Wilds of Organica: Burrowing and Snowy Owls

This update has been in development for a great number of months, dating some time back before mesh was implimented to the main grid. It’s been a project that has challenged me to learn avatar-based mesh modelling, bone offsets, animation, and more. I’m sure there is a lot left to learn still, but I’m proud to offer the following item as the inaugural product from the newest branch of Organica products, Wilds of Organica.


This mesh-based avatar is rigged and will crush your avatar down to about 0.5m in height, which you can adjust to some degree with avatar height and width sliders. Because bird wings require that av arms be swept back when not in use, the owl comes with a custom AO. The product also features customizable eyes, with up to 10 iris colours, three pupil colours, glow, awake, wary and closed eyes, all controllable from the Owl HUD. All scripting by Desolate Studios’ Neobokrug Elytis.  Offered mod/copy/no transfer.

For now, you can find the vendor for these avatars at the Wilds of Organica shop in Organica or on the Marketplace ( Burrowing Owl ) ( Snowy Owl ).