of reaching high places, such as a second floor or attic, without having to sacrifice storage space. As a result, kaidan dansu came about as dual function steps and storage devices.

This set includes both left and right-facing steps. Each chest is 4 prims total at the size packaged. Offered mod/copy/no transfer. This is a mesh product, so view with SL v3.0 or newer.  ( Buy in Store ) ( Buy on Marketplace )

This set of furniture includes paper lantern, end table, coffee table, and animated armchair and couch. The armchair seats one, couch seats two. Available in six different colours, seperately or as a fatpack. ( Buy in Store ) (Buy on Marketplace: ( white ) ( red ) ( blue ) ( tan ) ( brown ) ( black ) ( fatpack ))