Wilds of Organica at Fantasy Faire 2014!

Wilds of Organica will have a shop at Fantasy Faire this year, this time at Black Water Glenn .

Three new items will be making their debut at the Faire, and can be seen below:

Nepharious Vendor-molten Trog Vendor-midnight Whispertron Vendor-whiteblack

These masks each come in five variations for normal sale and one special RFL edition variant. They are mod/copy and come with alpha layers to be worn underneath. They will be available only at the Faire for the duration of the event, after which they’ll make their way to the Wilds main store.

As per usual, RFL editions of my items will only be available for the duration of the RFL campaign, after which they’ll go away until next year, so do come by and support the Relay for Life while you can!


Fantasy Faire runs from May 1st thru 11th! Visit Wilds of Organica in the sim of Blackwater Glenn and be sure to roam around the other sims as well!